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Unit 1 Book 4. American author E. B. White the children's books Stuart Little (1945), Charlotte's Web (1952), and The Trumpet of the Swan (1970);

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1 Unit 1 Book 4

2 American author E. B. White the children's books Stuart Little (1945), Charlotte's Web (1952), and The Trumpet of the Swan (1970);

3 Charlotte ’ s Web Charlotte, left, and Wilbur


5  To build an all-around well-to do society must be under the condition that most families could get by on a decent income.  You composition only gets by. Improve it.

6 suburb Suburbanite: Suburbia: suburbs in general, and the behaviour, opinions, and ways of living that are typical of people who live there - often used to show disapproval middle-class suburbia someone who lives in a suburb - often used to show disapproval

7 Canoe Junk, ship vessel, destroyer, carrier Robinson Caruso Lilliput

8 A cow moos \lows a pig grunts a frog croaks The honking horn A bee hums A wolf howls a horse neighs (nickers) A dog yaps (yelps, barks, snarls) a snake hisses

9 be at a premium if something is at a premium, people need it or want it, but there is little of it available or it is difficult to get 1) During the Olympic Games, accommodation will be at a premium.

10 put/place a premium on something to consider one quality or type of thing as being much more important than others 1) Modern economies place a premium on educated workers.

11 an additional amount of money, above a standard rate or amount 1) Consumers are prepared to pay a premium for organically grown vegetables. 2) Top quality cigars are being sold at a premium.

12 Foliage Furniture People Press

13 Collective nouns: 1. plural Police Cattle, vermin Poultry Such vermin as bugs and rats are hard to get rid of. Domestic cattle provide us with milk, beef and hides.

14 2. singular The merchandise has arrived undamaged. All the machinery in the factory is make in China.

15 3. Plural & singular Audience, board, class, couple, crew, Committee, family Firm, Government, jury Party, pubic

16 Invest to give someone the official right to do or own something 1) Copyright is vested in the author for 50 years. 2) It was more efficient because decision making was vested in the director, whom I will call Faustino Mata. vest something in somebody

17 Champlain “ Monster ” 1.Lake Onkanagan in Canada, 2.Lake Memphremegog on the US-Canadian border, 3.Lake Van in Turkey. 4.the Loch Ness Monster (affectionately known as Nessie), is in the northern part of Scotland, not far from the city of Inverness. What many of these lakes have in common is the water is cold and very deep.

18 Ivy League, (eight) 1.Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island; 2.Columbia University in New York City; 3.Cornell University in Ithaca, New York; 4.Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire; 5.Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts; 6.University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia; 7.Princeton University in Princeton, New Jersey; 8.Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. The members of the Ivy League compete in intercollegiate athletics.

19 Pygmalion, (sculptor of Cyprus)  Pygmalion hated women and resolved never to marry.  He fell madly in love with a statue of a beautiful woman.  Disconsolate because the statue remained lifeless and could not respond to his caresses,  Pygmalion prayed to Venus, goddess of love, to send him a maiden like his statue.  The maiden, whom Pygmalion called Galatea, returned his love and bore him a son, Paphos,

20 Greek Mythology Achilles ’ heel Adonis Apollo Augean stables Cassandra Circethe daughter of the sun god Helios and the sea nymph Perse Damon and pythias Draconian

21 (To sow) dragon ’ s teeth Hercules Midas touch Oedipus Trojan horse Electra Narcissus Pandora ’ s box

22 Last week President Bush tried to reclaim his long-established reputation as a free trader, “ I would avoid the Seiren ’ s call of protection that suggests the way for us to get strong is to put on quotas and start managing trade. ”

23 1. Time. 1) time honored mum-pop stores. 2) time piece 3) time lag 4) time bomb —— The efficiency of an economy lies in the timely response to the market.

24 —— chron(i) Chronic, anachronism, synchronize, chronics —— timing --It ’ s the perfect timing to observe the coincidence of passing meteor and solar eclipse. --You must re-ponder on the wording in the contract before signing it.

25 2. Benefit --Unemployment benefit sickness benefit -- Apart from decent salary, annual bonus, one of the Fringe benefits (perks)of the job is that I have monthly $50,000 at my disposal. Bene- Benediction, beneficiary, benefactor beneficent 3. When it comes to --

26 Just about & all but almost completely Britain's coal industry has all but disappeared. His left arm was all but useless. The plums are just about ripe now. It's just about the worst mistake anyone could make.

