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Mobile Marketing 101 Fundamentals in mobile marketing implementation.

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1 Mobile Marketing 101 Fundamentals in mobile marketing implementation

2 Honeywell Proprietary  2 Document control number Industry Trends & Statistics 57% consumers would like to receive mobile coupons – Deloitte 100M forecasted users of mobile coupons by 2010 – Juniper Research 3Bn mobile coupons issued by 2011 – Juniper Research 1% redemption rate for printed coupons – CMS Inc. 5% redemption rate for mobile coupons – Juniper Research $7Bn redemption value of mobile coupons by 2011 – Juniper Research Mobile marketing is here. Are you prepared?

3 Honeywell Proprietary  3 Document control number Why are retailers investing in mobile marketing? Cost Savings No Printed Paper No Shipping Fees No Labor Cost No Advertising Fee Real Time Targeted Audience Customized per customer No more “cutting” coupons Increased Redemption Lower Costs, Increase Sales while being more environmentally friendly

4 Real Life Implementations of Mobile Marketing

5 Honeywell Proprietary  5 Document control number Mobile Phone Applications in Retail In-Aisle Promotions Electronic LoyaltyMobile Coupon RedemptionMobile Payment >100 million trees are used each year for paper coupons 2.8 million automobiles emit the same amount of carbon emissions created to dispose of paper coupons Support the Green initiative, while improving your bottom line

6 Honeywell Proprietary  6 Document control number Advertising – Text to Action Demonstration: Text “Honeywell” to 78527 (Powered by CodeBroker, Verizon does not apply ) CodeBroker CellFire RocketBux How It Works 1.Advertise using normal marketing methods - Print, billboard, TV, web, etc. 2.Call-to-action is text a keyword to a short code 3.Customer will get an automated response with promotional offering 4.Customer can redeem promotion at store location Customer Benefits: – Selectively accept promotional offers – Easier call to action than website, phone or fax – Always have the coupon on your person Retailer Benefits: – Increased redemption rate, increases revenue – Allow customer to immediately react, increasing likelihood of success – Reduced costs with automated back-end – Environmental image

7 Honeywell Proprietary  7 Document control number How It Works 1.Customer downloads app to mobile phone 2.Retailer registers with servicer provider (CellFire) 3.Retailer posts promotional offers online to the CellFire website 4.Customers browse using app, download promotions of interest 5.Redeemed at the store through scanning of code or hand keying promotional code Customer Benefits: – No more clipping coupons – No more forgetting paper coupons at home Retailer Benefits: – Reduce cost of printing coupons – Higher redemption rate – Targeted geographic audiences Online Browsing-Based Promotions Saved Offers Page All Offers Page Offer Detail Page Offer Code Page Visit to see retailers already taking

8 Honeywell Proprietary  8 Document control number In-Aisle Promotional Offers More advanced systems required and customer must be tech savvy How It Works 1.In-aisle kiosks or Bluetooth hotspots stationed throughout the store 2.Customer activates their Bluetooth network on their phone 3.Downloads and offers can be pushed to the phone based on store location Customer Benefits: – Real time promotional offers – Don’t have to carry additional paper discounts Retailer Benefits: – Corporate image: Green and environmental – Improved customer satisfaction

9 Honeywell Proprietary  9 Document control number Mobile Payment & E-Gift Card How It Works 1.Unique ID created and linked to pre-paid account 2.Unique ID encoded in bar code 3.Bar code distributed to customer via phone 4.Upon each transaction, scan bar code to debit the account Customer Benefits: – Never forget your gift card at home – Reduced wallet size Retailer Benefits: – Corporate image: Green and environmental – Reduced costs minimizing printed cards – Improved customer satisfaction Avoid the costs of printing 1000’s of gift cards per year

10 Honeywell Proprietary  10 Document control number Electronic Loyalty Cards Scanaroo CardStar WalletZero Royalty Rewards CodeBroker How It Works 1.Download app to phone 2.Select store 3.Type enter loyalty number 4.Present phone to cashier at checkout Customer Benefits: – Increased savings by always having their card – No hassle: lost cards or oversized wallets Retailer Benefits: – Corporate image: Green and environmental – Reduced costs minimizing printed cards – Improved customer satisfaction Customers are downloading and attempting to use these apps TODAY!

11 Honeywell Proprietary  11 Document control number Direct Marketing to Mobile Phones How It Works 1.Target audience pulled from database 2.MMS/SMS distributed to customer mobile phones 3.Message contains bar code or link to promotional code offering 4.Customer presents code at time of checkout Customer Benefits: – Promotions sent directly to phone – Easier redemption and always on your person Retailer Benefits: – Corporate image: Green and environmental – Reduced costs with less printed paper – Increased sales with higher redemption rates Get promotional offers to customers faster and more effectively

12 5 Rights of Mobile Marketing

13 Honeywell Proprietary  13 Document control number Mobile Marketing Value Chain Right CustomerRight Bar CodeRight Scanner Target a specific set of customers that have similar buying habits so you can offer the… Right Promotion To maximize redemption rates and increase sales by sending the… Who will optimize the bar code for size and orientation on each unique mobile phone so that the… That contains all the necessary information through the… Can ensure the highest read rate and customer throughput. Right Provider Retailer Marketing or Outsourced Agency Mobile Marketing Solution Provider Bar Code Scanner Manufacturer This can result in an increase in redemption rate by 500%

