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International Engineering Minor College of Engineering and Computer Science University of Central Florida.

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1 International Engineering Minor College of Engineering and Computer Science University of Central Florida

2 Current Global Situation Multinational mergers and acquisitions becoming more commonplace  Siemens Westinghouse  Chrysler-Fiat International collaborations becoming increasingly common Essential for US engineers and researchers to experience their professional field from a multinational perspective Our national competitiveness depends on it!!!

3 Advantages to You Makes you more desirable to employers ◦In multinational corporations ◦In companies that do business overseas Enhances self-confidence Expand your cultural horizons Maybe learn a new language See the world and have fun And... something to tell your grandkids

4 International Engineering Minor Excellent vehicle to become globally competent from a technological and cultural standpoint Completion of minor goes on transcript – proof of completion Eighteen carefully selected partner institutions – all over the world ◦Focus on Europe, Latin America, and Asia See:

5 What does this minor consist of? Total of 18-20 hours 1.Six to eight credits of a foreign language, preferably at UCF (but possibly overseas) 2.Three credits of cultural coursework at overseas partner institution 3.An experience abroad consisting of either:  Nine credits of engineering coursework. Six of these must count towards degree program, or  Twelve credits of internship overseas

6 What if I already speak a language or the country is Anglophone? Well, no need to do useless things! Instead of the six language credits, the student will take two restricted cultural courses at UCF

7 Eligibility UCF undergraduate in Engineering, IT, or Computer Science ◦ Graduate students not applicable for minor, but we also seek GS for study abroad Junior or senior standing (not too close to graduation) 2.5 GPA or recommendation from faculty

8 What if I don’t want to go overseas? The IE minor requires an experience abroad Central focus of program!!! No exceptions!! Can be for:  1 semester (minimum)  2 semesters Some of the credits earned overseas must apply to degree Financial aid is available

9 Study Locations Several institutions and countries are currently available

10 Jönköping University Jönköping University - Sweden Jönköping University  Located in Jönköping, about 400 km southwest of Stockholm, 5 hours by train  Beautiful, medium-sized city at foot of Lake Vatern (2nd largest in Sweden)

11 Mälardalen University Mälardalen University - Sweden Mälardalen University  Medium-sized industrial city, 100 km west of Stockholm, 1 hour by train  Easy access to Stockholm

12 Universidad de Cantabria Universidad de Cantabria - Santander, Spain Universidad de Cantabria Small, high quality university Located in Santander, a beautiful seaside resort city on the northern coast

13 Universidad de Jaen Universidad de Jaen - Jaen, Spain Universidad de Jaen Excellent university Located in the “Paradise of the Interior” (of Spain) Near Granada

14 IQSIQS - Barcelona, Spain IQS Prestigious institute in Barcelona

15 Université de Pierre and Marie Curie - Paris VI Université de Pierre and Marie Curie - Paris VI - France Université de Pierre and Marie Curie - Paris VI One of the top universities in France Most Engineering and CS disciplines In Paris, near the heart of the left bank Need we say more?

16 Université Joseph Fourier Université Joseph Fourier - Grenoble, France Université Joseph Fourier Located in the French Alps Financial aid available Numerous international students Programs in EE, CS and CpE taught in English

17 Technical University of Ilmenau Technical University of Ilmenau - Germany Technical University of Ilmenau One of the most prestigious technical universities in Germany Small city in the former East Germany Located in Thuringia - “The green heart of Germany” Rolling hills and beautiful countryside About 30 min. drive from Erfurt, a beautiful, medieval city

18 Mid-sized town in the industrial and cultural center of Germany – the Ruhr Region, European Capital of Culture in 2010 A variety of traditional and alternative cultural offerings Strong on future energy Cooperation with Siemens Power Generation: Internships possible

19 University of Applied Sciences University of Applied Sciences – Erfurt University of Applied Sciences Nearly 5,000 students in different faculties including: Applied Computer Science, Civil Engineering, Engineering in Building, and Energy Technology Study in FH-Erfurt and TU-Ilmenau - courses are partly in English Intern at Siemens or N3EOS Beautiful medieval city dating back to 742 A.D. Capital of the state of Thuringia, located in the centre of Germany (2h->Berlin, 2h->Frankfurt, 4h->Munich…) 210,000 inhabitants

20 AGH University of Science and Technology AGH University of Science and Technology – Krakow, Poland AGH University of Science and Technology Excellent technical university Krakow is a beautiful historic city Some courses taught in English Financial support available

21 Brno University of Technology Brno University of Technology – Brno, Czech Republic Brno University of Technology Technical university in the Czech Republic Near Prague and Vienna EE, CpE, CS and ME majors

22 University of the West of England University of the West of England - Bristol, UK University of the West of England Limited to Electrical Engineering & Computer Engineering students at the moment

23 Universidad de Costa Rica Universidad de Costa Rica - San Jose, Costa Rica Universidad de Costa Rica General university with many majors Most engineering disciplines covered Beautiful country with stunningly beautiful sights

24 Instituto Tecnologico de Costa Rica Instituto Tecnologico de Costa Rica – Cartago, Costa Rica Instituto Tecnologico de Costa Rica Specializes in Engineering and CS Located in Cartago - the ancient capital of Costa Rica Low cost of living

25 Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Rio Grande do Sul Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Rio Grande do Sul - Porto Alegre, Brazil Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Rio Grande do Sul Good university specializing in Aerospace Engineering Near Embraer

26 Universidade Federal Do Rio de Janeiro Universidade Federal Do Rio de Janeiro - Brazil Universidade Federal Do Rio de Janeiro Most prestigious university in Brazil Potential for research available

