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2 In 1984 an article appeared in the Daily News in Western Australia. The article titled “It’s an Odd World” tells the story of two groups of people, one Dutch, one Swiss, who have claimed they have rolled the world’s longest joint. The article read:” GENEVA (AAP): Philibert Roux (29) claims to have rolled a world-record-size marihuana joint of 7.93 metres. The previous record was held by a dozen Dutch nationals, who succeeded in rolling a joint 4.48 metres long on November 10, 1982. Mr Roux, president of the Swiss Pressure Group for the Legalisation of Cannabis, said his joint contained 100 grams of marihuana.” Around about the same time the WA business man, Alan Bond, had beaten the Americans at the America’s Cup yacht race with his 12 metre yacht “Australia One” with its world famous winged keel. The next America’s Cup race would now be held in Fremantle, WA, in January 1987. Paul Pot, a passionate joint roller and pot smoker was inspired by these two developments and set course to roll the world’s longest joint and show it off to the world’s media when they came to WA to film the America’s Cup race. To be a truly local event Paul Pot planned to grow a crop in the bush and use it to roll a 12 metre joint. This was the same length as all the yachts in the race.

3 The weather of the 1986 pot growing season was very favorable and as the season closed the plants were ready to harvest.

4 With the harvest dry the next important step was the weigh in. With one kilo in the bag Paul Pot and friend rolled 14 separate joints that were 90 centimetres long and contained approximately 70 grams of cannabis.

5 When all the joints were rolled Paul Pot grabs an arm full so his mug shot could be taken. The rest of the joints were later covered in stars and stripes joint rolling papers and joined together to make the world’s longest joint. While the 12 metre joint was being rolled, construction was proceeding on a miniature replica of a 12 metre yacht. This yacht was to be used to conceal the real nature of the challenge to be contested on February 5, 1987, which was also the day of the final race of the America’s Cup. The joint venturers were convinced that by using this type of America’s Cup propaganda they could contest the 12 metre joint challenge in public and escape detection from the Western Australian authorities.

6 Covered from head to toe with military camouflage cloth to conceal his identity and with ostrich feathers around his feet Paul Pot prepares to launch the 12 metre joint at a small ocean side park overlooking the Indian Ocean.

7 THE DAY OF THE CHALLENGE At 10 a.m. on February 5, 1987, as preparations for the final race of the America’s Cup in Fremantle started, a new 12 metre challenger was being launched at the coastal suburb of North Cottesloe, overlooking the race course. This remarkable challenger would set a new 12 metre record without even entering the water. His yacht was called “Ranger 1”.

8 The replica yacht was more radical than it looked. Wedged between the rear sails was coiled the 12 metre joint which would break all known world records for joint rolling. Paul Pot, the skipper of the radically designed yacht uncoils the joint along the park and pegs it out on two stakes to enable spectators to view this world- shattering record with the Indian Ocean in the background.

9 The yacht was equipped with two car vacuum cleaners and a car stereo unit and while Paul Pot proceeded to light the joint the tape deck played “Don’t bogart that joint my friend” by the group Little Feat. For two hours the display stood on the beach side park undisturbed until one good citizen hailed down a passing police car and informed them of the fact that one kilo of cannabis was displayed only metres from them.

10 The first police appear at the scene and check to see if the crew are still on board. Not waiting for confirmation that the joint contained cannabis, a policeman leaves the scene to radio for assistance.

11 The crime fighters went into immediate action and proceeded to demonstrate their investigative skills. With displays of head scratching and looks of dismay they tried to remember a childhood story about a Trojan horse. The paddy wagon has arrived but this detective doesn’t know who to arrest.

12 The crowd distracts a policeman while a young man takes a sample of the joint.

13 Unable to capture the joint roller or gain any information from reliable witnesses the cops roll up the joint and take it back to the station, where they confirmed it contained cannabis. They even weighed and measured it. The day was a great success!

14 Later that day in an ABC radio interview with Mario D’Orazio Paul Pot said he rolled the 12 metre joint to make a bid for the Guinness Book of Records and highlight the repressive drug laws in Western Australia. He felt it was very unfair that for this America’s Cup event a casino was built, hotels had their licences extended and people could drink alcohol all night. On the other hand people who wanted to celebrate with a joint instead of alcohol were harassed by the police as usual. Paul Pot wanted some changes for the pot smokers in Western Australia so they could grow a couple of plants for personal use and enjoy a smoke in peace.

15 The last time Paul Pot was seen, he was sitting on a log in the bush pointing a bone at the authorities he despised so much. Some say he still roams the bush growing pot and some say he moved to Nimbin in New South Wales on the East Coast of Australia to join the jungle patrol.


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