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2 QUT Careers and Employment Resume & Letter Writing DR. Alan McAlpine QUT Careers and Employment

3 Services for Students Careers Fairs  Careers Fair – March 28  Engineering Careers Fair Career Mentor Scheme Career Counselling Specialising in:  Undergraduate  Postgraduate  International Graduate Outcomes Job Seeking Resources Resume Feedback  Response in 5 working days  Email QUT CareerHub  Casual Jobs  Graduate/postgraduate jobs  Jobs whilst studying  Vacation Jobs  Events and Workshops On-Campus Employer Presentations Resource Guides and Publications Work Experience Insurance Workshops and Workbooks Access to Going Global Career Development Programs on Blackboard

4 Finding us via the QUT homepage: Search for “careers”

5 Finding us via QUT Virtual:


7 Useful weblinks Career development guides Upcoming events Career development strategies Employment preparation information sheets Welcome Register for your FREE online profile on the QUT CareerHub link at New jobs are added daily by employers who want to employ QUT students… that means YOU! FAQs Daily job listings Preparing to apply for graduate jobs? Need some casual work while studying? Want to find work experience?

8 Going Global Accessing Going Global

9 @ QUT Careers QUT Careers and Employment

10 Resume Writing Addressing Selection Criteria Interview Skills Get Ready for the Careers Fair Accessing the Workforce Careering Through Uni – Career Development Strategies Evening Workshops International Student Program – workshop series Workshops For dates and locations see:

11 Contact Careers and Employment LOCATION Gardens Point Campus: Level 2, X Block Reception: Room X222 Kelvin Grove Campus: Level 4, C Block (Above the Refectory) Caboolture Campus: Student Centre - J Block EMAIL WEBSITE PHONE Gardens Point: 07 3138 2649 Kelvin Grove: 07 3138 3488 Caboolture 07 5316 7400

12 QUT Careers and Employment Resumes & Application Letters

13 Outline Resume Application letter On-line Applications

14 Possible Selection Process Advertisement (information, application process) Application (letter, form, selection criteria, resume…) Short list Initial interview Testing In-depth interview Assessment Centre Reference checks Offer

15 Typical No of Pages For Resume Australia, Brisbane –3 pages (2-5 depending on qualifications & experience) –Plus: Cover page, Academic history, 1 Reference International –USA, Singapore… –1 page only

16 How long does an employer take to read a resume? Not Long!

17 Variations for Your Resume Paper – size, colour.. Design – graphics, borders, colour.. Cover page – design, scanned self-photo.. Font – size (11), density, style (arial).. Emphasis – bold, italics, underline Bullets – dashes, shapes.. Prioritise – headings, order TAB settings – minimum(2 or 3) Headers/footers – name, page no.. Spacings – large between sections, closed within sections

18 Possible Enclosures Application Form LetterKey Selection Criteria One Selected Reference Academic Record Resume Cover Page OptionalOnly when required

19 Possible Headings Personal details Education – reverse chronological order Work History – reverse chronological order Interests, extra curricular activities Achievements Memberships Career goal Referees Selected Reference

20 Alternative Headings Academic background Career achievements Career objective Community involvement Educational background Leisure activities Professional highlights Professional experience Professional skills Research Interests Research skills Special skills Specialist knowledge & skills Sporting achievements

21 Personal Details Name in bold with CAPITALS for the surname Both home and semester addresses Sem/home phone, fax E-mail Include nationality if employer is likely to be unsure Usually DO NOT INCLUDE –birth date –marital status –health

22 Example -RESUME- Lucy Mai NGUYEN

23 Education Tertiary –from most current backwards –provide as many highlights as possible –refer to attached Academic History Secondary –provide limited highlights only Other qualifications/skills –Computer (competent, familiar with) –Foreign languages (studied, fluent, familiar) –First Aid, Music, Scuba…… Awards/achievements –only education related ones here

24 Example EDUCATION Tertiary 2005-2007 Bachelor of Business - Marketing Queensland University of Technology Secondary Major - Management (expected completion date - November 2007) (You may wish to include a 4/5 line description of the degree here) The course focuses on the activities of product and service innovation, development, pricing, selling, promotion, distribution and the provision of customer service. Credits and above in over 65% of subjects Course GPA - 5.2 (scale 1-7, 7 highest) (see attached Academic Transcript/Record)

