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NYS FARMERS MARKET WIRELESS EBT PROGRAM. NYS EBT Program Third Party Processors FIS Verifone v610 terminal Verizon Digital service 24 hour technical support.

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2 NYS EBT Program Third Party Processors FIS Verifone v610 terminal Verizon Digital service 24 hour technical support FIS training on terminal usage MarketLink iPhone solution iPhone 5, card reader & printer MarketLink support Signed market agreement Signed farmer agreements Issuance/redemption logs

3 Pricing structure: FIS Monthly wireless fee - $35 EBT transaction fee – 3.5¢ each Monthly fees debited directly from checking account Reimbursed after the first of the year Bounced check fee - $25

4 Pricing Structure – WorldPay (Marketlink) Year 1Year 2Year 3 iPhone with Card Reader $0 Wireless data plan $0 From $30 per month Annual fee for payment processing * $0$120 License fee for Mobile Market + * $0 $100 Transaction fees*SNAP: 15¢per transaction Credit & Debit: 1.79% of sale plus 15¢ Total$0$120$220 * All EBT related fees are reimbursed annually

5 Additional WorldPay Fees Early Terminal Fees Year 1 = $295 Year 2 = $195 Year 3 = $95

6 EBT Token $1 value Serialized, market specific No change given Valid only on food stamp authorized products Redeemable back through market manager Market responsible for all lost or stolen tokens if farmers redeem them

7 Food Stamp Eligible Products All fruits and vegetables Meats, fish and poultry Cheese and all dairy products Eggs Baked goods Processed foods Maple/honey/cider/juices Herbs – plants and bunched Plants and seeds that bear food Ineligible Products: Non food products Wine & alcohol products Hot foods Foods meant to be eaten on site

8 Federation Responsibility Provide iPhone set up (if USDA qualified, otherwise only card reader and printer) Provide 1000 wooden EBT tokens, serialized, market specific Provide signage – market banner, farmer acceptance signs Provide media kit (catalog and online) Reimburse monthly wireless fees and EBT transaction fees Liaison with FIS, WorldPay, USDA FNS, NYS OTDA, MarketLink

9 Market Responsibilities Obtain FNS authorizations per market location Obtain Farmer/Vendor Participation Agreements A copy must be filed with the Federation Farmer training Have terminal in operation throughout each market day Promotion and outreach Timely reimbursements to farmers Complete transaction logs E-File monthly with Federation

10 Day Before Market Charge terminal/iPhone battery. Count out enough tokens to accommodate sales for the next day. Be sure to have an adequate supply of receipt paper for the day’s sales.

11 Day of Market, before opening: Erect EBT banner at market manager or EBT booth to let customers know where they can purchase EBT tokens with their food stamp benefits. Be sure all eligible farmers have their “Tokens Accepted here” signs displayed.

12 During Market Have someone on hand with the EBT terminal/iPhone at all times to perform EBT transactions. As sales of EBT tokens are made, keep the first transaction receipt for market records and the customer receipt is given to the customer. Although there is no expiration date on tokens and they can be kept from week to week, EBT customers are permitted to return unused tokens for a refund to their EBT account.

13 End of Market Day Batch out the terminal to transfer all transaction in the terminal, through the wireless network, to the market checking account. Reconcile batch report with the receipts obtained from each individual sale. Record batch total on Daily Summary Issuance Log. Redeem tokens from farmers and vendors, recording redemptions on Daily Redemption Log. Issue checks from last week’s redemptions. Complete the payment section of the EBT Redemption Log.

14 Reconciliation Daily Batch/Sales reports should balance against the day’s sales receipts Month end: batch/sales reports should balance against checking account statement When either step does not reconcile: Contact the Federation office IMMEDIATELY!

15 Working with your POS terminal Three year warranty No need for seasonal closure with EBT only terminals Battery charge is 3-4 hours on POS terminals Power POS terminal down between sales If available, POS terminal can be operated while plugged in Let battery fully discharge periodically, then recharge Protect against dampness Remove battery if not being used for several days Paper rolls are single ply, thermal paper roll, 57 millimeters (2.24 inches) wide 24 Hour Help Desk - 1-800-737-5834

16 Farmers Market Wireless EBT Program EBT Daily Summary Issuance Log Market: ____________________________ EBT Manager: _______________________ Market Date Daily Total Issued Total Returned by Customer Total Redeemed by Farmers Season Total $ -

17 Farmers Market Wireless EBT Program Farmer Redemption Log List all farmers Date Redeemed $ RedemptionsCk # Date Paid Date Redeemed $ RedemptionsCk # Date Paid Total Redemptions 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

18 POS Terminal Options Additional battery - $50 Carrying Case - $40 Recommend a vinyl cooler or fishing tackle box to protect terminal. All options are market’s expense We strongly recommend a protective case for your iPhone to protect the glass front from breakage.

