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National 5 PEE Notes 1 min per mark

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1 National 5 PEE Notes 1 min per mark
POINT (clear cause, issue, role or government measure) EXPLAIN (answer the question) EXAMPLE (person, place, policy, statistic)

2 29th April 9am Be at the Main Hall at 8.30am

DEVOLVED AND RESERVED POWERS DEVOLVED – issues the Scottish government can decide on: Health e.g. free prescriptions Education e.g. CfE National 5 Sport e.g. Commonwealth Games in Glasgow 2014 RESERVED - issues the Scottish government cannot decide on Immigration e.g. Romanian immigrants in Glasgow Defence e.g. nuclear weapons in Faslane Glasgow Social Security e.g. bedroom tax

4 Additional Member System (AMS)
Why some people are happy with AMS Its fairer e.g. Scottish Lib Dem 5% vote and 5% seats in 2011 More people to represent you e.g. Kenneth Gibson and Annabel Goldie Can lead to majority government e.g SNP 2011 Why some people are unhappy with AMS Its confusing as 2 votes e.g s of wasted votes Constituents unsure who to go to for help e.g Kenneth Gibson or Annabel Goldie? Often leads to minority government e.g. SNP 2007

5 Role of the First Minister
Chooses the cabinet e.g. Nicola Sturgeon is Deputy FM Gives TV interviews representing the government e.g. to STV on independence Answers First Ministers Questions e.g. on CfE National 5

6 In the constituency (Cunningham North) In Parliament (Holyrood)
Role of a MSP In the constituency (Cunningham North) Surgery e.g. Keneth Gibson’s surgery is in Saltcoats Visits school e.g. Kenneth Gibson visited Ardrossan Academy In Parliament (Holyrood) Vote e.g. on the smoking ban Debate e.g. on independence

7 Independence Debate Why some people want independence
Control of reserved powers e.g. many unhappy with bedroom tax Scottish identity e.g Census % Scots feel Scottish only Why some people do not want independence Happy for UK parliament to control reserved powers e.g. many happy UK went to war in Iraq British identity e.g. Census % Scots feel Scottish and British

8 Rights and responsibilities
Right to vote – responsibility to use your vote e.g. you could vote for Scottish Labour Right to free speech – responsibility not to spread hate e.g. anyone could give an interview on STV about independence Right to protest – responsibility to do so peacefully e.g. Nil By Mouth do this in Glasgow

9 Ways to take part in politics
Vote e.g. Scottish Greens Protest e.g. with Scottish SPCA Sign a Petition e.g. for SCND Take part in a referendum e.g. on 18th September 2014 on independence

10 Campaign methods Canvassing e.g. Scottish Lib Dem might visit Cunninghame North Leaflets and Posters e.g. for Scottish Conservative Loudspeaker e.g. Scottish Labour may use this Social Media e.g. SNP are on Facebook

11 Ways Pressure Groups influence government
Petitions e.g. Nil By Mouth may collect a petition against sectarianism Peaceful Marches e.g. Not in My Name marched against the Iraq War Letter Writing e.g. Scottish SPCA may write a letter to Alex Salmond

12 Why Pressure groups are powerful
Power in numbers e.g. Scottish SPCA have thousands of members Experts on their issue e.g. Nil By Mouth are experts on sectarianism in the West of Scotland Some insider groups invited to speak to parliament e.g. British Medical Association spoke to the health committee before the smoking ban

13 Ways local councils are funded
Council tax e.g. people pay this in Glasgow City council Business rates e.g. ASDA Ardrossan pays rates to North Ayrshire Council Government grants – e.g SNP gives money to North Ayrshire Council

14 Ways local council decisions affect people in Scotland
Police and Fire - makes the area safer e.g. Saltcoats Police Station Planning – makes the area more suitable e.g. the proposed merger between Ardrossan and Auchenharvie Academies was stopped Leisure Centres – makes people healthier e.g. Auchenharvie leisure centre in North Ayrshire Council

15 Social Inequality in the UK
Section C Social Inequality in the UK

16 Why some people have good health/ causes of illness
Why some people have good health/ causes of poor health Poverty e.g. Life expectancy in Calton is 54 but in Lenzie its 89 Poor housing e.g. 85% children in damp homes have breathing problems Age e.g. 98% of those with dementia are 65+ Lifestyle choice e.g. 90% of cancer is caused by smoking Why some people have good health Opposite of all above

17 Choose either Social class (poverty). Race. Gender. Age
Choose either Social class (poverty). Race. Gender. Age. Explain why this issue causes poor health Social Class Poor housing e.g. 85% of children I damp homes have breathing problems Stress e.g. ¼ Scots have mental illness Poor diet e.g. cheap frozen diet can lead to stomach cancer Age Age related illness e.g. 98% dementia patients are over 65 Wear and tear e.g.80% people over 60 have arthiritis Common illnesses can kill older people e.g. free flu jags are offered to 65+

