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Alternative Energy Solutions for Alabama October 24 2006 Production of Second-Generation Biofuels from Alabama Resources.

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1 Alternative Energy Solutions for Alabama October 24 2006 Production of Second-Generation Biofuels from Alabama Resources

2 2 Gas Technology Institute WHO WE ARE Gas Technology Institute >GTI’s mission is to be the leader in the development and deployment of technology solutions that contribute to a secure, abundant, and affordable energy future. –An independent, 501c (3) not-for-profit Serving the Energy Industry Since 1941 > Over 1,000 patents > Nearly 500 products commercialized

3 3 Facilities & Staff >Main Facility: 18 acre campus near Chicago –Over 200,000 ft 2 of laboratory space –28 specialized laboratories and facilities >Approximately 250 employees –70% are scientists and engineers Energy & Environmental Technology Center Flex-Fuel Test Facility Offices & Labs

4 4 GTI Locations Process Research and Evaluation Group Birmingham, AL Headquarters Des Plaines, IL (a suburb of Chicago) Strategic Account Management Needham, MA (NGA) Washington Operations Washington, DC GTI/Catoosa Drilling Test Facility Catoosa, OK (near Tulsa) Houston Office Sugar Land, TX California Project Development Specialist Folsom, CA

5 5 The Fully Integrated Biorefinery An effective integrated biorefinery must include biological and thermochemical conversion Maximize efficiency of biomass (and land) utilization by producing fuels thermochemically and biologically Source: 2005 DOE OBP Bi-Annual Peer Review (Nov 14-16, 2005), Dr. Richard Bain

6 6 Thermal Conversion Options Are Important to Biofuels Production Goals >Integrated biorefinery benefits from thermal conversion of ‘byproducts’ >“2nd-generation biofuels” : thermal conversion has potential for significantly greater production efficiency of biofuels than fermentation >Two thermal options from biomass: –Syngas intermediate  F-T, alcohols, DME –Bio-oil intermediate  syngas or direct refining/hydrotreating

7 7 Thermochemical Conversion Routes Source: OBP Multi-Year Program Plan 2007-2012 (August 31, 2005)

8 8 Biomass-to-Liquids via Fischer-Tropsch Source: H. Boerittger, Economy of Biomass-to-Liquid Plants (May 2006): ECN-C-06-019 Gasification is a key conversion process

9 9 HYGAS-SNG STEAM-IRON-H 2 U-GAS-Syngas RENUGAS-Syngas Mild-GAS-Coal-refining GTI Experience in Gasification Technologies Leader of International Energy Agency Task 33 - Biomass Gasification

10 10 BIOMASS ASH AIR HOT PRODUCT GAS CYCLONE FLUIDIZED BED GRID ASH REMOVAL SCREW FEEDING SCREW FEED HOPPER GASIFICATION REACTOR Proprietary Fluidized Bed Gasifier >Unique biomass gasification technology developed for: –A wide a range of fuels including agriculture and forest resources –Scalable to all necessary sizes –Multiple process applications >Many years of development and optimization at GTI >Demonstrated at commercial scale by Carbona >High-value syngas production possible –Combined heat and power –High-efficiency electric power –Hydrogen and/or liquid fuels –Co-production

11 11 100 ton per day Bioenergy Demo Plant in Hawaii using bagasse 1000 ton per day U-GAS ® Industrial fuel gas in Shanghai, China using coal 80 ton per day Gasification Pilot Plant in Tampere, Finland using biomass & coal Fluidized-Bed Gasifier Scale-up Projects

12 12 Skive, Denmark Combined Heat & Power PROJECT Pelletized wood fuel 165 tons/day fuel feed, max. 20 MWth for 5.5 MWe + 11.5 MW district heat GTI fluidized bed gasifier – 3 gas engines, 2 boilers International show case: DOE, EU, DEA- subsidy for the project STATUS of PROJECT Ground breaking took place in April 2005 Engineering and procurement for gasification plant by Carbona Plant starting operation in fall 2006

13 13 GTI’s Flex-Fuel Test Facility >Flexible fuel capability >Operational flexibility >Plug and play systems integration and testing

14 14 Features Coal – 10 tpd w/air; 17 tpd w/oxygen Biomass – 24 tpd w/air; 40 tpd w/oxygen Opportunity Fuels & Dual Fuel Operation On-line Syngas Analysis Systems Integrated Process Evaluations Advanced Fuel Feeding Systems Syngas Cleanup Systems CO 2 Capture Technologies Syngas-to-Liquids Production Advanced Power Conversion Systems Hydrogen Production Flex-Fuel Test Facility Capabilities

15 15 GTI Gasification and Gas Processing >Highly experienced senior staff >GTI gasification and gas conditioning know-how (licenses and commercial projects) >Flex-Fuel Test Facility >Laboratory facilities – fuel reactivity, gasification, gas contaminant removal, catalysts performance, membrane permeation and stability, solvent properties, high-volume gas test loop … We are a performing RD&D organization, from concept origination to real-world application.

16 16 Collaboration Opportunities >Develop an Alabama thermal conversion R&D facility –Syngas generation, conditioning and catalysis systems –GTI has done similar projects: >at Ajou University, Korea >at Industrial Technology Research Institute, Taiwan >Participate in new GTI project for AL resource conversion to biofuels –Pretreatment, gasification and pyrolysis conversion technologies for AL biomass materials >Partner on scale-up projects at GTI R&D facilities –e.g., sabbatical & graduate work in bioenergy R&D

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