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Medical Terminology Interactive New Student User

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1 Medical Terminology Interactive New Student User

2 Click at the bottom of the screen to enter Medical Terminology Interactive

3 With the scroll bar on the side, scroll to find your book cover, then click on the Register and Log in link.

4 If you don’t see your book cover, scroll to the very bottom
of the screen and click on “Don’t see your Medical Terminology Textbook?” as seen in the red box above.

5 Next, watch the Registration Virtual Tour.

6 Then go to the First Time user section – choose REGISTER if you have
an access code, or BUY ACCESS if you need to purchase an access code.

7 Buy Access Follow the on-screen prompts to buy access – accept the license agreement, set up your own log in name and password, fill in your personal information, then use a credit card to purchase access

8 Register (You already have an access code)
If you already have an access code, choose the REGISTER link, then follow the on-screen prompts to accept the license agreement, set up a log in name and password, redeem your access code, then fill out personal information.

9 From now on, you will be a RETURNING USER, and will log in with
the user name and password you set up.

10 The first thing to do when you log in is JOIN A CLASS. This will link
you to the instructor’s Grade Tracker. Get a Class ID from your instructor, then click the link in the upper right corner and follow the directions on the screen.

11 After you have Joined a Class and started working through the activities
in Medical Terminology Interactive, you can see the scores you earn by clicking on the Grade Tracker link in the upper right corner.

12 To find the activities in the program, start by clicking the Medical
Terminology Interactive link on the left side.

13 Start by setting up your account inside the program – enter your name
and click START. Follow the screens to set up your avatar!

14 To navigate past the Lobby, click on the Elevator door or click on the
two-button control on the lower right. The arrow in the lower middle will always take you back a screen.

15 After you’ve clicked on the Elevator door or the two-button control, you
can watch the elevator rise to the floor you chose. The floor numbers match your text chapter numbers.

16 Every floor has three rooms – Examination Room, Laboratory Room, and
the Records room. Click on the door of a room to enter the room and find activities in the room to help you study.

17 Once you’ve entered a room, scroll your cursor around the room to
see the names of the activities and purple highlighting. Click in the highlighted area to open the activity.

18 Activities typically include a first screen of instructions before you start.

19 Check out all the rooms for the different activities!

20 Click on the Chapter Quizzes link and check those out.
You’ll find other learning activities on the first screen of the program – Click on the Chapter Quizzes link and check those out.

21 Explore the Learning Module Quizzes.

22 Also click to open the helpful documents and video tools on the left.

23 Tech Support

24 Tech Support Phone support 24-7 chat and e-mail support 800-677-6337
Mon-Fri, noon – 8 pm eastern 24-7 chat and support

25 Medical Terminology Interactive Thank you!

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