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Census information is AWESOME

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1 Census information is AWESOME
The main point, however, is to find the size of each state’s population. Population growth impacts the number of elected representatives in government.



4 Population Growth

5 Natural Growth When birthrate is higher than death rate
Birthrate is the annual (yearly) number of live births per 1,000 people Between 1790 and 1830, the US population TRIPLED primarily because of the high birthrate! By the mid 1920s, most of the population growth was natural. Remember QUOTAS??

6 Immigration As you know, immigrants are people who leave their home country to become members of another country This, of course, increases the population.


8 Population Trends The overall size of each household has decreased significantly since 1970. What factors could have impacted this? More women have entered the workforce.

9 Population Migration The US population doesn’t just grow, it changes.
Census information allows us to look where people are coming together in the United States. For example, most people were farmers, but in the 1800s people started moving to cities…why do you think?

10 Population Migration People move to the sunbelt because it’s warmer. Yes, even climactic changes impact population migrations…

11 Population Migration The United States used to be mostly rural. Now 80% of the population lives in cities and suburbs! What’s a suburb?

12 Population Changes WE ARE GETTING OLDER!!!!
(this powerpoint needs to be in full screen to see the movement of this image)

13 In which region of the US are most people living in poverty?

14 Education Which area of the US has the lowest percentage of high school graduates? How does Pittsburgh compare to the rest of the country?

15 How did education attainment change from 1990 to 2000?

16 How did education attainment change from 1990 to 2010?

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