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Health Promotion Resources Project Brooke Shepherd July 2013.

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1 Health Promotion Resources Project Brooke Shepherd July 2013

2 Get tested website Supporting the MoH in the redevelopment; Integration of: -postcode and suburb locator for General Practice -sexual health risk assessment -holistic sexual health messaging -tone of voice -where to find condoms

3 Dare to score tool History: Initially developed as a mobi site only Provided click through link to SHIL- phone and email Redeveloped to include: - Desktop access -Social sharing links -Under 16’s pathway -Non-sexually active pathway -Link to Medicare card

4 Dare to score tool Since launching: 1,722 unique visitors at Stereosonic 7,945 unique visitors at Soundwave 642 unique visitors for YW 11,100 unique visitors to date 330 clicked ‘call’ 350 clicked ‘email’

5 Dare to score tool Key Learnings: Great tool for engaging young males; Online tools are key; Users do not switch from one promotional channel to another; Users don’t make phone calls to health services to seek info about testing;

6 National Health Services Directory Initiative of all Australian Govts. Providing a comprehensive and consolidated national directory of health service and provider info. Eventually, LHNs will be able to: manage their own services in the directory Maintain how it is displayed Identify most appropriate referral pathways

7 NSW Festvials Initiative Key Recommendations from 2012-13: Initiative is having a positive influence on motivations towards: -discussing sexual health related topics with peers and partners -using condoms -getting tested for STIs Online strategies provide best ‘bang for buck’; Activations are costly; Large WG very hard to manage; Brand needs to be further consolidated


9 NSW Festvials Initiative Strategies for the 2013-14 season: Continue as we are; Cease all work in this space; LHDs to continue utilising D2S in universities, TAFEs etc; STIPU to partner in other spaces; Considerations: Budget Get Tested rebuild Partners Festival promoters are unpredictable

10 Live Nation Entertainment Largest concert promoter in the world; Big name artists include Madonna, Beyonce, Fleetwood Mac, Dolly Parton, Justin Timberlake etc; They own Ticketmaster, largest ticket selling agent in Australia; Database of over 5 million people; Opportunity to become one of ten official brand partners; Ticketing, merchandise, sampling, corporate boxes etc;

11 Youth Week NSW Partnership Partnership between STIPU, LHD HARP Units, FPNSW and Y foundations with NSW Office of communities Promoting sexual health messages to YP via the 152 LGAs across NSW; 50% increase in LHDs engaging with and supporting LGAs; Youth driven seeding grants initiative across NSW; 32 enquiries and 14 applications; Youth Forum at NSW Parliament House- 83 attendees.

12 Youth Week Forum Outcomes Submission of Youth Week Forum outcomes to the YAC; Youth-specific sexual health WG as part of the YAC; Submission to the NSW Health Plan 2030 around sexual health from a YP perspective via SESLHD CE; Ongoing and sustainable LGA partnerships for LHDs that they can utilise in other areas of their work.

13 Project1626 Centre for Social Research in Health (CSRH) at UNSW; Pilot survey about young peoples’ sex, relationship, drug and alcohol practices-; Request for YP to promote survey through personal and social networks- FB; Approach to YAC and Youth Action; Looking to consult YP in survey build in 2014 and beyond.

14 HARP HP Forum NSW HARP HP Forum: ‘Big Picture Local Action’ Presentation on cross government partnerships- Youth Week in NSW; Office of Communities Youth Advisory Council (YAC) NSW STIPU Local Health Districts (LHDs) Local Government Areas (LGAs) *NGOs

15 World AIDS Day Theme for 2013- Ending HIV; Strategies include: Online campaign to engage NSW Population; Partnership with Pacific Friends to engage media; GP engagement around HIV testing, using WAD as a vehicle; LHD engagement with Local Councils to ‘Paint the Town Red’; Red Ribbon Grants Program


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