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CST. Contents Our Vision....................................................... 3 Parish Ethos..................................................... 4.

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1 cST

2 Contents Our Vision....................................................... 3 Parish Ethos..................................................... 4 A Brief History of the Parish........................................ 6 Parish Information................................................ 7 Clergy, Staff and Parish Ministers; Worship Services; Attendees and Communicants; Demography and Boundaries; Property Finance and Dedicated Giving...................................... 10 Ministries and Portfolios.......................................... 11 Caring, Spiritual & Emotional Support, Outreach Spiritual Formation Ministries Music Worship/Services Special Interest Activities Church Activities Challenges....................................................... 16 The Way Forward................................................. 16 2

3 Our Vision At St Michael and All Angels we have adopted the Diocesan Vision as our vision for the work of God in this parish. Our vision is to achieve a shared vision and practice of the ministry of all believers. This means that every parishioner takes responsibility to contribute to the life of the faith community and be a witness in the broader community. This requires the spiritual growth of all believers, a deepening relationship with God, others, oneself and creation. The spiritual growth and ministry of all believers is dependent on vibrant Christian community in which : all are welcome to belong and participate; the active participation of young people and children is valued and encouraged; worship is dynamic and includes the whole worshipping community; healing and reconciliation are a visible reality; the humanity of each member grows in relation with others; dynamic small groups build up the individual into community; the love of Christ is experienced, made visible, and given to the world. Our prayer is that this vision has been faithfully received from God. As we have received it faithfully, may we live it faithfully, that it may be a blessing to us and through us to our world. 3

4 Parish Ethos Our ethos at St Michael and All Angels is situated within the five areas of the Diocesan Vision. Spiritual Formation Spiritual formation forms the foundation of all the other areas. We believe that every part of our lives is concerned with spiritual development because we can’t divide our lives into “spiritual” and “secular” compartments. We seek wholeness (holiness) in the power of the Holy Spirit. We as a community are solidly Anglican with services catering for different tastes, particularly in music, from traditional to contemporary. Prayer is one of our central values. To this end we have an active intercessory prayer chain, a cancer support prayer chain, and a prayer wall in the church, as well as several prayer groups that meet on a regular basis. Bible study groups meet on a weekly basis and spiritual formation is at the core of the youth programme. We are a teaching and training parish. This is seen by the number of parish ministers and servers we have as well as by the number of people who have been ordained from our parish. Our leadership organises regular courses to assist all members in their spiritual growth. Ministry of All Believers We expect all members of our parish to see themselves as ministers of Christ, in their homes, work-places, communities and in the church. We have a broad range of ministries which include pastoral care, teaching and social justice led by both lay and ordained members of the community. Lay and ordained members are actively involved in the diocese, the archdeaconry and the community. There is a growing and vibrant youth ministry led by lay and ordained members. Training is provided in the many ministries that are exercised. 4

5 Visionary Servant Leadership We seek to lead by empowering others rather than seeking power for ourselves. All parishioners are treated as thinking adults, who have the right to ask questions about God and the Church, and to find their own level of participation in community life. Clergy and lay members are encouraged to seek spiritual direction. Vibrant Christian Community We are committed to developing our identity as a multi-cultural South African Christian Community. To this end we have sought to engage with our diversity, something we enjoy exploring. We are committed to children and young people as full members of the church whatever their age. Youth are encouraged to interact with all church groups and the Sunday evening service is led by the youth. We offer many opportunities outside Sunday services for fellowship and work together in the Lord’s name. Focused Outreach We are committed to proclaiming and enacting the Gospel in the wider South African community. We have several programmers and groups with this as their focus. 5

