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Urban Environment: Docklands SAC

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1 Urban Environment: Docklands SAC
By Tam Nguyen 119 /140= 85 %= A EXCELLENT WORK!  Presentation= 5/5

2 Location map Well done! 5/5 Footscray road
CBD (Central Business District) Docklands precinct Yarra River Victoria harbor Southern Cross Station West Gate Freeway Citylink

3 Land use map Docklands is a place where many plans and constructions are taking place. These are some of the land-uses, well known places and some of its plans for the future. Water –front city is place where there are various restaurants, cafes, re-tail (shops), and entertainment venues. Plans are to build the Southern Star Observation Wheel, which according to the planners are going to be a major attraction. In the Heart of Docklands, this place consists of commercial buildings, residential developments, retail outlets and community facilities. One of it’s plans for the future is to build a 9 storey high building which will be occupied by Myer. NewQuay is a mixed precinct. With a combination of cafes, restaurants and bars by the water’s edge. Its living environment has been recognized by many industry awards. Its plans for the future are to build a 15 storey high building for office suites and car parking. This is a major I.T precinct , housing commercial companies and government agencies. It is home to the Port 1010, which awarded a 5 star green star environmental rating. Currently under construction is the 3rd building which is 80 stories high called Life Lab. It’ll be for commercial and residential building. The Telstra Dome is a definite entertainment venues with many events throughout the year, including the AFL. 5/5

4 The different zones have a major affect on each other because of how the docklands is all set up, the closeness and proximity between each zones. For example, living in the Docklands, as said before allows easy access to many of it’s nearby and wonderful attractions like the Telstra Dome. It’s because of this “closeness” that influence people to not only want to live their more but also encourage them to visit the many attractions, restaurants, cafes, bars and shops in the area. Living in the Docklands gives another advantage. The area is close to the CBD. Therefore people can chose quick transportation like buses, trains, trams, bike or even walk depending on how close they are to there chosen destination. E.g. workplace or Crown Casino. The Waterfront city overlaps with the water, where ferries and tour boats help people visit and see the place from a different perspective. The people that live in the area has a great advantage in terms of proximity of entertainment venues, shopping precinct, restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs and of course the CBD. The Telstra Dome crosses with the Docklands by the Harbor Esplanade which is connected to Footscray road. The esplanade is occupied by trams cars, buses and even cyclists. Not seen on the map the Docklands is connected to the CBD via Southern Cross station. This gives people easy access from and to each location. The Yarra River splits into what is known as the Victoria harbor. This is the heart of heart and main water body in the Docklands. 5/5

5 Profile of the people living at Docklands
We surveyed a total of 44 people at Docklands with various questions, 6 was chosen to put into tables. The participants to our survey included 24 females and 20 males, giving us a total of 44 people all together. Overall this was a fairly even score between each gender. According to our surveys, the highest scoring age was the 0-25 group and the group. This may be because the people living and visiting the area are young and middle aged workers. Also, Docklands is built to attract the younger generations of today with slick and stylish designs of buildings and artwork. Another possibility is the shops, entertainment venues, cafes and restaurants in the area are more suited to the young than the old.

6 Quite a large fraction of the people surveyed lived in suburban areas, but on the other hand there were a few that we managed to get that lived in Docklands. Their was also quite a bit living in the cities. Docklands stylish apartments are very expensive, therefore this may be a reason why we weren’t able to record much people living there. Another reason is that, they could just be simply at work, after all the excursion was on a week-day. Another factor is that there are more people visiting the area than there are people living in the area. After all if you live there then why would u want visit where you live? It was surprising to see that the some of the major nationalities that dominates the city of Melbourne score low marks, like New Zealand, Vietnamese and Greeks apart from Australian of course. What wasn’t surprising was that Australian group scored the highest. One reason may be because several people may see them as more of an Australian than their other background, because they were born here and was more influenced by the Australian way of life.