27 Solar ----lunar Solar a solar eclipse Lunar Lunatic

28 conversion Honorary degrees are handed out to a select few. He brought that idea back and transformed his business from a local produce store to the beginnings of national distribution. To my knowledge there are currently four different makes of locator available These rocks contain the fossilized remains of extinct animals. (compared with remnant)

29 The pot of gold at the end of the information-technology rainbow remains elusive.

30 Gates may not have the Iran-Contra albatross around his neck anymore. But if nominated, he would have to show he ’ s up to one of the most demanding jobs in the government. Albatross: mental burden of guilt. form “ The Ancient Mariner ”

31 Lolita: Fro V. Nabokov ’ s novel of the same name) provocative and seductive young girl, who attracts and is attracted by older man. Catch-22: (Joseph Heller) self-contradictory rules or regulation; any dilemma.

32 Translate: Notably, these motivations go well beyond direct, quantitative balances of the costs and benefits of trade liberalisation and have distinct international political economy connotations. US trade officials recognize international power relations and the dynamics of strategic, sequential bargaining in multiple forums.

33 For revision 值得注意的是,这些动机都并不是直接的, 或贸易自由化的成本和收益的定量平衡和 有显著的国际政治经济内涵。美国贸易官 员认同国际力量关系和策略动态,以及多 边论坛中的连续交易。

34 The United States acceded to Latin American pressures only at the last moment, when the credibility of the Clinton summit hinged on the announcement of a date certain (Feinberg, 1997, pp.77-78). Without the Miami Summit, region-wide free trade would probably have remained a vague aspiration, not a hemispheric consensus.

35 For revision 美国接受拉丁美洲施的压力是在最后时刻, 那时克林顿高层的可信度以确定日子的宣 布为定。没有迈阿密峰会,地区范围自由 贸易可能仍是个模糊的理想,而不是半球 性的一致。

36 Verify sentence beginning: 1. Jim was afraid of the impending examination. 2. Unfortunately, Jim has not kept up with his assignments. 3. Before the impending examination, Jim realized that he had neglected his work. 4. Because he had been negligent of his assignments, Jim was afraid of the impending examination.

37 4. His daily assignments Jim had neglected for several weeks. 5. Fearful of the impending examination. Jim began to study in earnest. 6. Worrying about the impending examination, Jim stayed up all night to study. 7. Deprived of study time by play practice, Jim found himself unprepared for the impending examination.

38 8. To keep up his grade average, Jim kept faithfully to his study schedule. 9. Examination time approaching, Jim set aside an hour a day for review. 10. A playboy during the semester, Jim now had to face the ordeal of final examinations.

39 Decidedly compare: decisive 1. definitely or in a way that is easily noticed ▶ Cole's style is decidedly more formal than the previous manager's. 2. British English written in a way that shows that you are very sure about a decision ▶ 'I'm not going to do it,' said Margaret decidedly.

40 Insurance terminology Auto collision coverage All-risk insurance Coverage: The protection provided by insurance Whole life insurance Named peril insurance Policy Premium Beneficiary grace period

41 be stuck with something informal to have something you do not want because you cannot get rid of it We are, unfortunately, stuck with this huge, ugly building.

42 be stuck with somebody to have to spend time with someone or have a relationship with them even though you do not want to They are stuck with each other with no end in sight.

43 living or working in a situation that never changes, so that you feel bored I was stuck in a rut and decided to look for a new job.

44 aside from ( American English) 1. except for We didn't see anyone all day, apart from a couple of kids on the beach. Apart from the ending, it's a really good film. apart from

45 2) as well as Apart from his earnings as a football coach, he also owns and runs a chain of sports shops. Quite apart from the cost, we need to think about how much time the job will take.

46 Cover ▶ INSURANCE ◀ if your insurance covers you or your possessions, it promises to pay you money if you have an accident, something is stolen etc ▶ Most policies cover accidental damage to pipes. ▶ The treatment wasn't covered by her healthcare insurance.

47 cover somebody against/for something ▶ Are we covered for theft? cover somebody to do something ▶ He thought he was covered to drive the vehicle.

48 when it comes to something informal when you are dealing with something or talking about something ▶ He's a bit of an expert when it comes to computers. Compare: as to & as for

49 Air-airs Authorities Contents Damages Goods Greens Irons imports Works Natures Sands Pains Times Waters Humanities Appearances Colors Blues Grounds Oils Quarters Manners Forces Spirits






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