6 A Brief History of the Parish St Michael and All Angels started out as an outreach project by Fr Ron Day and the Council of St Gabriel’s Church in Florida, more than 3years ago. The vision was to establish a church in the fast growing area of Weltevredenpark. The first parishioners met in the staff room of Panorama Primary School and then moved to a parishioner’s house for the weekly Sunday service. St Michael’s was officially opened by the Bishop of Johannesburg, Timothy Bavin on 1 May 1983 as a Chapelry of St Gabriel’s, Florida. Father Stuart Mennigke, as priest-in-charge, quickly set about establishing a vibrant community of parishioners. The church grew dramatically during this time with Stuart’s tremendous energy and enthusiasm by encouraging all parishioners to become involved in the life of the church. St Michael’s Village was also established during this time. In 1987 Fr Stuart was made rector of St Gabriels and Fr Cecil Rogerson took over at St Michael’s as priest-in-charge. Cecil’s stay was a brief and fruitful one and in 1989 he moved on to take up duty as rector in the East Rand. 1989 saw Fr Nic Denny-Dimitriou take over and during his stay of 8 years until 1997 the Chapelry became a parish of its own. The building of the new church was also undertaken during Fr Nic’s term and the church continued the growth from the early years. Fr Nic moved on in 1997 and was replaced by the late Fr Peter Roberts who was in turn replaced by Fr Peter Beart in 2000. Fr Peter Beart left in 2002 and an interregnum, Fr Mongezi Guma, held office until September 2003 when Fr Tim Long took over the reins of caring for the people of St Michael’s. In the years since 2003, we have seen the parish mature with strong spiritual growth, outreach, and a commitment towards the practicing and implementation of the diocesan vision. The improvement in the grounds, gardens, buildings, the appointment of a musical director and a youth pastor, and the many training courses under Fr Tim’s leadership are particularly pleasing. Fr Tim’s commitment and involvement with the laity, took the parish to new heights in this relatively short time. We currently have 25 parish ministers and many small groups of parishioners who are involved in the growing of the church. St Michael’s has always been a parish which develops people and since its inception in 1983 has seen in excess of 15 people move into the ministry. Fr Tim had a passion for education. The development and the building of the Vuleka School and the alteration to the church offices are a testimony to his vision. Through his teaching, he ensured growth in knowledge of the bible and he gave us a good foundation for further spiritual growth. Fr Tim retired from the Parish in December 2010 and Fr Errol Dengler stepped in as interim Pastor. He was assisted by Rev Shona Fleming as Priest-in-Charge. Shona left the Parish in December 2012 and to take up the Rectorship of St Mark’s Northriding. In January 2013 Revd. Dr Vicentia Kgabe was appointed Rector at St Michaels and All Angels. In her short time at St Mike’s she managed to keep the growth momentum going. She left the Parish of St Mike’s for the College of Transfiguration in Grahamstown in January 2015. 6

7 Parish Information Clergy, Staff and Parish Ministers (Sept 2014) Clergy Revd. Dr Vicentia Kgabe Revd. Karen Uitzinger, Self supporting Assistant Priest Revd. Helen Els, Self-supporting Assistant Priest Revd. Sue Waldron, Self-supporting Assistant Priest Revd. John Cooke, Retired Priest Motheo Tshule,Youth Pastor Sebastien Bisnath, Assistant to the Youth Pastor Staff Val Campbell Administrator Kevin Stanley Music Director Brenda Gallie Bookkeeper Stephen Khumalo Caretaker Anna Stuurman Church Cleaner Jabu Radebe Gardener Security (Entirweni management services) Jack Mkwayi Car Guard Joseph MphaloCar Guard Parish Ministers There are 25 parish ministers and 9 Anglicare Counsellors 7