25 2004 Selection of High Distinction & Distinction Subjects:  Principles of Marketing  Management & Organisation  Publicity & Promotion (Print) Skills Developed:  Marketing analysis, market research and management  Planning and managing promotional campaigns  Preparing and delivering corporate reports Team Projects:  Retail analysis for Country Road Australia  Public relations campaign for Sportsleaf Individual Projects/Seminar Presentations:  Complete business venture plan and strategy  Research design Associate Diploma in Management Southbank Institute of TAFE (Transferred to QUT after first year)

26 Secondary 1999-2003Year 12 Senior Certificate - Gympie State High School Overall Position (OP) – 5 Other Qualifications/Skills Foreign language skills:  fluent in Cantonese  familiar with Mandarin  studied French to Year 10 level Computing skills: competent using:familiar with:  Word Perfect  PageMaker  Microsoft Access  DBASE  Excel  Word Music:  A.Mus A. Piano Awards/Achievements  Year 12 Economics Award  School Debating Team  School Prefect

27 Work History Career related –job title –company/organisation name –approximate no of hours per week if part-time –approximate no of days or weeks or months –skills developed/responsibilities/achievements Other (Casual) –focus on transferable skills Awards & achievements

28 WORK HISTORY Career Related 2007 2004-2007 Administrative Assistant (vacation - 8 weeks) Department of Lands - Brisbane Skills Developed/Responsibilities:  preparation of daily correspondence  reception and meeting clients  compilation of survey data  preparation of reports, environmental impact Sales Assistant (casual - 5 hours per week) Myer Department Store - Coorparoo Skills Developed/Responsibilities:  customer relations and retail selling  administration of records  cash management  displays and visual merchandising design  product knowledge and training  supervision and coordination of competitions  stock take and ordering Awards/Achievements  Casual salesperson of the Year Award 2004

29 Transferable Skills Communication –effective writing –effective speaking –listening –languages –computing Managing & Organising –organising –can work independently –Achieve outcomes Teamwork –Cooperation –Motivating others Problem solving –identifying/analysing –applying knowledge –research –decision making –follow through –capacity to see the ‘big picture’ –Appreciation of values/ethics

30 What Are My Transferable Skills? Think about a recent job that you have held. Write a list of the tasks you performed while in that position. List the skills you utilised to complete those tasks  these are your transferable skills.

31 Turning Tasks into T Skills wait at table serve food & drinks take food from the kitchen look after the bills talk to the customers meet customer requests do many tasks quickly work with manager, cooks… being neat and tidy –attending to clients –prioritising & managing tasks –taking instructions –handling accounts & money –effective communication –problem solving, conflict management –time & task management –good team work –high level of professional presentation

32 2001-2004 Other 2001 2002-2003 Voluntary Work Promotional hostess (casual - 4 hours/week for 20 weeks) Billabong Family Bistro - Gympie Skills Developed/Responsibilities:  promotion of Billabong restaurant  entertainment of children at the restaurant  compare and promote shows Awards/Achievements  Employee of the Month Award - February Waitress (casual – 4 hours/week) - Terrace Coffee Lounge - Coorparoo - Sang Pho Takeaway Restaurant - Gympie Skills Developed/Responsibilities:  attending to clients  following instructions  reconciling money  taking telephone orders  organising and managing tasks Assisting with computer training at Woolloongabba Job Club

33 You The Person Interests/activities –include extra-curricular for the past 5 years Achievements (optional) –community, sporting Memberships –student groups, student chapters, professional.. Career Goal (optional) –give an indication of your short/long term plans

34 Example EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES MEMBERSHIPS 2005-2007 2004-2007 CAREER GOAL  Member of School Social Committee  Participated in school musicals and choir  Piano  Tennis  Swim and attend the QUT gym  Assist in the organisation and promotion of the QUT Ball  Listen to classical and contemporary music Business Student Association (BASS) Borneo Students Association To put my studies and work experience skills into good use by combining my interests in management, marketing, and publications in a relatively large company with an eventual opportunity to work overseas.

35 Referees & References Referees –minimum of 2 -maximum of 4 –work-related are the highest priority –let them know first time you use them Reference (optional) –select only ONE to add –ONLY if outstanding –refer to it in the text as attached

36 Example REFEREESMr Ross Maynes Purchase Manager Myer Department Store Goodfields Hyperdome COORPAROO Q 4152 Tel: 07 3237 0000 Fax: 07 3237 0000 Dr Mary Green Senior Lecturer, QUT Faculty of Business GPO Box 2434 BRISBANE Q 4001 Tel: 07 3138 0000 Fax: 07 3138 1111 Ms Pat Dayson Quality Manager Fastfoods Inc Fairfield Rd FAIRFIELD Q 4215 Tel: 07 3589 0000 Fax: 07 3589 1111 REFERENCE One selected reference from Ross Maynes is attached.

