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2 Get rewards for taking greener trips

3 3 Greener trips include carpooling and vanpooling taking public transportation walking, biking, telecommuting, and working a compressed week

4 4 Here’s how it works Sign up for free at

5 5 Here’s how it works Record your green trips carpooled today took transit yesterday

6 6 Here’s how it works Track savings & earn points saved $887 earned 70,200 pts prevented 3 tons

7 7 Here’s how it works Redeem points for rewards restaurant coupons ticket promotions retailer discounts

8 8 Record work and personal trips bus to work bike to friend’s Earn points for all green trips

9 9 Find NuRide members going your way Share just one ride or set up a regular carpool.

10 10 Free service supported by sponsors governments sponsor commuters employers sponsor employees businesses sponsor consumers

11 11 100’s of companies, millions of trips & rewards

12 Web Site Walk-through

13 Home page at

14 Sign up page Enter your name, email, and password

15 Your message center NuMail messagesOffers & special events

16 Your message center Trip calendar for recording trips

17 Your trip calendar for recording your greener trips Click “get started” to record trip

18 Indicate the kind of greener trip you took Select new or saved trip Indicate mode

19 Enter origin, destination, and recurrence and then record your trip Indicate the origin, destination, and time Enter the recurrence if this is a regular trip Record your trip

20 Your recorded trips will appear on your trip calendar Your greener trip is recorded

21 You can also search for other NuRide members and travel together Find other NuRide members

22 Search for NuRide members who live or commute near a location

23 View matches on a map

24 Use search options to narrow down your choices

25 View member info and contact members directly

26 Don’t forget to check out your rewards

27 See the money you saved, the emission you prevented, and the points you’ve earned Click to redeem your points for rewards

28 Redeem your points for rewards To choose a reward, click the link for details

29 Redeem your reward and it will be sent to you electronically or in the mail

30 Sign up today at

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