7 The major reason for visiting the Docklands was mainly for work and work purposes. The area is under major construction, but also has many plans for the future. With all this, its surely to be busy with career people. Coming second was the site-seeing group, this was sure to get a high score, simply because of the number of people that visit the area for its attractions, like its unique artwork.

8 Graph Total 3a)= /30 you need to make sure there are units eg” years or % 3b)= /10 The scores in this section was pretty spread out in the top scorers section according to our surveys. The highest group was professional followed by business & finance, then other and finally student. These scored high on our surveys because of the environment and place of the Docklands area. Its new and attractive therefore students from various schools visit, whether on excursions or by themselves. Plans and construction of place lures professional workers of which types are unknown and also the business and finance workers. There were 2 which scored nothing at all, they were tradesperson and unskilled labor. This may be for several reasons, one can be that they don’t want to be seen as an “unskilled” labor. Another is that if they were an unskilled labor or a tradesperson then they wouldn’t be at the Docklands area because of their job. Trades people work mainly in suburban areas and laborers work in factories. Not allways tradespeople are doing the contruction as well as unskilled labourers!

9 Docklands living 608/60 Lorimer Street Price: $365,000
Property Type: Apartment Suburb: Docklands Region: Melbourne Region Bedrooms: 1 Bathrooms: 1 Carspaces: 1 318/60 Siddeley Street Price:$375,000 Property Type: Apartment Suburb: Docklands Region: Melbourne Region Bedrooms: 2 Bathrooms: 2 5/5

10 504/100 Harbour Esplanade Victoria Point Price: $350,000
Property Type: Apartment Suburb: Docklands Region: Melbourne Region Bedrooms: 1 Bathrooms: 1 Carspaces: 1 Harbour Esplanade Price: Private Sale $515,000 Property Type: Apartment Suburb: Docklands Region: Melbourne Region Bedrooms: 2 Bathrooms: 2 Carspaces: 1 311/39 Caravel Lane Price: Offers Above $400,000 Property Type: Apartment Suburb: DOCKLANDS Region: Melbourne Region Bedrooms: 1 Bathrooms: 1 Carspaces: 1

11 Table of Sales Very insightful, Tam. 5/5
The number of each apartments sold within the 2 week period was 5. The prices of each one wasn’t surprising, around the k mark. These small 1-2 room apartments cost more than houses that have 4 bedrooms in some suburban areas. The reason for this is that the easy access from these apartments to the CBD, entertainment venues like Telstra Dome, major shopping places like D.F.O and Myer, major tourist attractions like Crown Casino.

12 Services and Businesses
Comparisons Well, according to my observations there wasn’t any differences that I recognized comparing with the docklands website. On the other hand, the information given on the website was useful and educational. It showed exact places of each precincts within Docklands, showed how to get to the area and by what transports. It also told use of what its plans for the future and how it will affect the people living there, the people that working there and the people that visit there. 4/5 Services and Businesses Extra Green Holidays Blue Fire Beach Club Bellissimo Kobe Jones Flying Fish n fries Squadron Boat Sales Starbucks coffee Hot Chocolate Metlink Fix-Bar Red-Rooster Dairy-Bell Kebabbque Planet-Surf Various Real Estate Agents Festival Food Providore Good Day Mate Cruz Galleries Just to name a few…. Needed to mention type of business where it was not obvious in its name! 3/5

13 Lifestyle in Docklands
5/5 Life by the water, for the rich, this means big yachts and boats. For others, they can always use the water services like boats and ferries in the area. The Telstra Dome is one of many entertainment venues in the area of Docklands. It is host to many events mainly that of sport. Close to a lot of well known places like Crown casino and world famous restaurants which only the high-rollers can afford.