19 New IRS 6050W Rule Must provide FIS or WorldPay with a Taxpayer ID Number FIS must issue 1099K for total sales data with copy to IRS and to merchant 1099’s to farmers – Except: not required if total # of farmers is less than 50 Not required if total number of reimbursements per farmer is less than 200 and total reimbursement per farmer does not exceed $20,000 If a nonprofit: report on 990 with offsetting expenses Unredeemed tokens are maintained as an accounts payable If under a personal SSN: report on Schedule C-EZ Show income with offsetting expenses Seek advice of your own tax accountant/attorney

20 New USDA FNS Rules for Markets All markets in the Food Stamp program must be individually authorized to be a food stamp retailer Umbrella organizations, such as food pantries, must have separate FNS authorization for each location Markets operating at multiple locations must have separate FNS authorization for each location Each FNS authorization requires a separate terminal, Cannot have multiple FNS accounts within one terminal. Can have multiple terminals tied to one checking account

21 Outreach and Promotion

22 Media Kits Materials for promoting all facets of the NYS Farmers Market Wireless EBT Program Instructions in best usage of materials and how to get the most media support for your market. Best to reach out to community partners to assist in using materials and promoting the programs.

23 Poster English and Spanish EBT only EBT/Debit/Credit PDF or Word Doc To ad your market information Using word doc version - add with a text box in the blue section, no fill, no line Printer may add information using pdf file for higher resolution

24 Consumer Brochure

25 Print Ads ¼ Page Size

26 Additional Print Ads

27 Television Ads TV Commercial #2 Kid: I used to hate vegetables. But last week Mom took me to the Farmers Market and we had the best fun ever! Everything was so fresh and pretty. We got to talk to the actual farmers. I learned a lot. Mommy says the food is local and nutritious and we could even use our food stamp/EBT cards. I’m still not sure I like broccoli, but I love the Farmers Market! Empty space for tagging. TV Commercial #1 Kid #1: My family went to the farmers market Kid #2: And we got to buy fresh fruits and vegetables Kid #3: And all the other great stuff Kid #4: We even got to use our EBT card Kid #5: The farmers said the food was healthy for me. Kid #6: but I just thought it was a lot of fun! Empty space for tagging.

28 Radio

29 Transit Cards

30 Additional Materials Press Releases How to put together a press release and get it published

31 Available from USDA FNS lt.aspx#audience lt.aspx#audience Posters Brochures Q & A Help promote Summer Food Service program by displaying this poster on your EBT table.

32 Signage Banner for display at EBT manager booth Farmer signs We Gladly Accept Tokens Farmer instructions How to accept/redeem tokens Fresh Tips Newsletter promo

33 Consumer oriented How to use food stamp benefits and farmers markets Locations of EBT markets Recipes, hints and tips for using fresh produce Resources for finding services Service provider guide and brochure Link to Fresh Tips Newsletter Farmers market videos

34 Fresh Tips Highlights vegetables in season Nutritional value and health benefits Varieties Promoting shopping at farmers markets The Experience Using food stamp benefits at the market Links to recipes on

35 Community Outreach Reach out to community organizations to assist Give presentations at community centers, civic organizations Farmers Market Bingo Use the materials in your media kit!

36 QUESTIONS? Diane Eggert 315-637-4690

37 Debit and Credit Options

38 Debit/Credit Program Central terminal market system Visa and Mastercard Opportunity to reach additional consumers, adding sales potential to farmers Second token helps create a new economy in the market building retail excitement Second token reduces stigma for EBT token users

39 Debit/Credit Token $5 token Serialized, market specific Full color for easy recognition by farmers Change can be given No limitations on its usage Redeemable back through market manager Cost of tokens is market’s responsibility Market responsible for all lost or stolen tokens if farmers redeem them

40 Fee Structure with FIS terminal Discount fee - 1.86% Mid and Non- qualified can go as high as 3.76% Credit Transaction fee - 22¢ each Debit transaction fee - 40¢ Daily batch fee - 10¢ Minimum monthly fee - $15.95 per terminal Fees are NOT reimbursable by the Federation Seasonal closure required to suspend minimum fees. Fees are subject to change

41 Additional FIS Fees Traceback Fee $15 Annual PCI Compliance Fee $65 mandatory fee – first full month of operation $25 per month if survey is not completed Early Closure Fee No charge – allows for trials

42 WorldPay fees for iPhone application Debit and credit fees are the same: 15¢ per transaction 1.79% of each sale Early closure fee: Year 1 - $295 Year 2 - $195 Year 3 – $95

43 Fee Recovery Fees are charged back to the farmer when tokens are redeemed. To fully recover charges, farmer redemptions will be charged 25¢ per token Farmer receives $4.75 per $5 token As sales are made, the discount fees are applied against the minimum fee.

44 Farmers Market Wireless EBT Program Db/Cr Transaction Log Time ofIssuanceBalance Transaction# tokens opening balance 0 0 0 0 0 0 Total0 Value $ - Customer returns Farmer Redemptions End Inventory0

45 Farmers Market Wireless EBT Program Db/Cr Redemption Log List all farmersDate Redeemed # Tokens Redeemed Value of Tokens RedeemedDiscount $ Total paid to FarmerCk # Date Paid Total Redemption s $ - Market: Debit/Credit Redemption Log

46 QUESTIONS? Diane Eggert 315-637-4690

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