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Exam Strategy: Reading. How to Complete the Tasks Successfully

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1 Exam Strategy: Reading. How to Complete the Tasks Successfully

2 Reading comprehension
Active Vocabulary Speaking reading proficiency proper usage matching different strategies reducing uncertainty gapped text prior conceptual and linguistic competence Reading comprehension vehicle brand new rear-view detour misguided revenge suspect suburb

3 Aims: to develop reading proficiency;
to improve the proper usage of different strategies for reducing uncertainty; to train to be selective about the use of available cues; to draw deeply on prior conceptual and linguistic competence.

4 Continue the phrase: After this lesson…
I think we’ll… I hope we’ll… I guess we’ll… Maybe we’ll… We might… I’m sure that.. …and, we definitely are going: to enjoy this lesson ;) to pass exams successfully to follow “3L”rule: Lifelong Language Learning

5 Which of them seem to you the
most complicated? What attracts your attention while reading? Do you really need to understand every new word?

6 So, you know that B1-B2 levels often include tasks connected with:
Gapped texts True/False statements Matching Multiple choice It is VERY important to know what type of exam task you are required to do, as this knowledge will determine what pieces of information you should focus on while reading and what reading strategies you should use.

7 Reading Comprehension General Exam Strategies (ac. Exam Activator)
By looking at this text, try to establish it’s type. After this you’ll find it easier to predict its structure. Remember to always read the entire text to get the idea of what is it about. This knowledge will help you to identify what pieces of information you should concentrate on Predicting the entire content of the text Information from the text VS your general knowledge of the world Exam question often refer to well-known phenomena and problems, you should not let your knowledge affect the way you do the exam task. Before you decide what answer is correct, you should always ask yourself: “ Does the text really say this? ” Remember: your starting point is the TEXT Matching the information in the text to the questions When completing an exam task it is useful to first locate the part of the text that contains the information matching the question you are considering. After this you will not have to concentrate on the whole text to find the answer you need, but just on the paragraph.

8 Finding the right kind of information meaning of unknown words
Note, that the information you need to successfully complete the task may be of different length and form: It can be a single word, a sentence or a larger part of the text. Reading the questions, try to predict what kind of info is needed, as it influences the way you read. Finding the right kind of information Don’t panic if you see unknown words ;) Don’t focus your attention at them, as it can block the entire process of understanding the text. Remember!!! Your task is to find the necessary information and not to understand all words in the text Guessing the meaning of unknown words Exam questions are typically constructed in a such way that the information from the text is conveyed by means of vocabulary and grammar paraphrases. Vocabulary paraphrases: synonyms and antonyms. Grammar paraphrases include: tenses, conditionals, comparatives, quantifiers, negations and reported speech Vocabulary and grammar paraphrases

Read the text below. For questions 1-2, choose the correct answer A-D. For questions 3-4, decide if the sentences are true (T) or false (F). Underline the parts of the text which helped you answer the questions. Briony knew it would be a typical day when A she was waking up. B her alarm was ringing. C she got to the bathroom. D she was having her shower. In the kitchen A she asked her mother for a glass of milk. B the bread was gone but there were some eggs. C there was a news programme on TV. D she heard some surprising news on the radio. Briony’s family had no idea she played Lotto every week. Briony’s jeans were in her room, but the coupon was gone. BRIONY’S LUCKY DAY Even when Briony was half-asleep, she knew it would be one of those days. She was even more certain about when she realized her alarm clock wasn’t working; and she was absolutely sure when she couldn’t get to the bathroom because her sister Jess has decided to take a very long shower. Yes, it was going to be another very unlucky day in her boring, sixteen-year-long existence. Feeling sad and unhappy, she went to the kitchen and poured herself a glass of milk. Of course, there was no bread, no mention of eggs. She switched on the radio. An earthquake in Peru… floods in England…storms in Mexico…Great, Briony thought, it like that all over the world. But then the voice on the radio said something else, something like ‘… and your lucky number is…’ Briony pushed the glass away and ran back to her bedroom. For two months, every week Briony played Lotto, without telling anybody. And now, the voice on the radio said ‘ten’, and she knew it was the number she’d chosen. Yes! The coupon was in her jeans. She looked around. But the jeans were gone, and she could hear her mother shout happily from the bathroom downstairs, ‘Briony, don’t look for your jeans! It’s your lucky day and they are finally being washed!’

10 MISGUIDED REVENGE Below you will find examples of wrong
Jack and Susan Taylor lived In 0 a quiet suburb of Knoxville. He worked for the local building company and she was a secretary at Bank of America. 1______ some time Jack had suspected that Susan was having a love affair 2____ with another man, but he had no proof. Having the job he had, Jack couldn’t stay around the house all day 3______ check up on his wife and make sure everything was right. Then, one summer day, quite unexpectedly, his boss gave jack an address 4______ was only a couple of blocks away from his own house. Thinking that the little detour could go unnoticed, he drove by his home and, sure enough, the bedroom curtains 5_____ drawn and brand new BMW was parked right in front of the house. Jack acted without giving a second thought to what he was doing. He positioned 6_____ vehicle Next to the flashy red car and loaded a full ton 7_______ cement into it. ‘Justice has been done’, he thought as he prepared to drive away. He sat into the driver’s seat and looked into the rear-view mirror only to notice 8______ sporty young man leave his house and hop on a bike at the bottom of his garden path. Skim the text again. In which of the gaps were you supposed to: Put in an article? Put in a preposition? Complete a passive structure? Put in a possessive pronoun? Put in a relative pronoun? Complete a verb pattern? Below you will find examples of wrong answers. Explain why they are incorrect. since ____ ___had______ ___from_____ ____________ __in order to__ ___off_______ ___where____ ___the______


12 So, Today’s activities made me feel… I’m sure, now I can…
I’ve understood that… The most helpful tip for me was… I do hope I’ll be able to… In class I don’t like… This year I’m studying English because… To learn English at home I can…

13 So, whatever you do, you should always continue aiming high!!!
Leslie Anne Hendra: methodologist, author, working for Cambridge University Press March 30, 2012, Kiev So, whatever you do, you should always continue aiming high!!!

14 Thank you !!!

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