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Enrich. Intervene. Learn. Succeed. ISD 728 - Rogers Middle School.

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1 Enrich. Intervene. Learn. Succeed. ISD 728 - Rogers Middle School



4 Rogers Middle School Part of the Elk River Area School District Northwest Suburb 1,140 students and 100+ staff members Student population ➢ MCA ➢ Diversity ➢ ELL ➢ SPED ➢ FR

5 Our Journey

6 Refine and Strengthen C, I, A, E/I, R- (iObservation) Last year...

7 Rogers Middle School Intervention/Enrichment program provides opportunities for students to understand the essential learning outcomes of the curriculum, including providing students with additional support and enrichment within the school day. RMS Program Philosophy

8 ● Formed a professional learning community consisting of 10-12 committed staff members, led by our district gifted and talented coordinator ● Focused on gifted and talented and high achieving students (classroom and schoolwide) ● Book studies Making Differentiation a Habit, Diane Heacox Demystifying Differentiation in Middle School, Eidson, Iseminger, Taibbi Advancing Differentiation, Richard Cash How we started

9 ● Goal: to enrich students whose needs were already being met in the classroom ● Committed staff members ● Start framework for building wide implementation of RTI Enrichment/Intervention schedule Goals and Implementation Starting with Tier One


11 ● Identification process (test scores, discussion of writing sample, higher level thinking sample) ● Development of course offerings Goals and Implementation Starting with Tier One

12 ●Engineering Challenges ●Law Enforcement ●Sewing, Woodworking ●Photobooth Software Application ●Journalism Tier One Course Offerings

13 Tier One- Top scoring 25%, Gifted and Talented and High Achieving Students, enrichment course offered Tier Two- 65%, rotating curriculum schedule, with intervention opportunities Tier Three- 10%, targeted intervention course AVID Three Tiers, 1140 Students, RTI

14 Wednesday/Thursday Mornings ●70 minutes total a week ● Clustered in groups of 5-30 students based on tier and intervention needs ●Rotating A (advisory) and E (enrichment) schedule in our system Targeted Enrichment/Intervention Time

15 Example of Student Schedule

16 Students will experience one of the following: ●Targeted curriculum intervention ●Rotating discipline extension activity (math, English, science, allieds, social studies, AVID strategies) ●Enrichment/intervention course or AVID Targeted Enrichment/Intervention Time

17 ● Students clustered in college groups ● Teachers are assigned the college group for attendance purposes for each week ● Tier 2 rotates to teachers, tiers 1 and 3 and AVID stay in one course all quarter Schedule in Student System

18 ● Goal: to offer enrichment opportunities for each core subject for majority of students ● PLC (grade/subject alike)- creates enrichments Tier Two

19 ● Teachers receive intervention time 1-5 times per quarter ● Reteach essential learning outcomes, data based ● Teachers identify students and inform them to report to their room or PLC partner ● VlAtc1JyVjA4WkFnRlE&usp=sharing VlAtc1JyVjA4WkFnRlE&usp=sharing Targeted Curriculum Intervention

20 ● Students are grouped and labeled by college/university ● Groups rotate through enrichments (student stay together) Example - College Schedule

21 Example - 8th Grade Level Two

22 ● Goal: offer intervention for students who need more time on a skill ● Students who could benefit from weekly time spent on a subject o IEP knowledge, social skills, math, number sense, reading fluency, writing, mindfulness Tier Three

23 ● Training and changing of philosophy with teachers ● Determining tier placement (scores, labels) ● Finding flexibility in the Tier Two schedule to accommodate interventions Challenges

24 ● Student motivation ● Student understanding of philosophy ● Not graded enrichment Challenges

25 ● Multiple staff want the same student at the same time (priority departments, communication) ● Number of staff available to teach weekly ● Staff only needing intervention time with students one of the two days Things to keep in mind

26 ● Provide time for teachers to plan their enrichments ● How to allocate intervention time per department Things to keep in mind

27 ● Classroom impacts o improvement data from teachers ● MCA ● Motivation ● Focus is on learning ● Continuous refinement of our system Is this working for our students?

28 ● Look for ways to provide all students with choices ● Review data as PLC teams and leadership team Our Next Steps

29 Additional Questions Comments or questions may also be emailed to us.

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