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Changing settlements in the UK 6.1a- To know and why are settlements in the UK are changing? Today we will INVESTIGATE ECONOMIC, SOCIAL, DEMOGRAPHIC and.

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1 Changing settlements in the UK 6.1a- To know and why are settlements in the UK are changing? Today we will INVESTIGATE ECONOMIC, SOCIAL, DEMOGRAPHIC and POLITICAL PROCESSES that have transformed URBAN areas in the UK

2 Explain the differences in the 2 images of London shown (3) What are the processes that have transformed URBAN areas in the UK?

3 Erm, what is a SETTLEMENT? O Settlement: a place where people live; it could be a hamlet, village, town or city (gorgeous geography) O A settlement is a place where people live. A settlement may be as small as a single house in a remote area or as a large as a mega city (a city with over 10 million residents) (GCSE Bitesize) O A settlement in geography refers to a group of dwellings that are made up to form a community, particularly on a frontier ( Write your own definition of a SETTLEMENT in your book

4 Changes in UK urban areas in the last 50 years O Towns and cities in the UK have experienced a series of major changes in the O last 50 years as a result of different processes, these PROCESSES fall into 4 categories- ECONOMIC, SOCIAL, DEMOGRAPHIC or POLITICAL PROCESSES?

5 EconomicSocialPoliticalDemographic Read the hand-out and complete a table like this in your notes-

6 Who am I? O I have 7.3 million residents O Everyday over 1000 languages are spoken within my streets O I am visited by over 10 million tourists every year O I have 32 boroughs qfo

7 Who am I?

8 LONDON- how has it changed? O changing-face-of-london-transformation- since-world-war-two/8310.html changing-face-of-london-transformation- since-world-war-two/8310.html O changing-face-of-london-london- today/8316.html changing-face-of-london-london- today/8316.html O Describe how London has changed over time O Which processes have been involved in those changes? Evidence needed. For a named urban area in the UK you have studied explain the factors that have led to its growth over time (4)

9 Why has London grown? O In small groups BRAINSTORM the reasons why you think London has grown (particularly ECONOMICALLY and DEMOGRAPHICALLY (population wise)

10 Summary O Not all of London has seen benefits. However the city as a city has generally maintained economic growth over the past 50 years as it has a global reputation and legacy. O As a result of this economic growth it has seen an expanding population, although people have left London, others have always in migrated taking their place- maintaining a growing population.

11 Who am I? O The UK’s 8 th largest city O Population 440,000 O Famous for the Albert Docks, echo arena, the cavern, John Lennon airport O Locate in the North West of the UK O Has the river Mersey flowing through it O Famous for shipbuilding and the Beatles nnhs

12 Why has Liverpool found it hard to grow? m-living-conditions/7341.html ilE advised-to-leave-liverpool-to-managed- decline advised-to-leave-liverpool-to-managed- decline (until 1min50) Jot down the reasons Liverpool has declined

13 Liverpool- not such a success?? But why? 1) Liverpool is not the capital city 2) It is far away from the core area of western Europe- so less businesses want to base themselves there, when compared to the Location of London

14 3) Less financial investment 4) Further away for immigration impact 5) Not such a well known heritage and history as London 6) Less tourist visitors, thus less investment

15 Examine how these processes have led to variations in quality of residential areas


17 Key word - Multiple deprivation O Lacking adequate food, shelter, education and health care. It is a measure which takes into account different measures of deprivation and produces an overall rating. O Inner city areas usually have the highest multiple deprivation rating. What types of deprivation will be faced here and why?

18 O Space? O Recreation? O Shop facilities?

19 Describe the DISTRIBUTION of most deprived areas of London (3)

20 Variations in residential areas across London O Inner city (central areas) O Suburbs (outer areas)

21 1) Describe the differences between the 2 ares of London shown. 2) Comment on access to amenities and services, recreation opportunities and quality of housing

22 Suburb or Inner city? Smaller homes (1-2 beds) Larger homes (3-4 beds) Close to countryside and large areas of ‘open space’ Far from open space of countryside, but access to city parks Most homes have NO gardens, some have small private gardens, community (shared) gardens or balconies Most homes have medium/ large private gardens Shops are close by Shops are not always close by Some amenities are shared, such as recycling facilities Most homes have own recycling facilities Fewer people own their own home (low owner occupied rate) Higher % people own their own homes (high % owner occupied)


24 Not all Inner city areas are the same O Some areas of London have been regenerated or gentrified (improved) and have high quality housing GENTRIFICATION= (old housing done up, area becomes more trendy and affluent, new businesses move in, improving the area. REGENERATION- improving an area that has been experiencing a period of decline. In the east end of London the decline was bought about be deindustrialisation.

25 O O Read the article and answer the following questions- 1) What has happened to Portland street? 2) What did it used to be like? 3) What is it like now? 4) What was the reason behind the changes? 5) How has it changed the area? 6) Has the whole area improved?

26 Recap O What factors are responsible for urban areas in the UK changing over time? O Why has London grown as a city? O Why did Liverpool find it hard to grow like London? O How do residential areas vary across London? O What is GENTRIFICATION? O What is REGENERATION?

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