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B2B Networking Platform. Open marketplace an e-business platform for online trading, e-commerce and business networking WELCOME.

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1 B2B Networking Platform

2 Open marketplace an e-business platform for online trading, e-commerce and business networking WELCOME

3 Reach qualified customers, partners and resources 3 Raise revenues and increase profit 2 Reduce overhead and optimize logistics 4 Develop best practices and market intelligence 5 An online marketplace is a web site, a mobile application and a social network where opportunities are matched with vendors and products are matched with buyers Why do we need an online MARKETPLCAE Gain market share and enter new markets 1


5 Open marketplace 24 B2B social networking: Facts & figures How are you using social media marketing for your B2B go to market strategy? 9/10 buyers Say when they are ready to buy, they will come looking for you 81% B2B companies Have accounts on social media sites compared to 67% of B2C 75% B2B Brands Participate in twitter versus 49% of B2C. 93% Business buyers Believe all companies should be on marketplaces and social media Marketplaces and B2B networks are the future of e-commerce 49% of B2B marketers do not measure 90% of marketing deliverables not used by sales sales generate 53% of their own leads and marketing provides only 24% Source :

6 Open marketplace 18 €1TN GLOBAL DIGITAL TRADING In 2013 3.5 bn PARCELS were sent in 2012 >10% e-commerce growth € 350bn. E-commerce sales in europe € 318bn E-commerce sales in north america € 338bn E-commerce sales in Asia pacific US$30bn SOCIAL COMMERCE Estimated value in the USA by 2015 75% BY 2020 cross-border e-Commerce growth expectations. Source: IPC/ BCG, eCommerce Europe, EMOTA

7 Open marketplace 45 Online shopping: continuous growth Your competition is not just in your suburb and city but global. It means that you can longer sit back and expect your business to compete by ignoring the impact of e-commerce and online shopping Open marketplace offers you a great opportunity to market your products and services faster and reach global buyers Digital shoppers In 2012 138m Digital shoppers In 2018 in the USA only 215m Showrooming trend Of shoppers digitally after browsing at a store 72% Webrooming trend Of shoppers buy in store after browsing digitally 78% Source:


9 Opportunities, Tenders, RFQ and Sales 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 E- procurement Social networking Visio conferencing News & events Resources outsourcing Marketing intelligence Knowledge base & best practices Chambre activities management Enterprise solutions

10 Open marketplace 35 Trading tools: raise profit & reduce cost Market your company, your products and services and get access to world business opportunities BUY Simple procurement workflow advanced search for products, partners and partner products post RFQ and follow quotations SELL Subscribe your company, market your products & services, configure your preferences MY BUSINESS User manager, company profile manager, my favorites, my comments, my claims. Follow companies & product evolutions WE ADD VALUE TO YOUR PRODUCTS Open marketplace adds value to your company & to your products. Make them visible to millions of potential customers and partners without any extra charges With millions of e-commerce web sites out there, it is more and more difficult to attract attention to your company, your products & services. Open marketplace is a one place shop for thousands of your potential customers around the world


12 Open marketplace 39 Central procurement: economies of scale Make group deals with other fellow partners, negotiate better prices and lead time PURCHASE ORDERS Manager your group purchase orders, collect statistics DEALS NOTIFICATION Suppliuer database, Rating system, Email notification, instant reply to posted deals, on line follow up LOGISTICS On line payment and delivery follow up Open marketplace enhances the profitability and the efficiency of your purchasing activities with group deals

13 Open marketplace 38 Business networking: public relations Collaboration Forum,Blog Chat, FAQ Events Portfolio media Site manager Users manager, pages manager, categories manager, hooks manager, plugin manager, themes manager, language manager System admin Admin dashboard, system setting, profile fields, bulk mail, spam challenges, blogs manager, tags manager, etc. User friendly SOCIAL NETWORK integrated Posts & Discussions Invitations and users Groups manager Popular tags Open social network


15 Open marketplace 36 Collaboration tools: online connections Connect any where any time.. EVENTS Events manager, calendar view, track participants, collect comments NEWS Latest news organized by category, by country, by date interval VISIO CONFERENCE Organize online meetings, conferences and webinars. Invite participants and collect statistics ORGANIZE PROFESSI ONAL EVENTS Open marketplace is the place when you organize your events, publish your company news, invite partners and customers to webinars Open marketplace offers you faster go to market for your new products and keeps your customers and prospects informed about company and activities


17 Open marketplace 47 FOR BUSINESS Post outsourcing jobs Collect CVs or view online portfolio Compare CVs Negotiate rates Rate expert performance HIRE THE RIGHT EXPERT FOR THE RIGHT JOB 01. Post outsoucing jobs 02. Search expert database 03. View online expert portfolio 04. Negociate (email, chat, SN) 05. Project execution 07. keep informed (news & events) 06. Rate expert performance 15 comments Rating FOR EXPERTS Manager portfolio Search for job opportunities Manager your availability online (calendar)


