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A Few Ways to Get Involved with Detroit Urban & Regional Studies Program at.

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1 A Few Ways to Get Involved with Detroit Urban & Regional Studies Program at

2 Getting to Know Detroit Better Inside Detroit ( Tours Social Events Contacts Model D ( News Local Developments Neighborhood Information City-Data On-Line Discussions ( Detroit YES! On-Line Discussions (

3 Organizations You Can Join Today Detroit Synergy ( who we are We are an all volunteer organization of Detroit and metro-area residents who share a vision for Detroit and believe there are thousands of people who, if given the opportunity, would bring their vision of a Detroit alive and awaken the potential of one of the world's most misunderstood metropolises. People > Projects > Possibilities DSG is powered by member-driven projects and initiatives. Our projects strive to inject positive energy into the city and seek to drive the creation of a stronger community for the future. Our scope is broad enough to include all of the diverse ideas that make up a strong, vibrant and cosmopolitan city. what you can do If you are one of the people who knows and shares this belief, then come and join us and others in building Detroit's future. As more and more people come together and add their vision and voice to the collective whole, then the synergy of our combined efforts and ideas will add towards realizing a living, working and vibrant Detroit.

4 Cityscape Detroit ( Cityscape Detroit is a nonprofit group devoted to good urban planning, urban design, historic preservation, architecture, investment, green spaces, mass transit, interesting streetscapes, pedestrianism, human scale development, urbanism, and the "built environment" in Detroit.

5 Detroit Agriculture Network ( Community and backyard gardens play an important role in the City of Detroit. They provide thousands of pounds of fresh, nutritious produce for Detroit families and they improve communities by connecting neighbors, providing an alternative to trash strewn vacant lots, improving property values and reducing crime. In an effort to maximize these benefits, the Detroit Agriculture Network, Earthworks Garden/Capuchin Soup Kitchen, The Greening of Detroit and Michigan State University have teamed up to help provide access to resources and educational opportunities for community, school and family gardeners.

6 Preservation Wayne ( Preservation Wayne is Detroit's oldest and largest architectural preservation organization. As the first Detroit recipient of the National Trust for Historic Preservation's Honor Award, we have been working to honor Detroit's rich architectural heritage since 1975. Over the last three decades, the scope of Preservation Wayne has grown to encompass the entire city, from historic homes to skyscrapers to sites of cultural significance. Please join us to ensure that Detroit's history is protected and celebrated for generations to come.

7 Economic Development, Housing and Advocacy Groups Detroit Local Initiatives Support Group ( Detroit LISC is a comprehensive housing and economic development program that rebuilds communities through local community development corporations (CDC). Celebrating 17 years in Detroit, Detroit LISC has invested over $100 million and leveraged an additional $650 million in funding for the revitalization of Detroit.

8 Michigan Suburbs Alliance ( We are a non-profit organization with 32 member cities. From Ypsilanti to Huntington Woods, Highland Park to Grosse Pointe Park, we intend to face the common policy and financial stresses on Detroit's older suburbs, while celebrating what is unique about each individual community. We imagine a thriving community in southeast Michigan that's fueled by collaborations between Detroit and inner- ring suburbs, and between one suburb and another. We resist the easy divides among cities as we work towards a more environmentally sustainable and economically stable region.

9 Southeast Michigan Social Innovators Network ( We are a catalytic network of entrepreneurs and social change agents who are engaged in the creation of earned income ventures with a double bottom line. It is our mission to nurture an environment of profitable, sustainable business enterprises with social impact in southeast Michigan, and our vision to develop a broad-based network of leaders focused on accelerating social entrepreneurship among individuals, businesses and institutions.

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