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VOCABULARY TAKING SIDES Pre-Reading and Chapters 1-3.

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1 VOCABULARY TAKING SIDES Pre-Reading and Chapters 1-3

2 Sycamore, Mulberry, Eucalypts trees

3 barrio  Unkempt, over crowded, low income neighborhood “Lincoln referred to his old neighborhood as a barrio.”

4 suburb A city that’s right outside of a bigger city or town Example: Brookfield is a suburb of Milwaukee

5 marvel  Looking in amazement at something great  To be in awe of something “He marveled at the northern lights.”

6 scrawny  Skinny  Boney  Lean  Thin “My little brother is scrawny.”

7 stucco  an outside finish for walls  Made up of cement, sand, and water My aunt’s home has stucco on the outside.”

8 smirk  A small grin or a smile  “The boy smirked when his friend told a joke in class”

9 remainder  What is left over  “Will you put the remainder of the food in the refrigerator?” 

10 ransack  To go threw a house/apartment/room and make things messy  “Lincoln’s old apartment was ransacked by burglars”

11 fluorescent  Glowing  Bright  Shining  “The lights in Miss Gehrke’s room are fluorescent.”

12 oblivious  Unaware of what is happening “She was oblivious to the teacher’s lecture.”

13 clobber  Hit, bash, or beat “ That man is going to get clobbered with the water balloon.”

14 sprain  Pull, injure, twist “Lincoln sprained his knee.”

15 dusk  The time of partial darkness between day and night  “My mom said I have to be home at dusk.”

16 social  seeking and/or enjoying the company of others  “Most middle school students are very social.”

17 sentimental  Discussing nice feelings or memories about the past  “I am feeling sentimental after looking at old pictures.”

18 throb  Feeling the pounding and thumping of your heart where you have pain.  “My head is throbbing”  “I slammed my finger in the car door and now I can feel it throb”

19 mountainous  Land that has very large hills or mountains  “From far away it looks like the land is mountains”

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