14 Section 2. Urban Renewal (Written Data Analysis)
Urban Renewal is when land-use is continually changing in the one location. This includes such things as the renovation of existing buildings, demolishing of existing buildings, extending existing buildings, creating high-rise buildings, as u can see to the right >> 50 120 This is an example of urban Renewal as it uses the same space of land and instead of building out the building is built up to fit more people. 5/5

15 Social Majority of the people living in the Docklands are career people, as Docklands is situated near the CBD (Central Business District). Others, only in small numbers live there it’s fashionable appeal and modern living. But there is also a small number of people who live there because they are retired and want to ‘downsize’ there home. An example is elder people can’t be as active as the younger generations and may only require a small herb garden on their balcony as compared to a large backyard. According to our surveys, the majority of people were mainly between the ages of 0-34, the percentage of females surveyed were a little bit higher than males. The status of the people surveyed were mainly “couple with no children” but there were also other common statuses, “couple with children living at home” and “single with no children”. These people were mostly Australian and had an occupation of professional, business and finance. As for the locals in the area, they surveyed their accommodation as to have 1-2 bedrooms. But then again a also got some that said they had 3 bedrooms, which was surprising as the accommodations in docklands were mainly small apartments. These results are may have been impacted by the person’s status, work requirements etc.. The main type of water based services the locals used were ferries and tour boats based on our surveys. Visitors to the area come for dockland’s restaurants and also for site seeing. An Example is people who work nearby and go there for their lunch breaks and may site see at the same time. 5/5

16 Historical In the past the Docklands area was used mainly for the shipment of goods and cargos, otherwise known as exports and imports. Railways which had steam trains that carry large cargos in and out of the area. Now, with the advancements of modern technology, steam trains have been replaced with electric trains which carry passengers in and out of the Docklands area instead of carrying large cargos. This new system has provided people easy access to the area. The Ports of Docklands used to have large cargos ships coming in and out on a regular basis because of the imports and exports. Now the port has been changed to a place where people can moor their boats and yachts, eat and enjoy the waterfront views. The port also had a very special feature, it was flat. Cargos and large boxes with goods in them could be loaded onto the ports with ease. Now the planners of Docklands has taken the advantage of this and has built such things as restaurants and shops along the ports, they did this because the flat land of the docklands allowed for easy construction. The roads back then were made of nothing more than dirt, which had horse-carts coming in and out of the area carrying the goods of trade. Those dirt roads then became concrete roads and some even becoming large freeways, which are occupied by large trucks which transport the goods. Not only can the trunks carry the goods more easily and efficiently but also faster and more of it. 5/5

17 Economic The Docklands area has many services of which include; buses, trans, water-based transport like ferries and boats and trams. On the other hand the types of land-uses include; restaurants, shops and various types of cafes. The houses in the area are many 1-2 bedroom apartments. The prices of these apartment depend whether they come with or without a parking space. An apartment with no parking space many cost around $400,000 but with a parking space you could be looking at a price of up to $600,000. Other factors include: how much bedrooms the apartments got, the direction its facing e.g. the water, Telstra dome, CBD etc.., and how far it’s from the CBD. Is Docklands a wealthy area? Yes, definitely. First of all the apartments there are very expensive, between the prices of $400,000 to even about $800,000+. They are all very modern, stylish and compact with many expensive features like solar heating. The prices there on such things as food are much dearer and expensive than compared of the food around local and suburban areas. Another reason that the Docklands area is so expensive is the fact that its very close major shopping precincts, entertainment venues, posh restaurants and of course the CBD. Not only that but its very easy to access these areas via the Docklands because of the amount of transport services in the area. Based on our surveys, we had a total of 6 people who lived in the area. Which chose to live their mainly for working purposes. According to our surveys many people had a estimated yearly income of under $20,000 - $100,000. This indicated that many of the people surveyed were quite poor to averagely wealthy. These results maybe of had been impacted by many things. One major factor could be that the people surveyed were young and were just starting work or currently in university with part-time jobs. 5/5

