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Points of Transition in Judaism Naming Ceremonies.

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1 Points of Transition in Judaism Naming Ceremonies

2 For Boys

3 Two concepts Brit- Covenant- reminder of the relationship established with Abraham--to be followed by his descendants as "a token of the covenant" concluded with him by God for all generations –Book of Genesis 17:1-14Book of Genesis

4 Milah- a sign of the covenant –When- based on Leviticus 12:3:Leviticus On the eighth day, [the child's] foreskin shall be circumcised. –Exceptions Medical- if baby has jaundice etc it is postponed; previous siblings had died from haemophilia (not required) Halakhic- if baby born by caesarian section on shabbat- is postponed from shabbat

5 Symbols Elijah’s chair- who is Elijah- why the symbol Wine­ Kveter­

6 Where is it done? Home/Hospital/Synagogue What happens when it falls on shabbat?

7 orthodox/conservative/reform variations Use of a mohel (someone specially trained to perform milah) Reform accept a doctor to perform milah

8 Choosing a Name Naming after the living or the dead Using biblical names

9 Pidyon Ha-Ben When a Jewish woman gives birth by natural means through her vagina (and not by Caesarean section) to her son who is the firstborn child, then the father of the child must "redeem" the child from a known Kohen representing the original Jewish Temple priesthood, for the sum of five silver Shekels, or five silver pieces of the country's currency, such as silver dollars in the U.S. The procedure does not apply to the child of whom the father is a Kohen or Levi, or when the mother is the daughter of one.JewishvaginaCaesarean sectionKohenJewish TempleKohenLevi This "redemption" ceremony is performed on the 31st day after the birth of the child

10 What happens with daughters? Traditional approach Modern approaches –simkhat bat Orthodox and Conservative Reform

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