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Reaching Agreement Jim Coaker LTCSt. Louis, MOMarch 1, 2013 1.

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1 Reaching Agreement Jim Coaker LTCSt. Louis, MOMarch 1, 2013 1

2 2 Trust and Credibility

3 Why are these definitions important ? 3

4 Outline Importance of “Team” alignment  Objective(s) & Direction Discuss foundational concepts An exercise to apply concepts 4

5 Objectives Stimulate your thought process Broaden personal and professional horizons Bridge what you learn here with other sessions Identify resources for growth 5

6 Leader’s Role in Reaching Agreement 6 Catalyst Ownership of Outcome Facilitator Confidant Instigator Coach Policeman

7 Foundational Questions What are my objectives Are there common objectives Do we have different backgrounds What personalities or styles does the other side possess Should I be here at all 7

8 How will you know success when it is achieved? 8

9 Reaching Agreement - Historical Synopsis Early 1900’s Carl Gustav Jung (work on which Myers – Briggs would be based in 1970s) 1920’s William Moulton Marsten (Harvard) and William Clark – DISC 1960’s Blake and Mouton – Management Grid 1970’s Thomas and Kilmann - Conflict Mode Instrument 2000 Rowe, Mary, PhD, MIT 9

10 What Are Your Boundaries Legal, Moral, Ethical Safety Time and Money Cultural ____ ? ____ 10

11 Related Concepts Philosophy of Balanced Scorecard  Are limited resources being effectively applied to what we consider most important ? BATNA - Best alternative to a negotiated agreement 11

12 Negotiation Styles / Strategies Collaborate Avoid Accommodate Compete 12

13 DISC Dominant Influential Conforming Supportive COMPROMISING DI CS 13

14 Consensus Approach Commonly used in ASME standards committee work Open discussion, debate, ballot iteration Eventually vote approaches < 10% negative Weigh negatives and rationale Chair authorized to rule “Consensus” Negative voters / commenters have right of appeal 14

15 Types of Negotiation 15 Principled Win-Win Soft Avoid Conflict Hard Contest of Wills

16 Time For An Exercise 16 Characters A. Jack Jones B. Mr. Crowder C. The Smith’s D. The Thompson’s E. The Dowd’s F. The Beatty’s G. Facilitator H. Observer

17 Background 1. Homeowner’s Association in a major metro suburb 500 single family homes on lots ranging from ¾ to 5 acres Current prices go from $550,000 to $1,500,000 The association has restrictive covenants governing homeowner requirements, maintenance of common ground, among others 2. Residents Largely professionals, young up to and including retired 15% are senior military officers and / or federal employees 17

18 Background 4. The association is incorporated, and managed via 3 rd party contractor Annual operational budget of $125,000 is funded by annual assessment of each homeowner Reserve Account fluctuates between $0 and $10K Jack Jones, newly elected association president, is “hot to trot” to have a proposal approved to construct a playground on 2 acres of common property 18

19 Background A. The Smith’s- Retired academics (college president), empty nesters, whose grandchildren visit occasionally. They were original builders. B. The Thompson’s- Young professional family with children ages 2, 4 and 5. Mom is at home. C. The Beatty’s- New to the neighborhood. They have children ages 8 and 11 D. Admiral and Mrs. Dowd- Empty nesters; he recently retired from the military E. Mr. Crowder- Single professional who travels for work much of the time. 19

20 The Assignment You have been asked to facilitate a Homeowners Association planning session attended by the above parties to discuss the following proposal Construct a new playground on 2 acres of common land Estimated cost: $45,000 20

21 Reporting A. Report meeting outcomes B. Facilitator Comments C. Observer Comments D. General Comments 21

22 Synopsis Importance of trust and credibility Your role as a professional leader Background resources Using boundaries Styles and personalities Working the “magic” of the catalyst 22

23 As you consider professional growth in business, academic and volunteer settings, strive to find the opportunity in every crisis … 23

24 Challenges are opportunities dressed up in work clothes Henry Kaiser 24

25 References and Suggested Resources The following references / resources were used as resources for this presentation and may be helpful Cohen, Herb Negotiate This Warner Books Fisher and Ury Getting to Yes Penguin Books 1981 Public Internet media Rowe, Mary, PhD, MIT Course No. 15.667 Negotiation and Conflict Management ( management/15-667-negotiation-and-conflict- management-spring-2001/ ) management/15-667-negotiation-and-conflict- management-spring-2001/ Seat, Elaine 25

26 26 For questions or comments Jim Coaker Presentation available at home.cfm Reaching Agreement

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