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Spiffyville Our Utopian Society 01-24-13 By: Kiara Jordan Uriyah Davis Jaquarius Davis.

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1 Spiffyville Our Utopian Society By: Kiara Jordan Uriyah Davis Jaquarius Davis

2 Definitions Of a Utopian Society Utopia is a name for an ideal community or society possessing a perfect socio-politico- legal system. Utopia An ideally perfect place, especially in its social, political, and moral aspects. Ecological utopian society describes new ways in which society should relate to nature.

3 Characteristics of a Utopia No drama, no strife, a happy sense of sameness (sic)..... Any government or society that tries to make a utopia will only end up with a dystopia..... A Utopia, by definition, is considered to be a perfect society. This means widespread peace and prosperity, and no war or strife. Everyone is the same, so that everyone is equal.

4 Examples of a Utopian Society New Harmony, New Harmony, IN Old Aurora Colony Museum, Aurora, OR Shakertown at Pleasant Hill, Harrodsburg, KY Zoar Village State Memorial, Zoar, OH Old Economy Village, Ambridge, PA Ephrata Cloister, Ephrata, PA

5 Government Oligarchy NO equal rights Monarchy Domestic Economy

6 Careers Architecture Agriculture Culinary Arts Doctors Pediatrician

7 Religion Catholic Christianity Believe in one single God. According to some Utopians if a person does not believe in God they are selfish.

8 Education No cost Available to everyone Teachers and Parents will play an integral role in the Child’s life. Children must be 5 or older to attend school.

9 Medical Guidelines Utopian Societies don’t have mental or dental healthcare Only Physical Healthcare Everyone has insurance Old people’s insurance is free

10 Family Guidelines Every family will have a minimum of three children. Families will be in dominant societies, working in teams. Everyone will live in a suburb.

11 Community Each community will have their own neighborhood watch program Every house will have a gate No crime will be tolerated Every home will have a monitor in there house

12 Marriage Guidelines You must be eighteen or older before you get married You must get married at a church NO HONEYMOONS All marriages are FINAL

13 Summary In conclusion all Utopian Societies are perfect and everything is the same. All often end in a dystopia (opposite of a Utopia)

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