18 Ways government has tried to improve health in Scotland
NHS Scotland e.g. free maternity care at Crosshouse Laws e.g. smoking ban Health policies e.g. free prescriptions Health campaigns e.g. Change 4 Life Targeting those in poverty e.g. free school meals Free flu jags e.g. over 65s in Glasgow get this

19 Individual actions to improving health
Exercise more often e.g. at Auchenharvie Leisure Centre Stop smoking/ drinking/ abusing drugs e.g. 90% cancers caused by smoking Choose a healthier diet e.g 65% of Scots are overweight

20 Causes of poverty / why some people live in poverty in the UK
Unemployment e.g. 1/4 Brits unemployed Area e.g. The poorest area in Scotland is North East Glasgow (1/2 in poverty). Family type e.g. Children in single parent families are 2x more likely to live in relative poverty Gender – e.g. only 2/100 top 100 earners in UK are women

21 Consequences of living in poverty
Poor housing e.g. 85% children in damp homes have breathing problems Mental illness e.g. 1/4 Scots mentally ill Poor diet e.g. frozen food can lead to stomach cancer Social exclusion e.g. you may feel this way in Easterhouse

22 Financial benefits provided by government to help those in need
EMA e.g. £30 PER WEEK AT Ardrossan Academy FREE SCHOOL MEALS e.g. 30% Scots receive it FREE TUITION AT UNI e.g. to Glasgow Uni JOB SEEKERS ALLOWANCE e.g. £54 per week for those 16-24

23 Choose either Unemployed. Lone Parent Families. Ethnic Minorities
Choose either Unemployed. Lone Parent Families. Ethnic Minorities. Disabled. Explain ways the government provides help for this group Lone Parent Families EMA e.g.£30 per week at Ardrossan Academy FREE SCHOOL MEALS e.g. 33% of pupils at Ardrossan Academy CLOTHING VOUCHERS e.g. at Ardrossan Acadmey Unemployed JOB CENTRE e.g. in Saltcoats JSA e.g. £72 per week for 25+ HOUSING BENEFIT e.g.

24 Section E World Powers USA

25 Social and economic inequality
Education –ghettos schools v vanilla suburban schools e.g. Harper High in Chicago Health no insurance vs private insurance e.g. 10% children no insurance at all Housing ghettos vs suburb gated communites e.g. Bronx vs Hollywood Crime ghetto violence vs suburbs e.g. a murder every 30 mins

26 Choose one Poor Health. Poor Education
Choose one Poor Health. Poor Education. Poor Housing explain why this issue continues to exist Education – Have to pay for Uni e.g. Harvard Uni Violence in ghetto schools e.g. in Abraham Lincoln High Lack of materials in ghetto schools – e.g. Harper High in Chicago Health – No insurance at all for poorest people – 10% children no insurance Cheap insurance e.g. Medicaid Cant join an insurance company with existing illness e.g. Autistic

27 Government responses to tackle inequality
Obamacare – Over 100 million Americans have benefited from obamacare SNAP – replacing food stamps with pre laoded credit card to be in used in supermarkets e.g. in Walmart, New York TANF - benefit to help needy families pay for food and bills while encouraging single parents to work e.g. 4 million Americans receive TANF Affirmative Action – quota places for ethnics in workplaces and universities e.g. 12% of UCLA places are set aside for African Americans

28 Institutions of government
Executive – President is the figurehead of USA e.g. Barack Obama Legislative – congress makes the laws e.g. Obamacare Judicial – supreme court protects bill of rights e.g. right to bear arms

29 Ways to participate in politics
Vote e.g. Democrats Stand as a candidate e.g. President Protest e.g. with Moms Against Guns Register to vote e.g. in Texas Join a political party / interest group e.g NRA

30 Rights and responsibilities
Vote but use it e.g. Democrats Protest but do so responsibly e.g. with Moms Against Guns Free speech but don’t spread hate e.g. KKK spread hate in Alabama

31 Why some people criticise government for limiting their political rights
Right to bear arms – NRA are unhappy with gun control e.g. Obama campaigned for gun control after Conneticut school shooting Right to Free Speech – groups like KKK are unhappy with anti racist laws e.g. in Louisiana Right to Vote – prisoners are unhappy they cant vote e.g. in Indiana State Prison

32 campaign Vote but use it e.g. Democrats
Protest but do so responsibly e.g. with Moms Against Guns Free speech but don’t spread hate e.g. KKK spread hate in Alabama

33 How to influence the government
Interest groups e.g. Border Angels Social Media e.g like Obama on Facebook Vote e.g. Republican

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