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Pittwater 2025 2013-17 Delivery Program & Budget May 2013.

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1 Pittwater Delivery Program & Budget May 2013

2 Council Vision To be a vibrant sustainable community of connected villages inspired by bush, beach & water

3 Strategic Framework Resourcing strategy 10 years Resourcing strategy 10 years Annual Report (includes SoE) Annual Report (includes SoE) Operational Plan Delivery Program 4 years Delivery Program 4 years Community Strategic Plan 10 years+ Community Strategic Plan 10 years+ Perpetual monitoring and review

4 Draft Pittwater 2025 Our Community Strategic Plan

5 Guiding Principles Sustainability – Environment, Social, Economic, Governance Civic Leadership

6 Delivery Program Introduction Overview Financials Delivery Program – Actions Capital Improvement Program Statement of Fees & Charges

7 2025 Vision

8 Changes to CSP Vision remains same 5 Key Directions remain same Rationalisation of number of strategies –Reduced duplication –Feedback over 4 years plus community engagement Strategies –Updated Objectives –Strategic Initiatives now belong in Delivery Program –Added Challenges & Opportunities Review of indicators

9 Engagement Outcomes Updated Objectives –Prioritisation at Community Workshops & Online –Reference Group Workshop –Manager Workshop –Councillor finalisation Identified Challenges & Opportunities –Community Workshops –Youth workshops –Online comments – / Letters List of actions for consideration in Delivery Planning Process

10 Engaging the Community Telephone Survey = 400 Online comments = 109 Community Forums = 130 Youth Workshops = 10 Reference Group = 15 Councillor Workshop = 8 Online Discussion = 8 = 18 Letters = 3 Community Workshop= 30 TOTAL= 731

11 Draft Delivery Program & Budget

12 Budget – Planning Relationship As a part of the 2013/14 Budget process, financial information that relates to Council’s Delivery Program is utilised to produce next years budget estimates and longer term financial projections: –Known income and expenditure, balance sheet and cashflow information –Projected income and expenditure, balance sheet and cashflow information based on the Delivery Program, historical patterns and estimated future financial information –Sensitivity analysis (assumptions and scenarios that most likely affect Council) –Financial modelling for different scenarios (Loans, Developer Contributions, LTFP) Budget relationship to Council’s Delivery Program is as follows:

13 TCorp – Financial Sustainability Ratings NSW Treasury’s (TCorp) recent Financial Sustainability Report has seen Pittwater Council rated one of the top 30 Council’s for financial sustainability in NSW with ratings of: –FSR Current – Sound (Scale as seen above) –FSR Outlook – Neutral (indicating continuing Sound position) In discussions with TCorp, these results reflects Pittwater’s positive operating results, sound delivery of services and Infrastructure, continued financial sustainability and overall effective corporate management.

14 2013/14 Budget Estimates

15 Projected Operating and Consolidated Budgeted Results For the Next 4 Years

16 2013/14 Budget – Major Works Program Funding

17 2013/14 Budget – Major Works Program Capital

18 Building Infrastructure Renewal Ratios

19 2013/14 Budget - Major Works Program

20 Loans

21 Rating Valuations In 2012 the Valuer General released the latest land values for Pittwater. As outlined below the variations of each suburb are shown.

22 Rating Valuations Based on the movements in Land Values in conjunction with Pittwater’s permissible rate increase of 5.9% for 2013/14, the average change in rates to be paid by suburb is shown below.

23 Where to From Here May – Public Exhibition & Meeting 31 May for both CSP & Delivery Program Notes from public meeting to be posted to current consultation project page Early June – Collation of all submissions 17 June – Final documents to Council

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