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主讲老师:欧阳萍 四级听力必备词汇.  一,场景词汇  二,同义替换词汇  三,同音近音词  四,多义词汇  五,拼写费力词汇.

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Presentation on theme: "主讲老师:欧阳萍 四级听力必备词汇.  一,场景词汇  二,同义替换词汇  三,同音近音词  四,多义词汇  五,拼写费力词汇."— Presentation transcript:

1 主讲老师:欧阳萍 四级听力必备词汇

2  一,场景词汇  二,同义替换词汇  三,同音近音词  四,多义词汇  五,拼写费力词汇

3 一、校园场景 teaching/research(ing) assistant lecturer professor dean 系主任;院长 president e.g. The lecturers are boring.

4 一、校园场景 freshman sophomore Junior senior e.g. The two speakers are seniors at college.

5 一、校园场景 junior adj. 初级的 senior adj. 高级的 e.g. senior manager

6 一、校园场景 graduate n. 大学毕业生 undergraduate n. 大学本科生 postgraduate n. 研究生 graduate school n. 研究生院 bachelor 学士 master 硕士 doctor 博士

7 一、校园场景 term/semester 学期 academic year 学年 academy 学院 private school 私立学校 religious school 教会学校

8 一、校园场景 required/compulsory course 必修课 optional course 选修课 day course evening course presentation lecture e.g. You took an optional course this semester, didn’t you?

9 一、校园场景 history chemistry literature architecture finance economics

10 一、校园场景 philosophy geography psychology physics politics

11 一、校园场景 ASSIGNMENT: paper 论文 essay 散文 book report 读书报告

12 一、校园场景 feedback mark grade score

13 Dictation assignment literature lecture philosophy physics assistant undergraduate

14 二、机场场景 book=reserve=make a reservation booking office delay e.g. I’m sorry the flight is delayed because of a minor mechanical problem. change=switch e.g. Switch to a different flight

15 二、机场场景 timetable terminal destination e.g. The man has changed his destination.

16 二、机场场景 one way ticket round trip ticket non-stop/direct flight transfer e.g. Getting transferred to the English Department

17 二、机场场景 first class business class economy class luggage/baggage confirm the flight

18 二、机场场景 check in boarding card security check see off board

19 二、机场场景 take off departure land Airhostess flight attendant stewardess

20 Dictation reservation terminal destination transfer departure security check flight attendant

21 三、工作场景 HR: human resources interviewer employer recruit v. recruitment n.

22 三、工作场景 interviewee candidate job applicant

23 三、工作场景 applicant apply for application e.g. I have to discuss you application with my colleagues and we’ll get back to you early next week. application form e.g. She filled in an application form

24 三、工作场景 hand in/submit a resume job interview paid vacation medical/dental insurance feedback turn down an offer

25 三、工作场景 job prospect responsibility e.g. Mr. Saunders will share one third of the woman’s responsibilities.

26 三、工作场景 income salary wage allowance bonus pension benefit security

27 三、工作场景 retire v. retirement n. be fired/ be laid off quit/resign resignation n.

28 三、工作场景 pressure/stress stressful adj. e.g. Why exactly does your job have reputation for being stressful? be fed up with/be bored with be tired of/be sick of

29 三、工作场景 support onself make a living earn a living

30 Dictation application form job interview recruitment pension retirement reputation lay off resignation

31 四、房屋场景 live on campus : dorm live off campus : apartment complex (公寓大楼) e.g. The only vacant one I have is 600 dollars, have you inquired at the apartment complex down the street?

32 inquire/enquire v. 询问,打听 inquiry/enquiry n. 询问,打听 inquiring/enquiring adj.( 人的神色 ) 好奇的,探询的

33 四、房屋场景 tenant: rent an apartment landlord/landlady: for rent=to let (出租) e.g. I believe you have a room to let.

34 四、房屋场景 suburb (城郊) downtown (市中心) e.g. He owns a piece of land in the downtown area.

35 四、房屋场景 furnished (配备家具的) /unfurnished e.g. You’ve got your apartment furnished, haven’t you? basement (地下室) e.g. She plans to put all her old furniture in the basement.

36 四、房屋场景 block (街区) e.g. The man lives two blocks away from the Smiths. district (区域) e.g. The man thinks it was quite safe living in the Bronx district.

37 Dictation apartment complex inquiry/enquiry tenant suburb unfurnished basement block district

38 五、医院场景 clinic (诊所); emergency room (急诊室) e.g. Each year about 200,000 children end up in hospital emergency rooms with playground injures. patient physician (内科医生); surgeon (外科医生) dentist (牙医) e.g. To the dentist’s.

39 五、医院场景 appointment e.g. The woman should confirm her appointment with the doctor. check (up)/examine e.g. She’d better have it examined by a doctor anyway.

40 五、医院场景 cold headache fever/have a temperature stomachache sore throat twisted ankle e.g. I fell off a step and twisted my ankle.

41 五、医院场景 heart condition/attack/disease e.g. If she has a heart condition, I’d recommend against it. black and blue e.g. I’m no doctor, but it’s not black and blue or anything. emotional problems cancer e.g. It was mainly meant for cancer patients.

42 五、医院场景 recover e.g. They believe people can recover without treatment. beyond cure e.g. His illness is beyond cure a narrow escape ( 死里逃生 ) e.g. He had a narrow escape in a car accident. die/pass away

43 Dictation clinic emergency physician surgeon dentist appointment

44 Dictation examine stomachache sore throat twisted ankle emotional problems recover a narrow escape

45 六、交通场景 traffic jam e.g. I’m stuck in a traffic jam. fare (车票价) e.g. She visits her parents at weekends when the fares are down. license (驾照) rush hours

46 六、交通场景 overtake (超车) e.g. He was trying to overtake the truck ahead of him. speed e.g. The taxi driver must have been speeding. traffic regulation e.g. The woman had violated traffic regulations. fine (罚款) e.g. Anyway, do I have to pay a fine?

47 六、交通场景 parking lot/space e.g. The man had a hard time finding a parking space. parking meter (停车计时收费器) crash/run into (撞) e.g. Her car can stand any crash.

48 Dictation traffic jam fare license overtake traffic regulation crash into

49 七、餐馆酒店场景 book=reserve=make a reservation appetizer main course dessert knife and fork spoon chopsticks

50 七、餐馆酒店场景 1, Can I take your order, please? 2, I’d like to order… 3, I’ll be back with your order in a minute.

51 七、餐馆酒店场景 1, It’s my treat today. 2, I’ll treat you today. Let’s split the bill.

52 七、餐馆酒店场景 wine list white wine alcohol abuse power abuse drug abuse children abuse

53 七、餐馆酒店场景 check in/out hotel clerk/receptionist/hotel attendant discount compensation

54 Dictation dessert order treat alcohol abuse Receptionist attendant

55 Thanks

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