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Check out this web site!!!!!, It will give you.

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3 Check out this web site!!!!! It will give you a reality check on how much you will have to make yearly to live the lifestyle of your dreams.

4 A good Salary depends on the lifestyle you want. You need to figure out what makes you happy in life, and what you can and can’t live with out. $14 an hour $45,000 a year $23 an hour $18,000 a year $34 an hour $90,000 a year

5  Graduation from High School  Community College/Trade School › 2 year program › Associate’s degree  Four Year University › Bachelor’s degree  Additional schooling › Masters degree › Doctorate degree

6 Doctor Artist  Doctors spend an average of years in school after graduating high school  They can work any where from hours a week and may have irregular working hours.  Most doctors earned between $132,953 and $321,686 in  An Artist lifestyle is based on commission and talent. More than 6 out of 10 artists were self-employed.  They work when they want to work.  The lowest 10 percent of craft artists earned less than $14,130, while the highest 10 percent of art directors earned more than $135,090 in 2006


8  Instead of measuring a purchase in terms of dollars, consider measuring costs in terms of the number of hours you need to work. › To earn $1,000 you need to work 67 hours at $15 and hour. › If a car payment is $450 and you make $15 and hour you need to work 30 hours a month just to make that payment.

9 MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday Time9am-5pm Total hours8 hours Total Hours For the Week 40


11 Country CitySuburb You choose the life style you want!

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