37 International Resumes USA based companies require resumes to be: ONE PAGE only Be extremely brief Provide both a one page and three page to be safe


39 Format & Variations Paper – size, colour.. Design – graphics, borders, colour.. Cover page – design, scanned self-photo.. Font – size (11), density, style (eg Arial).. Emphasis – bold, italics, underline Bullets – dashes, shapes.. Prioritise – headings, order TAB settings – minimum (2 or 3) Headers/footers – name, page no.. Spacings – large between sections, closed within sections

40 QUT Careers and Employment Application Letters

41 Hints for Application Letters NO longer than ONE page Develop a basic design and content Rewrite specific bits for each application Spell check & person check Error free Positive Balance self confidence & modesty It is their first contact with you

42 All left justified Your Name & Address (Suburb/Town in CAPITALS) Date Person’s name, title & address (Suburb/Town in CAPITALS) –to Human Resources Manager, if unsure Dear Sir/Madam or the specific name (Mr/Ms..) Introduction (why writing - 2 lines + what you are doing- 4 lines) Body (minimum 2 Paras, maximum 3 paras) –highlight your strengths and relevant experiences –focus on what you can do for them & why they should take you –indicate strongly why you want to work for them Closure (refer to attachments, thank them, give contact details) Sign off (sincerely if person known, faithfully if unknown)

43 Lucy Nguyen 62 Staghorn Drive BALMORAL Q 4171 Tel 07 3341 4333 10 March 2007 Ms Mary Graham Human Resources Manager XYZ Consulting PO Box 123 BRISBANE Q 4001 Dear Ms Graham I wish to apply for the position of Marketing Officer as advertised in the Courier Mail, Saturday 8 March, 2007 - Reference No: KL23 (or through QUT Careers & Employment). or I am writing to express my interest in being considered for an appropriate position within your company when I have completed my current studies. This year I will complete a Bachelor of Business at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) with a major in Marketing and secondary major in Management. I have achieved an overall Grade Point Average of 5.3 (on a 7 point scale) and have a special interest in Strategic Planning (or obtained a High Distinction in Principles of Marketing).

44 As part of my studies I participated in two industry-based project groups. One involved undertaking a detailed analysis of the consumer markets for a major clothing retailer and the other developing a market plan and campaign for a relatively small, energetic and upcoming sports clothing manufacturer and distributor. Both projects provided me with an opportunity to work closely with industry personnel and strengthen my interest in this area. The two companies regarded the outcome of the projects as highly productive and successful. I have undertaken direct promotional work as part of my Billabong Family Bistro work in Gympie and have consolidated my basic communication and clerical skills through my work at Myers and my vacation placement with a Queensland Government Department. I bring to any job a strong work ethic and desire to succeed, a willingness to cooperate with others, and a need to produce quality work. As a result of the knowledge and skills gained through my studies at QUT and my industry- based experiences, I will be able to fulfil more than adequately fulfil the requirements of the Marketing Officer position at XYZ Consulting. Thank you for considering my application. Enclosed is a copy of my resume and academic transcript. I would appreciate an interview and am available at short notice. If I am not contactable on my home phone: 07 3333 4444, a message could be left with my neighbour, Mrs Reid on 07 3434 3434 (or my parents on 07 5555 4444). Yours sincerely Lucy Nguyen

45 Location: Gardens Point Campus Level 2, X Block Reception: Room X226 Kelvin Grove Campus Level 4, C Block (Above the Refectory) Caboolture Campus Student Centre - J Block Opening Hours: Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm Phone: Gardens Point: 07 3138 2649 Kelvin Grove: 07 3138 3488 Caboolture: 07 5316 7400 Email: Careers Fairs  Careers and Futures Fair  Education Careers Fair  International Careers Fair  Virtual Careers Fair Career Mentor Scheme Career Counselling  Undergraduate  Postgraduate  International Graduate Outcomes Job Seeking Resources Job Vacancy Lists – QUT CareerHub  Casual Jobs  Graduate/postgraduate jobs  Jobs whilst studying  Vacation Jobs On-Campus Presentations Work Experience Insurance Workshops and Workbooks Resume Feedback  Response in 5 working days  Email SERVICES FOR STUDENTSCONTACT CAREERS & EMPLOYMENT Find out more

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