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Samsung Tab2 Promo. Website

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1 Samsung Tab2 Promo

2 Website

3 Landing Page

4 Avail Offer

5 Successful IMEI validation

6 Thank You Pop-up


8 Incorrect IMEI format Automatic mailer will be sent that you attempted to redeem however the IMEI no was not valid.

9 Double Redemption

10 Owned Media Banner – Category

11 Owned Media Banner – Tile

12 REDEMPTION PROCESS Management and Results

13 Customer puts in his IMEI No. & Mobile No to redeem offer Not Validated IMEI number not valid, automatic mailer sent saying that pls try again to redeem the offer with the a valid IMEI number Validated Shipping details + invoice captured Manual checking of invoice for date of purchase & the genuineness of invoice Invoice valid Check for multiple claims from a single email/ mobile or address Claim valid Claim processed, shipment details sent to consumer over email Order not processed because of discrepancy Automatic mailer sent saying claim rejected because of date of purchase being outside the offer period or invoice not being valid Backend Flow

14 From registration to delivery of freebie / TAT Customer to log on and register for freebies providing IMEI details & invoice copy Agency backend team to download registration data by 11 AM of next working day, do validation of invoice. Claims whose invoices are successfully validated, a data standardization check is performed for multiple claims, tagging into master file and validation of claims basis approved / hold Dispatch of freebies against all approved cases through courier / by Post Email to the customers with dispatch details and expected date of delivery. Delivery tracking and update delivery status into claim master, that will show the status on the tracking module on the website. Day 0 Day 1-3 Day 4-7 Day 8-10 Day 10-13 Day 10-14 -Timeline followed when the stocks were already on warehouse. On certain cases timelines had to be re-worked due to non availability of stocks and octroi payments/ speedpost cases -Based on working days

15 Customer Support Toll free support on 1 800-121-7900 Email Support on Customers getting email post online registration, carry registration details along with details of helpdesk (email id and helpline number) where they can register their query/escalation if there any Customer can see live status of their redemption by providing IMEI no. at

16 Customer Support Scenarios Customer claim 1 : Not received the gift Pull out logistics delivery confirmation Customer claim 2 : Received the gift in tampered condition Customer claim 3 : My IMEI number shows as already redeemed offer Customer claim 4 : Not able to validate my IMEI number Inform the customer that he shouldn’t have accepted the package if it was tampered Call for the invoice, if valid dispatch gift again, inform Samsung of double redemption on that IMEI Tell consumer that offer is valid only for TAB bought during offer period Customer claim 5 : I bought the handset during offer period, but my IMEI number not valid Call for invoice & if valid dispatch the gift & inform Samsung

17 Thank You

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