8 Worship Services Sunday Services – 07h30 Traditional Eucharist Service – 09h30 Family Eucharist Service – 09h30 Kidz InC. (Kids In Christ - Sunday School) – 09h30 Jesus 4 Life (Youth) – 18h15 Contemporary Eucharist Service Weekday Services – Tuesday 09h00 Eucharist Service – Wednesday 18h15 Eucharist Service Services Held Elsewhere – St Michael's Retirement Village Sunday 09h30 (weekly) – Finch Haven Retirement Village Wednesday (monthly) 09h30 – Incolae Retirement Village Thursday (monthly) 14h30 – Fairland Retirement Village Thursday (monthly) 09h30 Attendees and Communicants Year Attendees Weekly Average Communicants Weekly Average 2002 0 308 2003 0 343 2004 0 351 2005 0 405 2006 531 465 2007 625 527 2008 642 534 2009 620 549 2010708 579 2011684600 2012724624 2013708622 Demography and Boundaries The parish lies in the suburb of Weltevreden Park, a suburb comprising of several nursery, pre-primary, primary and high schools and various shopping centers. We have a retirement village adjacent to the church. The parish is cosmopolitan and culturally diverse. 8

9 Property comprises : Main Church Nave, chancel, sanctuary Side Chapel Sacristy Narthex and Bell Porch Bell Tower Music Store Room Vestry – Priests and Servers Disabled Access Cry Room Entrance Foyer Library in Entrance Foyer Hall complex Large Hall Small Hall Kitchen Toilets, includes disabled facility Old Vestry / Storeroom Flower room Paved outdoor courtyard Office Reception 3 Offices Storeroom Toilet Kitchenette Meeting Room Rectory Rector’s office / study Lounge Dining room Kitchen 3 bedrooms 2.5 bathrooms 2 x Staff quarters (1 used as counselling room) Double garage 2 Patios Retirement Cottage Lounge / dining room Kitchen 3 Bedrooms Bathroom Patio Single garage Caretaker Cottage Lounge / dining room Kitchen 2 Bedrooms Bathroom Garden of Remembrance 3 x Zozo storage huts 1 x Wendy (near Retirement cottage) 1 x Wendy Gate house Vuleka school, toilets and prefab classrooms 7 x classrooms Toilets Staffroom office Telecommunication tower/mast and related equipment 9

10 Finance and Dedicated Giving Finance and Dedicated Giving Income and Expenditure 20072008200920102011201220132014YTD OCT Pledges &Collections 1 577 7491 895 1791 970 382 2 143 044 2 011 207 2 359 542 2 425 628 2 049 531 Total Income 1 814 336 2 217 945 2 111 949 2 450 033 2 249 276 2 801 976 2 932 626 2 475 762 Expenses 1 500 970 1 841 333 1 895 045 2 226 364 2 214 467 2 353 504 2 790 278 2 378 102 Surplus 313 366 376 512 215 904 223 669 34 809 517 560 88 705 97 660 Notes: 1. 2014 figures are Year to Date as of end October 2. Income for 2010 includes major donations allocated to the building fund. 3. Staff had bonuses and the recommended Diocesan increases in 2014. Dedicated Giving YearNo. of PledgesAnnual ReceiptsAverage monthly pledge 2007 261 1 400 556 447,18 2008 257 1 681 592 545,26 2009 299 1 748 320 487,27 2010 287 1 702 428 494,32 2011 280 1 786 812 531,78 2012/13 3321 903 152 477.69 2013/14 319 2 096 080 547.56 Year R1 - R250 R251 - R500 R501 - R1000 R1001 - R3000 R3001 - Plus 2007 48,66% 29,50% 14,56% 6,90% 0,38% 2008 44,36% 29,57% 15,95% 8,56% 1,56% 2009 46,82% 26,42% 14,38% 10,70% 1,67% 2010 47,74% 23,69% 16,72% 9,76% 2,09% 2011 40,71% 28,9% 17,86% 10,35% 2,14% 2012/13 36.66% 31.62% 18.47% 10.84% 2.41% 2013/14 40.44% 26.96 19.43% 10.66% 2.51% 10

