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St. Patrick’s Day in Mexico?

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1 St. Patrick’s Day in Mexico?

2 St. Patrick’s Day… in Mexico?
Many towns in Mexico celebrate this holiday due to the act of one group of soldiers. Irish soldiers fought on the side of the United States against Mexico in the Mexican-American War of Soon after the fighting began, a group of Irish soldiers called “St. Patrick’s Battalion” or “Los San Patricios” in Spanish, decided that it was foolish to fight against another Catholic country like Mexico. Most people believe these soldiers had differences with the United States, a country led predominantly by Protestants, not Catholics. Others believe these men had different motives…

3 The battalion was led by led by Private John O’Reilly of Galway, Ireland.



6 The battalion suffered the most deaths at the battle at Churubusco.
Despite the efforts of the Battalion of St. Patrick, Mexico was defeated by the United States in 1848.

7 The Mexican president at that time, Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana, claimed that if the Mexican army had had as few as 500 more soldiers, the Mexican side would have emerged victoriously.

8 The remaining members of the battalion were imprisoned after the war
The remaining members of the battalion were imprisoned after the war. Some were set free, others were executed for desertion.

9 The Irish nationality is somewhat a “revered” nationality even today in Mexico.
If someone from Ireland visits Mexico, no doubt, he or she will be told stories about the famous “Irish Martyrs” who deserted the American army to join forces with Mexico.

10 In 1959, the Mexican government dedicated a commemorative plaque to the San Patricios across from San Jacinto Plaza in the Mexico City suburb of San Angel. It contains the names of all members of the battalion who lost their lives.

11 In 1983, a large celebration took place in San Angel when the Mexican government authorized a special commemorative medallion honoring the San Patricios. First there was a special mass at a nearby parish, then school children placed floral wreaths at the plaque as the national anthems of both Mexico and Ireland played. Mexican officials eulogized the Irish Martyrs, and a few words were spoken by Irish Ambassador Tadgh O'Sullivan.

12 So where is St. Patrick’s Day celebrated in Mexico?
St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated in Mexican towns that have a high Mexican-Irish population. Most of these towns are located in northern Mexico. March 15th is the date of celebration, not the 17th, as it is elsewhere. Most of the areas with a lot of tourism also have lively St. Patrick’s Day celebrations




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