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Parent Academy Building a School Community Presentation by Andrea T. Dorfzaun & Scott D. Ross.

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1 Parent Academy Building a School Community Presentation by Andrea T. Dorfzaun & Scott D. Ross

2 Thinking Points 1.Parent Involvement 2.Student Achievement/ Attendance 3.Community Partnership 4.Changing Families / Communities 5.Needs of the Teachers / Parents / Students

3 HMS Background Information Baldwin-Whitehall School District Southern suburb of Pittsburgh Changing population –Growing minority population –Increased ESL population –Transient population Changing curriculum and expectations State standards, testing, and results No Child Left Behind Legislation

4 Parental Involvement Promotes positive student attitudes Opens lines of communication Builds a sense of community Overall student performance increases How do you build lines of communication?

5 Goals / Objectives Building partnerships Expectations Increase in daily student attendance Increase in student achievement Building communication bridges

6 Development Contractual 2 hour obligation –Prior use “Parent Interaction” time –Needed better forum for parent interaction Parent meetings (Team) –Identified a trend –Parents had the same questions and concerns Pro-active – Go to the Parents –Address needs before they become problem

7 Development Identification of Parent Needs and Interests –Formed a Parent Academy Committee Administrators Teachers Para-professionals –Created a list of possible topics –Surveyed parents Based on teacher driven ideas Recommended topics by parents

8 Possible Topics Time Management and Organization Textbook Reading Strategies for the Content Areas Middle School Mathematic Standards Research Procedures

9 Possible Topics Writing Across the Curriculum Developing Lifelong Readers Understanding the Middle School Child Student Involvement Beyond the Classroom Transitions in the Middle School

10 Scheduling Event Calendar considerations –Concerts –Sporting Events –Holidays Locations –School –Community - Outreach Staffing Considerations

11 Planning School Event Scheduled on the yearly calendar Sent an e-mail to the entire staff Develop flyer and webpage (included) Parents RSVP via phone/email Develop program (Included)

12 Evening Schedule Opening by principal Three Sessions –Teachers present twice –Off-session – Teachers can informally meet with parent PTSA Involvement –Refreshments –Use their network of parents

13 Planning Outreach Program Sent an e-mail to the staff Select rotating community venues Develop flyer and webpage Develop program Evening schedule –Focused on fewer topics –Casual, interactive atmosphere

14 Outreach Schedule Possible Topics –Positive start to school –Behavior Issues / Improvement Plans –Positive habits at home Casual, Interactive Atmosphere –Allows parents to ask more questions

15 Feedback Survey included w/ Program –Positive Feedback Scheduling Problems –Active schedule of middle school students –Best Attended Event Teen Center (Dance) Students admitted free w/ a parent

16 Improvements Recent Improvements –Outreach Component –Parental Requested Topics –Flexibility Potential Improvements –Transportation –Community Participation Featured Speakers Partnerships with other Organizations

17 Culminating Activity –Devise a plan for your building What can your school do to reach the parents in your school?

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