11 Ministries and Portfolios Ministries and Portfolios Caring, Spiritual and Emotional Support, Outreach Anglicare counsellors The Anglicare counsellors are part of the Diocesan group of Anglicare counsellors. We have been trained to do family, relationship, marital and trauma counselling, and receive on-going supervision and training to enable us to be more effective. We offer pre-marital preparation. Our ministry is to those in need in our own congregation (and others in the diocese), as well as to the wider community including those who are 'not religious' and those of other faiths. Cancer Support We provide spiritual support to any Cancer patients and their loved ones who are known to parishioners of St Mikes. This mainly takes the form of intercessory prayer. We also provide practical support in the form of counselling, help with transport, meals and any other act that seems appropriate to our parishioners. ACTS (Action, Caring, Together Sharing) We exist to identify specific needs in the community and to make a difference, particularly with regard to the aged, the disabled and child- headed households as well as abused women and children. Golang Education Outreach The main focus is to enrich and participate in the lives of children who do not have any opportunity to lead “normal” lives. These children come from a community which is the poorest of the poor. One can participate in the sponsorship of an underprivileged child (for school and food); R250 per child per month (or part thereof); R1000 per child per month (high school); R180 per child per month (pre school). Any donation of any amount would be appreciated. We need assistance with PowerPoint presentations and marketing ideas for the project - i.e. pamphlets etc. Any positive input will be welcomed - extra tuition etc. HIV/AIDS The group's vision for 2011/2012 was: We want to introduce a quarterly integration of HIV/AIDS issues within the Sunday services at St Mikes, to raise awareness of the pandemic. We aim to include the Youth Group to create awareness and dialogue. Our role includes: Integrating HIV/AIDS into church life and ministry with special focus on vulnerable women and children. HIV/AIDS awareness and education within the church and outside within the community. Physical and material support for those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. Spiritual plus emotional support. The group hosts two events annually, the Women's Day Breakfast in August and World AIDS Day in November. Hospital Visitors We attend to the physical well-being and spiritual upliftment of hospital patients as well as visiting house-bound persons. We concentrate on visiting Wilgeheuwel Hospital and Flora Clinic regularly. 11

12 Retirees Group The ministry was officially initiated in November 2006 with 10 participating members... all retirees. The aims were to make retirees feel useful and to offer caring services when emergency situations arose. From March 2010, it was agreed that the Retirees group would concentrate on matters directly related to the more elderly people in our congregation and in the Retirement Village next door. Some highlights on the activities are: _ Production of a pamphlet detailing concessions for pensioners (currently being updated). _ Presentation/talk on the importance of being money-wise and planning for retirement. _ Production of a guideline for keeping important documents (Wills, Policies, Tax, etc.). _ Professional talk on macular degeneration and how to cope with it. _ Social outings to Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens. _ Production of a photographic history of St Michael and All Angels - the first 25 years. _ Assisting other ministries. _ Arranging other social events such as musical mornings held in the Social Centre at St Mike’s Retirement Village. _ Arranging visits to places of interest on an ad hoc basis. Senior Citizens Special Teas Cake sales are arranged throughout the year. With the help of the tea ladies and the donations from the parish we sell the cakes and with the funds raised we have two very special tea parties for our Senior Citizens. This is so fulfilling and the reward is so great. If anyone would like to join in serving tea or sponsor a table, they would be most welcome. Will be announced beforehand. Village Visitors We are a group of people who feel very deeply about the elderly and who try our best to fill a little of the loneliness that can exist. The focus is on trying to meet their needs (emotional and spiritual) as best we can. Spiritual Formation Operation Divine Intervention Operation Divine Intervention is a Community Police Forum initiative that was initiated by the Commissioner of the Honeydew Police Station, Commissioner Reddy. “Crime Prevention through Divine Intervention” is the creed by which the initiative operates. A leaflet setting out the goals and how it operates is available from the Parish Office. Prayer Chain Our Prayer Chain covers requests for individuals in our church and beyond, for our St Mike’s staff, for the ministries at St Mike’s, for our community, our country and the world at large. It is not onerous. You will be allocated to a Link and expected to pray for six prayer requests during the week at home. You will receive a new set of requests each week for your Link so that you don’t get bored. We have an optional Prayer Chain Breakfast once a year. Prayer Ministry in the Chapel It is focused on those attending the service and their needs. We function on a roster basis. There are always two of us available at every service to pray for people who want prayer. Prayer Wall Prayer Group To pray for the requests on the Prayer Wall. We function on a roster basis. There are four teams and each team is responsible for praying for one of the four weeks of prayer requests once a week at the time their team has chosen. It takes about half an hour. 12

