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Project ‘FOODART’ “Cross-border cooperation for the i mprovement of the competitiveness and qualification of homemade ‘special’ culinary products”

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1 Project ‘FOODART’ “Cross-border cooperation for the i mprovement of the competitiveness and qualification of homemade ‘special’ culinary products”

2 Aim of the project To promote the development and recognition of the competitiveness of homemade ‘special’ culinary products. In Tartu, Pōlvas, Vōru and Valga regions (EE), and Valmiera, Valka, Cēsis, Sigulda, Ogre, Limbaži regional teritories (LV).

3 Project title FOODART- ‘culinary art’ – the special values of LV and EE national, homemade culinary products for consumption.

4 Work package (WP) description 1WP -management of project implementation (elaborated plan for the project realization and achieving goals); -elaborated and implemented documentation for the preparation of reports for LLKC; - development of criteria guidelines for the selection of potential household producers to be involved in the project - establishment of network of household producers, resellers and retailers in LV (Valmiera, Valka, Limbaži, Sigulda regional teritories) and LV network aligning ( information exchange) to an identical network at the EE side. 2WP Reinforcement of food quality, production nuances and sales: - two day experience exchange visits for household producers (EE and LV); - seminars and training courses for the household producers in the selected area and special training activities for five selected (meat products, flour products, dairy products, preserved, spices / sauces / supplements) household producers in LV. - practical training by the leading experts of the fields of culinary and rational farming for fivehousehold producers in LV to improve the competitiveness and acquisition of new knowledge; 3WP Presentation of culinary traditions: -distribution of the logo of the FOODART movement to the producers and sellers (restaurants, bistros, etc) involved in the project; -organization of Estonian culinary days in in Sigulda/ Valmiera and the selection and attraction of Latvian participants for the Latvian culinary days in Estonia; -attraction of a project movement show like “Sirmais Menu” or similar to the project activities for their popularization; -organization of an international closing conference in Sigulda; -coordination of the making of contents for the National culinary special recepies book for the promotion of the local product consumption in LV and EE.

5 Project target audience Involved in project activities (LV): Direct target audience (for 1.5 years activities for the improvement of competitiveness): culinary product makers (households) in Sigulda and Valmiera teritories (35 households); Restaurants, bistros and other resellers of the ‘special’ culinary products (35 enterprises); Network/database of household producers (48LV/48EE) Culinary experts at the national level – M. Rītiņš, M.Sirmais; Target audience of the project results: Local inhabitants – consumers of the culinary products; Tourists – explorers of the ‘special’ culinary tastes of the Latvian kitchen; Producers and sellers of novel culinary products

6 Resulting Indicators of the Project - Network of ‘Special’ culinary product resellers and retailers (restaurants, bitros, etc) in Latvia and Estonia – database of 96 enterprises; -Network of ‘Special’ culinary product makers in Latvia and Estonia – database of 70 enterprises; -Book of special recepies from Latvijan/Estonian culinary (in Latvian); -Webpage of special recepies from Latvijan/Estonian culinary (in Latvian); -One TV show about the preparation of the ‘special’ culinary products for ‘Sirmais Menu’; -4 publications in national level media describing the project (2LV); -4 e-publications in national level portals (2LV); -Estonian culinary days in Latvia – 3 days in Sigulda with Estonian culinary product materials, products, and Estonian cuisine at the local restaurants and bistros; -Latvijan culinary days in Estonia – 5 days; -Contact point and exhibition of local culinary household producers and products in Sigulda; -International closing conference in Sigulda with the participation of national level authorities in culinary product making and distribution.

7 Responsible persons from LLKC Ltd. LLKC Ltd. lead supervision of project implementation: Andrejs Briedis LLKC Ltd. project manager (responsibe for the communication among project partners, organisation and coordination of the implementatino of intended LLKC Ltd. project activities, project report preparation and submission to the leading partner): Head of Vidzeme CB: Daiga Siliņa; LLKC Ltd. project accountant (responsible for the recording of the expenses necessary for the implementation of LLKC Ltd. project activities, data summarizing for report preparation): Riga suburb CB accountant: Anna Podiņa (data preparation in concordance with LLKC Ltd. central bureau accountant)

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