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Breadth #2-4 AP 2012 Breadth Theme for October: Observational Studies and Interpretations.

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1 Breadth #2-4 AP 2012 Breadth Theme for October: Observational Studies and Interpretations

2 Breadth #2: Object Investigation  Showing investigation of parts of an object and textures, details, points of view  Direct observation  Use tools, things that can be taken apart, opened, moved etc.  Alternative: TEXTURE - idea of knot, tangled, braid, rope texture (Jennifer Wroblewski, Hugette Despaut May)  Form, Texture, mark making, advancing and receding space though light and shadow, foreshortening  Charcoal, graphite, pastel or acrylic Observational Unit





7 http://www.jenniferwrob Mark Making

8 art.html

9 Close up of a Texture

10 Breadth #3: Figure/Anatomy  Render an anatomical study of the figure  May include muscle, skeleton  May include drapery for added texture  Should be dynamic in light and shadow  May be in color (warms and cools)  Choice medium  Complex and challenging composition  May be close up/magnified  May treat as a still life  Form, light and shadow Observational Unit

11 DaVinci Style

12 post/29581472738/4-draw-a- part-of-the-human- anatomy-you-have

13 Grzegorz Domaradzki ART/54398

14 Botched creature

15 Breadth #4: Abstracted Landscape  Observe and sketch a landscape of your choice  Reference color and forms and interpret in abstract way  Simplifying to line, value, shape, texture, positive and negative space  City scape/urban landscape as inspiration  Or by contrast- suburb  scott tulay, brian bishop, kim kadmus owens)  Show case mark making, surface texture, line, shape, pos/neg space, subtractive methods of drawing Observational Unit

16 Scott Tulay


18 Brian Bishop: Figures and Landscape



21 Charcoal



24 Kim Cadmus Owens Landscape




28 Breadth substitute #1: Museum Inspiration Project  First trip: MoMA  Project option #1: create a final drawing from an observational sketch within the museum from prompts assigned at field trip (or personal reference photo)  Project option #2: STILL LIFE or PORTRAIT create an artwork in the style of an abstract or expressionist artwork. Include short description of inspirational work, photo and artist name. Observational Unit

29 Picasso- Composition with a skull

30 Leger Contrasted Forms

31 Ms. Livoti’s Inspiration in High School: Picasso Picasso, The red armchair Picasso, Head, 1972 Picasso, Woman with Pears

32 I wanted to express the essence of the figure- a lonely girl, consoling herself. I remember wanting to make her seated, but not wanting to care about perspective. Working in an abstract way helped me to express myself more. I was able to enjoy painting, mixing color, making brush strokes, and controlling line.


34 This was the last piece in my concentration. I remember being so obsessed with shading in the different shapes with paint. I really taught myself a lot. I was trying all different weights of line, contrasting warm vs. cool colors, trying to get as many shapes to pop out as possible.




38 Due Dates:  Breadth #2, 3, 4 due by Friday, Nov. 2 nd  These works will receive individual grades  You will receive an overall grade for your participation in the critique  Your work will also be judged as a whole to see how strong your breadth section is.

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