13 Prayer Wall Prayer Group To pray for the requests on the Prayer Wall. We function on a roster basis. There are four teams and each team is responsible for praying for one of the four weeks of prayer requests once a week at the time their team has chosen. It takes about half an hour. House Groups A number of house groups are operative consisting of 6 to as many as 20 members in each group. These groups complement the church and its ministry by offering a more intense and personal encounter with the bible and of mutual support love and care for one another. Spirituality Group We focus on our personal spiritual growth for the purpose of advancing God’s kingdom here on earth – “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” Thus, our focus is both internal and external. Each one of us knows in our heart that our growing relationship with God is all- important to Him and to us. Each one of us is responsible for the way in which we live our life and how we grow in understanding of God’s will for our life. Our Quiet Mornings are designed to enable the busy person to deliberately set aside time to be still with our Creator and to be away from all that distracts us from knowing who we are and who God is. At each meeting we invite different speakers to address us and guide our thoughts – and the Holy Spirit does the rest. As we spend time in quiet reflection we hear God speak to us in our life situations. Can you afford not to make time to come? Ministries Confirmation group Journey together toward confirmation. Internal and external-outreach activities encouraged. New Members The purpose of the Group is to induct new Parish members; make new Parish members welcome; Integrate new Parish members into the community. Intercultural Group We would like to position this portfolio as a “cross-cultural ministry’ because it primarily deals with a situation where Christianity finds itself confronting culture and more extensively assists in members of a church understanding problems between different cultures, between friends, colleagues, husbands and wives in the same church as well as the external environment. The portfolio focuses on what the Scriptural principles can be applied in behaviour as people relate to others in diverse cultural settings and at the same time helps to create in all of us an increased sensitivity or awareness to the plight of others. It is a journey we all hope to undertake in order to understand the needs of others by teaching ourselves and one another about our cultural diversity thereby attempting to live by the second great commandment “Love thy neighbour”. Kidz InC To bring the word of God to children. Teaching children from the ages of 3 to 13 the word of God, but it is more than that, we try to instill values and respect in the children. This is all done in a fun and relaxed environment. Sunday Morning Youth Spiritual growth in youth and encouraged to join in outreach. We do Bible studies, discuss topical issues, share fellowship together and pray and worship together. Youth Fun evening of fellowship, games and food. Internally focused on growing fellowship among the youth. Externally focused in that they are encouraged to bring friends. 13

