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Chapter 13: IMC Building strong relationships. Dove Real Beauty Campaign TV, Radio, Print, Internet, Roving exhibition, Malls, gift cards, TV programs...

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1 Chapter 13: IMC Building strong relationships

2 Dove Real Beauty Campaign TV, Radio, Print, Internet, Roving exhibition, Malls, gift cards, TV programs...

3 IMC defined Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) is the coordination and integration of all marketing communications tools into a seamless program that maximizes the impact on consumers at a minimal cost.

4 Integrated marketing communications Includes: Advertising Sales promotion Public relations Promotional products Special packaging Sponsorships Cause-related marketing Guerilla marketing Product placement and branded content

5 Sales promotion Short term incentives include: Contests, sweepstakes and games Premiums Coupons Sampling Continuity programs Rebates Point-of purchase advertising Push and pull strategies

6 Contests, sweepstakes, games Contests require skill or ability (Oscar Mayer contest to generates publicity and keeps count with clippings, show tapes etc) Sweepstakes (enter without buying anything) are based on luck (no judge) Games also based on luck but reward repeat visits (McDonald’s Monopoly game requires customers to collect game board pieces to win prize. 4 railroads = $5 million)

7 Premiums An item given free, or greatly discounted, to entice consumers to purchase a brand (Happy Meal gets you a toy) Self-liquidating premium offers item at a reduced price when consumers buy the primary brand (Macy’s offers stuffed toys if you buy certain amount of goods)

8 Coupons Around 78% of all U.S. households use coupons, and 64% are willing to switch brands with coupons. However, not foolproof. Brand-loyal users may be the ones redeeming the coupon, not new users. Also if you run too often, you may “train” customers not to buy brand when it’s full price.

9 Sampling Can be distributed at special events, given in-store, inserted on or in packages of related products, mailed, or delivered directly to the consumer’s home

10 Continuity programs Instill repeat purchases and help brand loyalty. Rent 12 movies and your 13th rental is free.. Frequent flyer miles: Can buy roses or magazines instead of using it for a ticket

11 Rebates Send in required proofs of purchase, and you’ll receive a rebate check. Many people fail to redeem, or have to wait for it, or its rejected if there is missing information or conditions not met. Around 60% of purchases don’t receive a rebate

12 Point-of-Purchase Ads In store, where buyer is about to buy. Window posters, permanent signs inside and outside the store, special display racks and cases, wall posters and “shelf talkers” coupon dispensers, shopping card signs, signs on aisle floors

13 Push and pull strategies Push strategy encourages retailers to promote, or push the product to consumers Pull strategy entices consumers to demand that retailers carry the product

14 Public Relations: News Releases Managed communication between an organization and its publics News releases: Example Oscar Mayer Wienermobile coming to town. Should have impartial tone, inverted pyramid, attention- grabbing headline, secondary news angle or reader benefit, answer question why reader should care in the first paragraph, keep the release to 500 words or less.

15 Public Relations: News Releases May send media kit containing fact sheet (summary), backgrounder (history, testimonials), brochures, photos, product samples, video news releases designed to look like TV news stories ready to air, unedited video footage

16 Public Relations: Special events How will event benefit your organization? Will it bring you more customers? Build goodwill in the community? Give you a venue for product sampling? How will you measure success? Through formal research methods, such as surveys or focus groups? An increase in sales? Or the amount of media coverage you receive?

17 Public Relations: Special events What is best venue? Who should be reached? Define target audience. Are you thanking loyal customers? New customers? How many should be reached? Bigger is not always better. Large crowd could demand merchandise, security concerns What can go wrong? Celebrities cancel, Mother Nature, food poisoning etc

18 Public Relations: Crisis management Must have a plan prepared so that your organization will know how to respond to emergencies, which experts need to be consulted, and who should be in contact with the media and the various publics involved Starts with risk assessment Once crisis occurs, need to tell truth, tell it completely, and tell it promptly

19 Promotional Products Can help further brand’s image if they are used strategically. Key is relevancy and consistency with the brand message.

20 Special packaging

21 How do you make a brand that’s been around since 1869 seem cool? Mothers were main buyers but teens were the heavy users Innovative packaging is becoming increasingly important as a result of media fragmentation and proliferation of new products on store shelves

22 Sponsorships Is sponsorship relevant/ persuasive to consumers? What business results are you trying to achieve? Does the sponsorship cost, and how much business will it need to generate to achieve your objectives?

23 Sponsorships What are the opportunity costs (how else could you be spending the money)? Right sponsorship can expose your brand to target audience, give you a venue for product sampling, and generate positive publicity. But can also become consuming to the average consumer

24 Cause-Related Marketing Associates a company or brand with a social cause in an attempt to build customer goodwill. Consumers consider a company or brand’s price, quality, and social involvement as major criteria in their decision of which brands to use.

25 Cause-Related Marketing How does the cause relate to the brand? Is there a natural tie-in? How do consumers feel about the cause? Do you need to educate them about the importance of the issue? What are the expectations of the charitable organization? How may you promise your involvement with the cause?

26 Guerilla Marketing Unconventional marketing intended to pull maximum results from minimal resources. A man dressed up in rat costume and pretended to die on the streets of New York to alert people that cigarettes contain cyanide, the same stuff that’s used to poison rats

27 Product Placement James Bond movies, at least 20 product pitches. Ranges from background shot to product-centered episode (Seinfeld’s Junior Mints) Can be so subtle that people don’t pick on it or so blatant it can turn off viewers

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