27 Tongji University Tongji University - Shanghai, China Tongji University Shanghai is China’s Second City and center of the economy Tongji University is one of two top universities in Engineering in China 55,000 Students (2437 International) 3300 Teaching & Research Faculty and Staff 1.16 Billion RMB Research Budget ($170 million) Shanghai Maglev (only commercial in the world)

28 Tokyo Denki University Tokyo Denki University - Japan Tokyo Denki University Research-based Electrical and Computer Engineering, or Computer Science Must learn some Japanese In suburb of Tokyo called Chiba New Town

29 Other Current Study Locations Hong Kong ◦HK Institute of TechnologyHK Institute of Technology Japan ◦Wakamaya University, OsakaWakamaya University ◦Yamaguchi University, near HiroshimaYamaguchi University Poland ◦Silesian University of Technology, GliwiceSilesian University of Technology Jordan ◦Princess Sumaya University, AmmanPrincess Sumaya University

30 Future Study Locations Taiwan Japan Jordan Hong Kong South Korea India Chile Mexico Argentina Peru Australia New Zealand Turkey

31 Procedure Making the arrangements for pursuing the minor is a five stage procedure: I.Academic arrangements II.Administrative arrangements III.Financial and logistic arrangements IV.Experience abroad itself V.Post-return activities

32 Stage I – Academic 1. Consult with the IE Minor advisor (Ms. Alisha Corsi, ENG I–107) a.Select semester for study abroad b.Select most appropriate overseas institution c.Select coursework to take abroad d.Assist w/ language requirements (if applicable) e.Petition courses through your department to ensure that coursework applies towards your degree f.If language training is not required, then submit to language fluency evaluation and obtain waiver g.Declare the minor online in MyUCF h.Enroll in appropriate classes at UCF

33 Stage II - Administrative 2. Meet with counselor at the Office of International Studies (OIS) Ms. Maureen Waked a.Complete the UCF study abroad application b.Apply to overseas partner institution of choice c.Obtain help in enrolling at partner institution d.Obtain help in making living arrangements e.Become informed about country of destination

34 Stage III – Financial and Logistics 3. Financial arrangements ◦Apply for need-based or merit-based scholarships 4. Travel documents ◦Get your passport ◦Apply for and secure your visa ◦Purchase airline tickets

35 Stage IV –Experience Abroad 5. Pack your bags and go forth! ◦Do well in classes ◦Enjoy!

36 Stage IV – Upon Return to UCF Grades will be sent in by overseas institution to Office of International Studies Grade will be converted to A/B/C/D/F and assigned to your UCF course You may remain in country for additional time ◦Depending on country, visa, and length of visit

37 Very important, but a bad excuse to not do it Cost of tuition is same – you pay it at UCF! Cost of apartment is roughly the same Cost of food is roughly the same Transportation on site generally cheaper - no car Air fare: $500 to $2000, depending on location Visa, passport, fees, etc: $500 to $1,000 Entertainment – can be high ($2K to $3K) How much will it cost me?

38 Financial Aid Sources Several potential sources of financial aid 1. UCF general aid 2. UCF specific program aid 3. Third-party opportunities 4. Paid internships 5. Rich uncle Let’s go over these …

39 UCF General Aid Several sources of small amounts of money are available from UCF: Burnett Honors College – grants available to members of the BHC (~ $1,500) OIS – Small need-based grants are available from OIS (~$1,500) SGA – Provides small sums of $$ to cover some expenses (~ $300 to $500)

40 UCF Specific Program Aid Specific programs exist expressly to financially support students on study abroad experiences ◦Very attractive, but only for specific locations ◦Competitive, but not highly so ◦Students currently being sought!! ◦Must be US citizen ◦Limitations on majors Professors who may have research funds for international collaborations

41 FIPSE/CAPES Program - Brazil Provides up to $5,000 for study to Brazil ◦Universidad Federal de Rio de Janeiro (Rio) ◦Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Rio Sul (Porto Alegre) All undergraduate and graduate Engineering, IT and CS students eligible Must learn (or already speak) Portuguese. Language training available ◦At UCF ◦At PUCRS upon arrival in Brazil

42 FIPSE Atlantis Program - DeSIRE Atlantis DeSIRE ◦Provides up to $5,000 for study to:  France (Universite Joseph Fourier - Grenoble)  Poland (AGH Univ. of Science & Technology – Krakow)  Czech Republic (Brno University of Technology) Undergraduate and graduate students eligible ◦Some constraints exist English language instruction possible ◦… but not guaranteed

43 FIPSE Atlantis Program – ENGE Provides up to $5,000 in support of a study abroad experience Partner institutions  Universidad de Jaen – Southern Spain  Universidad de Cantabria – Northern Spain  Jonkoping University – Southern Sweden Focus is on engineering in a new global environment ◦But much flexibility exists on courses

44 Third Party Organizations Many organizations provide funds for study abroad The Gilman Foundation ( The Lincoln Scholarship Program (Google it)Google The Fulbright Program ( The Whitaker Foundation ( National Security Education Program(

45 Other Resources Study Abroad Scholarships Domestic Exchange and Study Abroad Programs Domestic Exchange and Study Abroad Programs International Financial Aid and College Scholarship Search International Financial Aid and College Scholarship Search International Scholarships Financial Aid for Study Abroad Study Abroad Loans SIT Study Abroad Study Abroad Scholarships and Financial Aid Study Abroad Scholarships and Financial Aid

46 Rich Uncle?

47 Interested? Then contact: Ms. Alisha Corsi 407-823-2455 ENG I 107 Dr. Avelino Gonzalez 407-823-5027 HEC 329 And be sure to visit

48 Questions?

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