14 Music Evening Worship Band We lead the music in the evening service. Internally focused on the evening service, however members of the band are involved with playing music for Happening and other Christian meetings. Music Group 7h30 Service Our focus is to lead the congregation and enhance the service with hymns and anthems. We welcome anyone who loves to sing and is a regular communicant at the 07h30 service. It is an advantage to read music, but not all our members do, so it should not deter anyone from joining the choir. Music Group 9h30 Service To lead the worship with the singing of hymns and choruses. These are enhanced by our updated sound system. We welcome young and older singers who are regular communicants at the 09h30 service. Also guitar players and any instrumentalists, including drummers and keyboard players. Marimba Band Learning tunes which can be used in our services, as a refreshing, different thrust to the music. Learning to play the marimba is great fun and anyone can learn to play. You don’t need to have a musical background, but a good sense of rhythm is important. Worship/Services Parish Ministers Parish ministers assist in the service of Holy Communion, or in any other service, at the request of the Priest. Duties include reading the scriptures and leading prayers that are not reserved for the ordained ministry and assisting in the administration of Holy Communion. They also perform other pastoral duties, not reserved for the ordained ministry, as the Bishop may determine. Data Projector To operate the data projector during Services. Sacristans Sacristans take care of all the necessary preparation of the sacred vessels for the celebration of the Eucharist. We count the wafers, fill the wine decanters, trim and change the candles and do all laundry pertaining to the Eucharist. We set everything up prior to each service. Servers To assist with the preparation and flow at and around the altar during services. Sound Desk Activities include: Setting up the sound system with respect to connection of microphones, musical instruments and monitors. Operation of the system includes balancing of voices and instruments and controlling the various speech microphones. Co-ordinating the recording with the computer operator. Flower Arranging This group praises God by beautifying the church thus adding a special aspect to worship. Parishioners can donate towards flowers for special events or in memory of a loved-one. The Flower Group also takes part in various festivals that are held at the church. Tea Service For parishioners, newcomers and visitors to enjoy fellowship after each service. Stewards The Stewards are a group of dedicated parishioners who oversee the smooth running of all the services held in the church on Sundays and are the link between the parishioners and the clergy. It is their job to meet and greet, with a smile, all attendees, to seat them and to make sure that they have the necessary prayer books and any other requirements that the clergy may need them to have for the service, including the pew leaflet. Thereafter to do a headcount of all persons at the service so that the number of communicants may be ascertained, to ensure that the Sacrament is taken up to the altar, the Offertory is taken and that all who are taking communion are shown up to the altar. Following the completion of each service the Stewards will bag the collection and deposit it in the safe. They then tidy all the pews and the church, close all windows, turn off all lights and ensure that the church is secure and in a fit state for the next service. 14

15 Special Interest Activities Banner Making To make the church more colourful and attractive. We make banners for the church when needed. Crafts and Fellowship Main emphasis fellowship. A short time of prayer with a reading and then re-conditioning cards to raise funds for St Michael's, preparing articles for sale to raise funds for outreach. Supportive friendship based on Christian principles. Eco Team St Michaels is a registered Eco-Congregation. The purpose of this is to promote sustainability and environmental awareness within the church and home life of parishioners and the wider community in order to minimise our ecological footprint on this planet and to create a respect for God’s creation and also promoting the conservation of our biodiversity. This is done by making information available, holding functions and environmental liturgy in special services to celebrate God’s creation and to draw attention to the Planet’s plight and local concerns. To this end an Environmental Policy was drafted and accepted by the Church Council in August 2009. The Eco-Team also networks with other Eco-Congregation Parishes in the Diocese. Church Activities Building Maintenance Identifying construction related problems and addressing them. Fund Raising To raise funds for Church needs and having fun and camaraderie doing it. Gardeners St Mike’s garden is the pride of its parishioners. The garden has well-maintained indigenous trees and is kept green and attractive at all times. Garden of Remembrance To be interested in gardening and be prepared to plant, dig, prune and spray and any other activity associated with gardening. Library To make our wonderful library facility available to all parishioners. We are responsible for opening library and administering incoming and outgoing books and other media on loan at all church services. Security We continue attending to and improve the daily security needs of the church buildings and property as well as the safety and security of anyone visiting the premises. This is done through a professional security service provider Waste Paper Collection Parishioners have the opportunity to recycle newspapers and magazines by placing them in the orange bin in the car park. Funds raised go towards the running of the Church. Website ( The web site is updated on a regular bases and includes all the relevant information for current members as well as new/prospective prisoners. Twitter (@mike_st) St Mike has a Twitter account and all are welcome to follow us on Twitter. 15

16 Challenges Integrating new members Accommodating all diverse groups Getting more representivity in leadership positions including the youth Being open and receptive to change Living our ethos Improving communication Getting more people involved in the different ministries Cater for all age groups in all ministry’s especially young families and new comers The way forward Continued growth management and spirituality development Manage and communicate change to the congregation Leadership (across the board) to be united and positive Be receptive and supportive to the new Rector Consider planting a church (Building God’s kingdom) Assist both spiritually and materially other needy parishes in the diocese 16

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