19 Open marketplace 37 Market intelligence: Informed Open marketplace offers you access to online information (news, events, articles, …) for more than 100 topics. Companies are geo-localized. Opportunities are defined by region and country. Detailed market studies are offered for many emerging markets. BUSINESS TOOLS Marketing intelligence Market regulation Ask the expert FINANCIAL TOOLS Financial institutions Financial product comparison Credit simulator Exchange rate BUSINESS SOLUTIONS Cloud enterprise centric solutions On line document management Integrated CRM ACTIVE SEARCH FOR THE RIGHT INFORMATION Make informed decisions Get the right information at the right time Ask the expert for advise On line chat with experts and fellow partners A large knowledge base at your finger prints

20 Open marketplace 43 Crowd funding: Raise capital Open marketplace offers a complete platform to raise capital for your new project or raise donations for a non profit cause 500 crowdfunding platforms worldwide Equity based crowdfunding raised the most funds per project as compared to donation-based and reward-bases crowdfunding Crowdfunding campaign last around 10 weeks on average A total of US$5bn are raised through crowdfunding 17% Of crowdfunding categories are for business and entrepreneurship Over the last five years crowdfunding became one of the leading sources for raising equity funds with a double digit growth Source :


22 B2B DIGITAL TRADING SOFTWARE About Us An open source software integration & services Created in 2007, open vision is one of the leading companies specialized in the integration and operation of Open Source Software in Tunisia. Open vision is a service company with high technological value, whose ultimate aim is to popularize the use of open source software over the Internet. In partnership with UTICA, Open vision is the editor of open marketplace, the first B2B marketplace in Africa and the middle east Open marketplace 06

23 Our Services enabling companies leverage internet technology Open marketplace 09 Graphic Design Corporate identity With a better visibility over the internet, companies can increase their contact to lead conversion, increase their lead to opportunity conversion, decrease marketing campaign costs, increase the number of sales-ready leads and increase their brand awareness Social Media Corporate B2B social networking Web Design Corporate web sites, landing pages and mobile applications Affiliate Marketing Corporate B2B web marketing SEO Corporate presence on search engines E-Commerce Corporate B2B digital trading

24 Meet the Team Technical key members Open marketplace 12 More than 20 people are working on the project : Project director, Database architect, GUI designer, Graphic designer, Functional analyst, Technical team leader, system engineer, web developers, test & qualification analysts, web marketing analyst, and web content 20 years of experience in software development, data base architect, GUI design, and information systems HASSEN DHRIF Project Director 11 years of experience in web development and system engineering HOUSSEM BIDOUI Project leader 7 years of experience in web and mobile development ALI SAMOUDI Senior developer 7 years of experience in web development JAWHER TABESSI Senior developer


26 Project timeline: Software integration phase 22 Based on open marketplace platform and framework, the software integration phase is to analyze, design, adapt and add functionalities to the current version project kick off January 2015 60-70% already done Trading modules adapted February 2015 Central procurement modules March 2015 Expert portfolio & knowledge base modules April 2015 Go Live Final testing and integration May 2015

27 Project timeline: the commercial phase 21 The unions should rely on specialists for system governance. An group of software editing, marketing and communication experts should run the platform, create traffic and generate revenues over selling subscriptions and other online services. Royalties will be paid back to the union who will be the major sponsor and partner of the B2B platorm. Define a clear business model & a business plan January 2015 Choose a software editing, communication & marketing group March 2015 Start marketing Campaign April – Mai 2015 Generate Traffic & revenues Beginning September 2015

28 Open marketplace 50 Offered: Subscription & pricing Open marketplace model is based on subscription fees. No extra fees required. This flex offer allows companies to go back and forth among offers. $ 500/ year $ 200/ year $ 1000 /year Seller profile Enterprise in database Receive opportunities Receive tenders Messaging BASIC PACK ADV. PACK ULTIMATE PACK Seller profile Enterprise in database Receive opportunities Receive tenders Messaging Receive RFQ Send sales quotations 50 company products in the catalogue 10 company users Add events Visio conferencing Have a company web site on open marketplace Seller profile Enterprise in database Receive opportunities Receive tenders Messaging Receive RFQ Send sales quotations 10 company products in the catalogue 5 company users Add events Customs offers We offer packages adapted to the company size and objectifs.

29 54 Strategic Investment Software acquisition & integration 150 k € Running expenses Per company 150 € / company / year Recurrent revenues Per company 300 € / company / year A Strategic investment: More than just profit

30 Go for DISCUSSION THANK YOU And see you on

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