18 Environmentally Docklands was once just a place for the exports and imports of goods and products. Now it’s a place where people work, visit and view its many fashionable features and appeals. Docklands I think tries to be as “green” as possible. They’ve planted trees and plants where possible and put in environmentally friendly features like solar heating etc.. But this is my opinion. The people of Docklands gave its cleanliness, safety, artwork and it’s environmental responsibilities a positive feedback. Which meant that it scored high marks in those chosen categories. Needed to mention no carparks for some as most don’t use their car because close and this= less pollution and global warming.4/5

19 Physical 5/5 At Docklands the natural factor than stood out the most is the water, as in the Victoria Harbor and the Yarra river. The Harbor has boats, ferries and yachts coming in and out on a regular basis. As it’s a place where people moor their boats and yachts. It is also a place where people can come in enjoy the sceneries and go site seeing. Along the harbor there’s various restaurants, cafes and shops, this allows people to dine, shop, relax along the water and enjoy the views. The Shopping center that is called “Water-Front City” is built along the harbor of the Docklands All the constructions at Docklands was made possible because of the flat land it possessed. This made it easy for architects and builders to plan and construct the harbor, buildings and apartments, hotels, transport systems, restaurants, cafes and shops within the Docklands. The Docklands area have hot dry summers, mild, wet and windy winters.

20 Political Urban Renewal is seen as a positive aspect because the process uses the same size piece of land and renovating it to look more stylish, slick and modern. This renovation attracts people to the area. As discussed earlier, urban renewal can fit in more people, the people and planners of Docklands want to make it as a “24-7” city. This means that they want to make it a city that doesn’t sleep, in other words, its always active with people. The main purpose of this is to allow people to earn more money, more often. Increase in people from overseas like foreign students, increase in people from the country moving and living in the city adds to the population growth of Melbourne, therefore introducing a 24-7 city seems to be most appropriate. According to more and more people are moving to the Docklands because Docklands is a great place to live, whatever your age or interests. Residents can enjoy: A dynamic inner city lifestyle Proximity to the city for work, shopping and entertainment Spectacular views of the city and the water High quality public amenities Easy access to Melbourne’s public transport system, major freeways and arterial roads A variety of leisure activities with an active waterfront environment A range of quality local retail and general services Modern community infrastructure purpose built for the future Proximity to inner city tertiary institutions and private schools 5/5

21 Technological 5/5 The major technological advances in the Docklands area is known as the iPort delivered by Silk telecom. The new generation communication system runs over a single high speed broadband system. Some its services include: TeleTel (telephone service) Broadband internet Entertainment Home Security High-speed Internet connections, at an affordable rate, allow people within the Docklands 'Digital Village' to make calls and exchange data free of charge. iPort is currently available for Docklands residents and businesses located in Conder, Village Docklands, Watergate and Victoria Point, this iPort is currently being extended to the other parts of Docklands area. Another part of technological advances is helps with the sustainability of the Docklands area. Sustainability of the area include such things as, River cooling and underfloor air conditioning Solar and wind power Of course there are still many plans for Docklands future, but these are just some. With these the Docklands planners and councils hope that the place will be more attractive and environmentally friendly for all to enjoy.

22 Bibliography 4/5 Field notes
Photos from the excursion Google > images > docklands Google > web > docklands 4/5

23 Feedback Field-work participation, sharing tasks. I believe that my participation on the fieldwork was SUPER. No questions asked. Use of class time, use of homework time. I think I used my class and homework time efficiently because I was managed to finish all the writing and the SAC on time. Understanding of tasks. There were a few that were kind on confusing and tricky but still doable. The best part of the field-work. The best of the field work was probably going to the Rialto and looking out to the views. The best part of the field-trip was the lunch breaks we were able to have. The worst part of this activity , with suggestions for its improvement. I’ll say what I always say for this question, I think it’s way too long for a SAC. Wouldn’t mind if it was a bit shorter. The work is not too bad though, quite doable and enjoying but there’s too much of it. WAIT TIL YR12!!!!  5/5

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