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26.3 The Cold War at home Peter Jacobsen. Huac- House Committee on Un-American Activities, it was created from a congressional committee that’s purpose.

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1 26.3 The Cold War at home Peter Jacobsen

2 Huac- House Committee on Un-American Activities, it was created from a congressional committee that’s purpose was to search out disloyalty before WW2. It’s so-called “claim to fame” was in 1947 when it began to investigate communist activities in the movie industry. Hollywood 10- The Hollywood 10 was 10 men that were suspended from, the movie business when the HUAC accused them of being communist; they testified and were eventually sent to prison because they refused to answer the committee’s questions. Key Terms

3 Blacklist- A list made by the executives of Hollywood, pointing out anybody who was believed to have a communist background. If you were put on that list, your career was essentially over because you couldn’t get any jobs. Alger Hiss- A man accused of being a soviet spy. The man accusing him was Whittaker Chambers. Hiss was eventually accused of perjury and was sent to jail Key Terms

4 Ethel and Julius Rosenberg- The Rosenberg’s were members of the American Communist party. They were involved with a case about leaking secret information about our atomic bomb to the soviets. They were convicted and given the death penalty Senator Joseph McCarthy- From Wisconsin, McCarthy, looking for a way to get re-elected, decided to add to the concern about communism by making multiple accusations about communists in the government. He especially accused the democratic party of treason. Key Terms

5 McCarthyism- The term for McCarthy’s technique of accusing members of the government of communism. After McCarthy publicly made accusations on the U.S. Army, he lost public support. Key Terms

6 Many were concerned when finding out that there were many communists/Russian spies in the country 80,000 Americans claimed to have affiliations with Communist party Many believed Truman wasn’t strict enough on communism in the United States Concern at Home

7 Many were afraid of being accused of communism let alone actually being communist Actors were afraid of being blacklisted, as it would end careers Regular civilians were also afraid to branch out and act different because that would lead to people accusing you of being communist. Fear of being Accused

8 1947-HUAC and the Hollywood 10 1948- Hiss accused of being a soviet spy 1950- Rosenberg’s given death penalty for leaking information about nuclear weapons to the soviets 1950-McCarran Act- outlawed any chance for totalitarian dictatorship in the US 1952- McCarthy’s accusations Key Events

9 Two Nations Live on the Edge 26.4

10 Race for the H-Bomb 1949-soviets explore first atomic bomb Truman orders the creation of a more powerful bomb 1952-united states explodes the first thermonuclear device the H-bomb 1953-Russia explodes a thermonuclear device

11 Brinkmanship is the way to go The us strategy was to keep peace by using all its force against any nation This promise would insure peace What is this? Brinkmanship John Foster Dulles created this policy

12 The Cia’s “Covert operations” The president feared that Iran would turn to communism because its economy had faltered So he sent the CIA in and they convinced the shah or Iran to throw him out and replace him with someone the west liked This protected Iran The CIA also operate against the government of Guatemala because they believed them to be communist

13 Soviet Union activities Created the Warsaw pact which was an alliance with all the nations under their control In Hungary Khrushchev the premier of the soviet union promoted a reform minded leader for the country But then when Hungary wanted to leave the Warsaw pact they sent tanks in and killed 30,000 protesters

14 The cold war takes to the skies Russia starts the space race by launching Sputnik on October 4, 1957 The US begins to use high altitude U-2 planes to capture images of the soviet union with high resolution The last U-2 flight was shot down and the pilot Francis Gary Powers was captured and tortured

15 Americas leader Dwight D. Eisenhower was president during this time He was a general in WW2 and strongly against communism He created the Eisenhower doctrine What is it? It stated that the US would defend the middle east against any attack by a communist country

16 Key Terms H-Bomb-Hydrogen Bomb Brinkmanship-The willingness to go to the brink or edge of war CIA-Central Intelligence Agency used spies to gather information abroad Warsaw Pact-Military alliance between the Soviet Union and the satellite nations it controlled in Eastern Europe.

17 Key Terms continued Eisenhower Doctrine-Said that the United States would defend the Middle East against attack by any communist country U-2 incident-When a CIA spy plane was shot down over the Soviet Union while trying to take infrared pictures.

18 People Francis Gary Powers-The man piloting the u-2 plane when it was shot down over the Soviet Union John Foster Dulles--Secretary of State under Eisenhower Had an aggressive stance against communism and negotiated treaties to prevent it Hated communism

19 Postwar America 27.1 By Joshua Smith

20 Key terms GI Bill of Rights Suburbs Harry S Truman Dixicrats Fair Deal Dwight D Eisenhower

21 Readjustment and Recovery The GI Bill of rights was passed in 1944 it encouraged Veterans of World war II to get an education and it helped them buy houses. There where these new living areas on the rise called suburbs which were residential areas outside the city

22 Suburb Suburb in the 1950

23 Readjustment and Recovery In the 1950’s the divorce rate became higher. The gov. had to cancel war contracts they cost 35 billion dollars. People started to spend more money.

24 Economic Challenges When Truman was in office he inherited economic challenges. 4.5 million people went on strike. Then The workers slowly went back to work.

25 Social Unrest Truman Says “I am asking for equal opportunity for all human beings… and if that ends up in my failure to be reelected that failure will be in a good cause” Truman says in this quote that he is a advocate for civil rights The Dixicrats were a political party who opposed Civil Rights.

26 Dixicrats This is a picture of a Dixicrat rally

27 Social Unrest Jackie Robinson becomes the first black man to play Major league baseball.

28 Fair Deal Truman had an expansion of FDR’s New Deal called the Fair deal. This deal has to do with helping people get Health insurance.

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