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Exploring Different Faiths & Tell Your Story 2007-2008 Intercultural learning in multi-faith contexts.

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1 Exploring Different Faiths & Tell Your Story 2007-2008 Intercultural learning in multi-faith contexts

2 Description of Projects Exploring Different Faiths 2007 Funded by Dept of Arts, Sport & Tourism Secular project for teenagers exploring different faiths in Chester Beatty Library religious collections Tell Your Story 2008 Collaborative project with local arts centre in large suburb of Dublin – new multi-ethnic communities Engaging children from multi-ethnic community with religious & artistic collections of Chester Beatty Library resulting in storytelling project

3 How did we select groups to work with? Looked at our local environment and educational networks to identify possible intercultural groups Liaised with schools and arts centres Communicated our ideas for projects with teachers and arts organisers Asked for groups to apply for projects; based on responses we selected groups

4 What did we do? Looked at religious collections of Library and chose themes: stories, travel, exploration, history, icons, geography, craft, pilgrimage.. Engaged with the teachers/teens/children and artists exploring these themes Worked on projects per schools Displayed and recorded works Disseminated to the students and teachers

5 Things to remember Important to keep ideas from Museums Tell Many Stories Project management & communication key to process Continuous assessment & feedback Conflict between groups may arise. Best to find out beforehand if there is conflict and best remain neutral Cultural differences in religious context: if you are working with a group of women, good idea to choose suitable female facilitator, vice versa Language: choose suitable language and be aware there may be language differences – you may have to employ language support May wish to engage someone from relevant community to be facilitator of project to build links into community

6 Outcomes New vocabulary for students New possibilities in expression Cross-cultural understanding Religious material ok to refer to although projects not religious Confidence building for Library and artists to work with young adults and children Recognition of young adults and children in museums

7 What to do once the project has finished? Assess the process Decide what to keep and what not to use again in methodology Disseminate projects through website, newsletter & DVD Talk about the project when opportunity arises Keep in touch with your participants if and where possible Celebrate project – exhibition, family day etc!

8 How can you create similar projects? 1. What is cultural diversity?Gender, race, religion, economic/social status, sexuality, physical abilities 2. How can one get a programme started? Look at internal organisation, local and wider communities. Understand who you wish to work with 3. How do you use your collections to promote cultural diversity (cd)? Collection may not seem to be relevant; choose themes. Other key factors: outreach, interpretation, exhibition & display, events & activities, educational/learning initiatives, collecting 4. How can one identify cd communities in their area ? Do your homework: what is the cultural make-up of your area, what are stats, who uses your services etc? 5. How can one plan and deliver cd projects? Short/long-term project, consult your group, commitment, know your limits etc

9 Points to help you get started 6. How do I approach cd groups? 7. How can you integrate cd into core services? 8. How can I evaluate and sustain cd projects? 9. Where can I find funding? Find out who/what/where? This can be done through your mission statement, by recruitment, equal opportunities policy etc Evaluation important, monitor progress, learn from mistakes, get feedback etc Find out who funds what etc

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