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Love Where You Live Supporters Network Commercial Partnerships Opportunities July 2013.

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1 Love Where You Live Supporters Network Commercial Partnerships Opportunities July 2013

2 Agenda Introductions Cabinet Office and Nesta What is the Love Where You Live Supporters Network? How far does our network reach? How does it work in reality? Rewarding our supporters Mechanics of the goodwill credits system Commercial Partners Next Steps Private and Confidential2

3 What is the Love Where You Live Supporters Network? The Love Where You Live Supporters Network enables our supporters to: Register and share their giving of time, skills, stuff and donations on an interactive map giving an exciting live visual representation of local and national giving; Connect with and inspire one another at a local or issue level, to form groups and organise activities which will increase giving and expand our supporter base by word of mouth; Find out about the diversity of Keep Britain Tidy programmes and national campaigns of interest to them and give time, skills and money to support them; Feel that their contributions, be that time, skills or money, are being recognised as having impact on the charity at both a local and national level; See the value of these contributions ‘multiplied’ as they are converted into the Keep Britain Tidy ‘goodwill’ (a form of virtual social currency). Private and Confidential3

4 How far does our network reach? Private and Confidential4 Total Number of Supporters: 124,404

5 Rewarding our supporters Private and Confidential 5 Traditional GivingInnovation in Giving

6 Mechanics of the goodwill credits system Private and Confidential6 The Exchange Chart – Attribution and Conversion Every supporter will be given a certain amount of goodwill points in return for their support There will be an exchange chart from charity giving acts into goodwill credits, e.g.: 1 Pound Donated as one-off10 credits 1 Pound Donated as direct debit20 credits 1 hour of Big Tidy Up150 credits 1 hour of rivercare clean250 credits (as is bigger effort) Organising a local group300 credits Judging a Green Park500 credits Getting a Blue Flag1000 credits Local Issue Reported 40 credits Solution Delivered500 credits

7 Commercial Partners Redeem In this model, our commercial partner creates a list of alphanumeric vouchers e.g. ASDGAS232 for each combination of discount-product or for broader categories of goods. Our supporters go to the shop and spend their points acquiring these voucher deals. When they acquire the voucher deal, an email is sent to them with the voucher code number and an explanation of how to redeem it. In the same time, the credits will be debited from the supporters account and credited into the commercial partner account. Our supporters will then go to the website where they have been directed and acquire the goods using the discount codes they have been given Fulfil In this second model, we are selling the products on the shop, on the behalf of our partners, process the payment and forward the order to the partner for delivery. The conversion from points to vouchers is done instantly and applied at the Point of Sale. KBT will settle all outstanding balances monthly with the partners and wire the funds collected. Private and Confidential7

8 Next Steps - Timescales Negotiate the terms and sign contracts by 31-Aug. Release the vouchers on the beta platform – 15-Sept We are aiming to release a Minimum Viable Prototype of our platform by 25-Sept. This will work with all new supporters in a selected number of programmes. By the 31-Oct we will process the history of all past giving actions recorded into the system and we will generate a few million goodwill credits for our dedicated supporter base. In early November we will start communicating with our supporter base and educating them about how we change the way we look at giving and what can they do with their rewards. By early December we expect the first conversions of credits into voucher to start trickling in marking the beginning of a new era for KBT and for charity giving in general. Private and Confidential8

9 Next Steps - Logistics Build up a list of products and services that will be discounted against the goodwill credits Agree with KBT on the exact ‘discounts to goodwills credit’ ratio for each type of discount Decide on which model will be followed – redeem or fulfil Put together an implementation plan, to include content generation, testing and release Agree on a set of reports to be created on both sites (KBT side voucher conversion and client side voucher cashing) Sign off on a commercial execution plan to include marketing, product development and quarterly review meetings Sign a contract with KBT to include all of the above and appoint an commercial manager within the organisation to work with us in maximising the benefits for our supporters and your potential clients Private and Confidential9

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