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Website & new tools overview Hawke’s Bay Chamber of Commerce March 2010.

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1 INFO@STATS Website & new tools overview Hawke’s Bay Chamber of Commerce March 2010

2 Overview Website Online Tools and examples Interactive Boundary Maps Business Toolbox Table Builder Infoshare Other useful tips Contacts 5/05/20152

3 3

4 Geographic Pattern Meshblocks (41,392) Area Units (1,927) Territorial Authorities (74) Regional Councils (16)

5 Interactive Boundary Maps 5/05/2015 5

6 Example 1 Interactive Boundary Maps Enter Levin into ‘Suburb/Location’. Levin is broken up into several area units & Census data “Quick Stats” for each area unit is accessible from here I want to understand the demographics of my area – Levin - but a lot of your data is reported at “area units” level & I don’t understand how this relates to my suburb? LEVIN WEST LEVIN NORTH LEVIN SOUTH PLAYFORD PARK LEVIN EAST

7 Example 1 Interactive Boundary Maps Click on the area unit you’re interested in & it brings up basic statistics – click on ‘View QuickStats’ to bring up more detailed information

8 Example 2 Interactive Boundary Maps The same can be done at a territorial authority level…..

9 Example 3 Interactive Boundary Maps ….and at a regional level

10 5/05/2015 10

11 5/05/201511 Business Toolbox – Market Mapper

12 5/05/201512 Business Toolbox – Market Mapper

13 Example: Market Mapper  After years of making fine silk clothing, Grace is finally in a position to realise her dream of opening her own women’s clothes store in Palmerston North Grace has already used Statistics NZ data to identify her target market (Household incomes of $70,000 +) Using Business Toolbox, help Grace to identify: Where her target market is located in Palmerston Nth


15 5/05/201515 Business Toolbox – Industry Profiler

16 5/05/201516 Business Toolbox – Industry Profiler

17 Example: Industry Profiler 5/05/201517  Worker Turnover Rates are a measure of workforce stability. The turnover rate reflects the movement of workers into and out of jobs  In Business Toolbox what pattern do we find in the worker turnover rate for the ACCOMMODATION Industry?

18 5/05/201518 Worker turnover rate in the Accommodation industry shows a Seasonal Trend of high turnover during the peak tourist months

19 5/05/201519 Business Toolbox: Where is the data sourced? FEATUREDATASETTIPS MARKET MAPPER CENSUS 2006 Either zoom in to map location you’re interested in then select variable criteria or vice versa INDUSTRY PROFILER BUSINESS DEMOGRAPHY (BD) Number of businesses Ceased/New businesses Survival Rate Information on businesses with 0-19 employees Data can not be directly compared with published BD data due to the selection criteria used in Business Toolbox. Other BD information available: *BD Information Releases releases/nz-business-demography-statistics.aspx releases/nz-business-demography-statistics.aspx * BD Table Builder data/TableBuilder/business-statistics.aspx LINKED EMPLOYER- EMPLOYEE DATA (LEED) Employee count Worker turnover rate Filled jobs Mean staff earnings Help tab includes all definitions of measures Other LEED information available: *LEED Information Releases releases/linked-employer-employee-data.aspx * LEED Table Builder (Quarterly/Annual tables) data/TableBuilder/leed-quarterly-tables.aspx data/TableBuilder/leed-annual-tables.aspx

20 Table Builder 5/05/2015 20

21 5/05/2015 21

22 Example cont’d…. Earlier, Business Toolbox was used to help Grace identify where her target market was located in Palmerston North. She can then use Table Builder and Infoshare to build up a much more detailed profile to use in her business planning. Use Infoshare to identify attractive source countries for her silk clothing imports (HS Code 6206100200) Use Business Demography data in Table Builder to identify the amount of competition in these targeted areas

23 5/05/201523 Quarterly Regional review Discontinued after Mar-08 qtr but useful summary of regional information & source ( Employment/Labour Market/Income at a regional level Household Labour Force Survey (quarterly) Linked Employer-Employee Data (quarterly) NZ Income Survey (annual) Publications of interest Screen Industry in New Zealand: 2008 Tourism Satellite Account: 2009 Measuring New Zealand’s Progress Using a Sustainable Development Approach: 2008 International Students Visitor arrivals by permit type [INFOSHARE] International Travel & Migration release Survey of English Language providers Ministry of Education: ( International students in schools/tertiary education Youth StatisticsMinistry of Youth Development: ( Analysis about NZ’s 12-24yr old population House pricesREINZ ( Injury information portal Webpage with links to Statistics NZ information & to other relevant websites Other useful tips

24 5/05/201524 Help is only moments away! Please remember to complete an evaluation form.Thank you! Want to know more about how our statistics can benefit your organisation but don’t know where to start? We have a free information service where our Information Advisors can help you. Ph 0508 525 525 or email Or to find out more about our free support services, visit us at: zealand/outreach-and-liaison.aspx

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