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SCORE Fox Valley Chapter SCORE – Making a Difference Presented to Kiwanis Club of Elmhurst Tuesday, October 20, 2009.

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1 SCORE Fox Valley Chapter SCORE – Making a Difference Presented to Kiwanis Club of Elmhurst Tuesday, October 20, 2009

2 SCORE Fox Valley Chapter SCORE Mission and Vision How we do it Who we do it for Organization to support the mission Counselors – who they are Why we do it Call to action Presentation Overview

3 SCORE Fox Valley Chapter S ervice C orps O f R etired E xecutives SCORE’s Mission SCORE provides professional resources and expertise to all to maximize the success of existing and emerging small businesses. SCORE’s Vision SCORE is the most recognized and utilized supplier of counseling and mentoring services to America’s small businesses. The SCORE Mission and Vision

4 SCORE Fox Valley Chapter Free Counseling –Face to Face –Cyber (email) Free or very low cost Workshops Other Resources –Publications –Internet based info – our sites and others –Referrals How We Do It

5 SCORE Fox Valley Chapter Industry/Market Intelligence Company Reports Public Records (New Businesses) Financial Ratios/Industry Norms Legal questions Business forms Full-text business newspapers and magazines (Wall St. Journal, Harvard Bus. Review, Crain's Chicago Business, etc) Financial aid Licensing Information Brand information Business Rankings Company histories Start-up Information Industry Contacts and partners Demographics and Statistics How-to Materials (HR, accounting, finance, etc) Investment Information Business Plans Just ask us! We want to know what you need. What kind of information? Referrals - Elmhurst Public Library

6 SCORE Fox Valley Chapter Similar to SCORE Counselors, only paid, full time professional small business counselors Free to clients Paid by State of Illinois and Federal Government A statewide network of small business resource providers 37 in Illinois and 19 within 50 miles of Elmhurst Referrals - Small Business Development Center

7 SCORE Fox Valley Chapter Illinois Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (PTAC) Free help with government contracting. Illinois International Trade Center (ITC) Free help with Import/Export Paid help: o Lawyers o Accountants o Web Designers o Marketing Consultants Referrals – A Few Others

8 SCORE Fox Valley Chapter Small businesses –1/3 rd are in business –2/3rds want to start a business –Usually, no employees. Just the entrepreneur and sometimes his/her spouse. The startup, usually wants to know the basics – how to start a business, financing, structure, record keeping OR just “what do you think of my idea?” The existing business – usually wants help to improve sales and/or profitability. Who We Do It For

9 SCORE Fox Valley Chapter Start-up Restaurant We are seeking assistance gathering demographic data in the restaurant industry that is zip code specific - specifically in Chicago, Schaumburg and Naperville Who – Example 1

10 SCORE Fox Valley Chapter Start-up I am looking for general business advice, marketing advice and corp forming advice. My business is online based and provides a service. I will be launching in US and Canada within the next 3 weeks and worldwide by November 2009. Internet business. 3 employees. I am looking for pitch advice and attracting funding advice. Who – Example 2

11 SCORE Fox Valley Chapter Existing Business Retail - Invitation & Stationery store in downtown [a suburb]. One employee. Website development, marketing ideas, email blast, company exposure, growth opportunities… Who – Example 3

12 SCORE Fox Valley Chapter Franchise Purchase UPS Store I am in the beginning stages of purchasing a UPS Store franchise. I've never dealt with a franchise opportunity and would like some guidance on how to proceed. Who – Example 4

13 SCORE Fox Valley Chapter Organization - National Chapters: 364 Volunteers: 12,400

14 SCORE Fox Valley Chapter Organization – Our Chapter Fox Valley Chapter 289 Counties (in Red): Dupage Will Kane Kendall DeKalb McHenry Chicago Chapter Counties (Powder Blue): Cook Lake

15 SCORE Fox Valley Chapter Lisle Naperville Joliet Aurora Elgin DeKalb McHenry Organization – Counseling Locations

16 SCORE Fox Valley Chapter Volunteers Generally retired from Corporate America Were Execs or Managers corporations Some owned their own businesses and a few still do. Mostly men, but a few wonderful women Counselor Demographics

17 SCORE Fox Valley Chapter Wives want us out We want out New friends to replace those lost when we retired We like working with people Keep our skills sharp and our minds active We want to pay back To continue to make a difference in the lives of others. Why do we do it?

18 SCORE Fox Valley Chapter Do We Make a Difference? Do We Really Make a Difference?

19 SCORE Fox Valley Chapter Demand for our services is up: –Counseling: +30% this year vs last –# of workshops: +100% (# of attendees – 200%) Counselor Supply: 70 - No change Would you consider helping us to “make a difference”? Supply your contact info and we’ll answer Q’s Call to Action

20 SCORE Fox Valley Chapter Thank you! The End

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