14 Honeywell Proprietary  14 Document control number Right Provider: One size does NOT fit all  ? With over 1000+ unique phones, look for a partner who can render for your demographic and needs

15 Honeywell Proprietary  15 Document control number Right Provider: One symbology does NOT fit all  ? Altering size and ratio of code can result in “no read” scenarios

16 Honeywell Proprietary  16 Document control number Right Provider: Every phone is unique   Each phone has optimal symbologies and orientation to improve reading

17 Honeywell Proprietary  17 Document control number Right Scanner: Technology LASER Scanner REQUIRED: Reflection from each SPACE 2D IMAGER PROBLEM: LCDs do not reflect light SOLUTION: Take a picture with an imager   Digital Imagers essentially take a Black & White picture of the screen and process the image in Software

18 Honeywell Proprietary  18 Document control number Right Scanner – Form Factor Preference Fixed PositionPresentation Scanners Ideal Use Case: Low volume transactions (<5 items) Large/bulky items Tethered to Aux port of bioptic Retail Industries: Specialty store Discount – secondary scanner Grocery - secondary scanner Ideal Use Case: Fixed reading Integrated into other equipment such as kiosks Retail Segment: Grocery Discount Large store footprint Ideal Use Case: Mid-volume transactions (5-15 items) Majority of items are smaller sized Swipe scanning for faster throughput Retail Segments Specialty Store Convenience Store Pharmacy Hand-Held Scanners Select scanner on transaction size, SKU type and checkstand layout

19 Anatomy of a Win

20 Honeywell Proprietary  20 Document control number The Situation CustomerTop 10 U.S. Retailer IndustryRetail ApplicationMobile Couponing The Challenge Traditional printed coupons provide an average redemption rate of 1%, and are becoming less popular with the younger demographic. Consumers are always forgetting or leaving behind printed coupons, causing frustration at the time of checkout that the discount is not awarded What tools are available to retailers to: i)drive better ROI on marketing promotions, ii)reach demographics not currently receptive to traditional marketing campaigns, and iii) better track individual behavior

21 Honeywell Proprietary  21 Document control number The Solution Honeywell ProductFocus 1690 Other AIDC and IT equipmentCodeBroker Mobile Couponing Software Nationwide deployment of a subscription-based mobile couponing service Consumer can register online and provide his/her mobile phone number to receive monthly promotional offers CodeBroker delivers a highly optimized PDF417 bar code based on each individual model of mobile phone Consumer presents their mobile phone at the time of checkout where it is scanned by the Honeywell Focus 1690 Required no POS software modification

22 Honeywell Proprietary  22 Document control number The Experience and Results Started with pilot projects in one and then multiple stores – led by marketing –Goals were to test scanning, cashier behavior, redemption rates, learn about other potential issues Store operations involved at each step in the process No POS modifications required. No integration required for pilots After successful testing, rolled out nationally Has been a highly visible success for marketing and they expect it to drive significant revenue

23 Honeywell Proprietary  23 Document control number Honeywell & CodeBroker Evaluation Program Contact a Honeywell representative for more information Package APackage BPackage C Honeywell Area-Imaging Bar Code Scanners (Xenon 1900 and Genesis 7580 scanners only) Up to 5Up to 20Up to 50 CodeBroker Campaign Management SWYYY # of Promotions122 # of Texts per Promotion2,5005,00010,000 Duration of Promotion2 weeks1 month2 months List Price*$5,000$15,000$35,000 *Expenses related to the installation and integration of hardware is the responsibility of the retailer and is not included in the price of an evaluation package.

24 Honeywell Proprietary  24 Document control number Things to Remember Mobile marketing can be used in a variety of applications –Payment, Promotions, Loyalty Five Rights –Right customer: more targeted campaigns –Right promotion: real time and customized by customer segment –Right bar code: they are not all the same –Right provider: campaign delivery and bar code optimization –Right scanner: imaging device, not laser The benefits can be huge –500%+ Increase in promotional sales due to higher redemption rates –Reductions in marketing expense, eliminating paper and advertising fees –Green corporate image No change to POS SW if just replacing printed codes with mobile

25 Honeywell Proprietary  25 Document control number Dynamic Gateway Solution (DGS) If the Point of Sale software does not handle the extra data desired in a mobile marketing campaign… DGS (Dynamic Gateway Solutions) offers an intermediary device that can parse, validate, and redeem mobile coupons and deliver a pre-formatted standard coupon code back to the POS device. Redemption, loyalty, and other data is parsed out and validated via a connection to the internet and API’s that sync to the mobile coupon provider’s site. Sits between Point Of Sale and barcode scanner Works with various Mobile Coupon providers Does not requite Point Of Sale software integration

26 Honeywell Proprietary  26 Document control number Informational Sites Industry Trends –Mobile Marketer –Mobile Marketing Association –Mobile Marketing Watch Mobile Marketing Providers –Mobivity –CodeBroker –CellFire –RocketBux Software/Hardware Gateway –DGS Bar Code Scanning Solutions –Honeywell MS7580 Genesis MS1600 Focus Series 4600 & 4820 4800p & MS4980 VuQuest

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