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Supported Residential Facility (SRF) Support Program West SRF Exercise Group.

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1 Supported Residential Facility (SRF) Support Program West SRF Exercise Group

2 »The SRF Support Program (West) provides psychosocial support services to people living in SRFs in the Western region. Eligible clients have been assessed as being in the top 25 percent of high, complex and unmet needs. People living with a psychiatric illness, intellectual disability and/or acquired brain injury are often eligible. »The SRF Support Program (West) provides support services across a wide range of interpersonal, community and functional activities. Community engagement is a significant feature of most referrals to the Program. The Program integrates personal development into most aspects of activities and events, with the emphasis being on promoting health and physical activity, independence, and discovering and developing personal skills. Who are we:

3 Identifying a Need »Compelling and mounting evidence around the physical wellbeing of SRF residents – specifically the large disparity between the wellbeing of SRF residents as compared to the general population. »Increasingly, physical disorders such as obesity, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, type 2 diabetes and smoking related respiratory illness are becoming recognized as significant co- morbidities in people with serious mental illnesses. »Compounding these issues are the significant effects to energy and affect of those residents prescribed psychiatric medications.

4 »To offer an exercise program that was interesting, dynamic and motivating. »To demonstrate that exercise does not have to be laborious – that is can be fun, and a means to greater social engagement. »To improve participants coordination, strength, agility, and aerobic capacity. »To decrease health issues associated with sedentary living, including illness, pain and falls. The Proposal

5 The application was written to ensure that there was clarity around how the proposed objective would meet the identified need. »Be clear about the need »Be clear about the link between the need and the proposed intervention »Be clear about the intended outcome »Be clear about how the outcome will be demonstrated The Pitch

6 »The SRF Exercise Program was, and continues to be a success. »Program has now expanded to Lefevre Community Stadium where additional activities are now included, including basketball. »Program has also expansion to include Southern suburb SRFs. »Links with two further community gyms as ‘step-ups’ to mainstream gyms, for those who develop the confidence and capacity to do so. The Outcome:

7 Contact us Phone: 8440 2245 Email:

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