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Gerard Guiot (1912-1998) Kamal R.M. Woods, MD Department of Neurological Surgery Loma Linda University.

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1 Gerard Guiot (1912-1998) Kamal R.M. Woods, MD Department of Neurological Surgery Loma Linda University

2 Gerard Guiot: The Man French Neurosurgeon Born January 19, 1912 Raised in Fourmies, Northern France Strong musical inclination Married Elsie Bouettery on March 6, 1937 Had 4 daughters

3 Gerard Guiot: His Training Medical School of Paris 1937: Graduated with Laurette distinction and Silver Medal Neurosurgical training under Professor R. Garcin, Paris

4 Gerard Guiot: His Mentors Professor Clovis Vincent Guiot: “spiritual grandson” of Harvey Cushing Professor D. Petit-Dutaillis, “l’Hopital La Pitie” Professor Norman Dott of Edinburgh

5 Clovis VincentPercival Bailey

6 Gerard Guiot: His Work 1944-1956: Corneo-pterygoidal Reflex 1947: Surgical subtemporal approach - mesencephalic tractotomy (pain) - peduncular tractotomy (Parkinsonian tremor) Parasagittal approach to basal ganglia 1950’s: Use of ganglioplegic drugs in Neurosx Treatment of paraplegia in xyphoscoliosis

7 Gerard Guiot: His Work Stereotactic functional techniques, stereotactic frame 1958: electro-physiological exploration of sub-cortical structures with stimulation of IC 1961: microelectrode recording of cell units with Madame D. Albe-Fessard Lacalization and delineation of various thalamic nuclei within 0.5 mm

8 Gerard Guiot (left) and Jules Hardy (right)

9 Gerard Guiot: His Work 1960: First neurosx procedure under complete cardiac and circulatory arrest 1963: Repair of malformations of the skull Approaches to thoraco-cervical spine 1962: Devised new ventriculoscope

10 Gerard Guiot: His Work Trans-sphenoidal approach 1910: first procedure done Harvey Cushing and Oscar Hirsch (ENT) 1929: universally abandoned Resurrected by Dott/Guiot 1950’s: Guiot refined technique - radiofluoroscopy

11 Norman Dott


13 Gerard Guiot: His Publications Over 300 scientific publications -“The Clinical Evolution of Spinal Cord Compression” Inspired over 30 doctorate theses by others

14 Gerard Guiot: His Influence Clovis Vincent: “If you want to learn and do neurosurgery, stay with me and watch me!” Master of neurosurgical teaching in France Member of the American, Belgian, British, German, Italian, Luco-Spanish, Latino- American, Russian, Yugoslavian societies of Neurosurgery July 1968: Charlie Wilson (trans-sphenoidals)

15 Charlie Wilson

16 Guiot Gerard: His Accolades 1940: “Croix de Guerre avec Palme” and “Chevalier de la Legion d’Honneur a titre militaire” 1956: Neurosurgeon of the “Hopitaux de Paris” 1956: Chief of Neurosx service founded at “l’Hopital Foch” in Suresnes, a suburb of Paris 1966: “Officier dans l’Ordre Natinal de Merite 1968: Elected to the SNS 1979: Neurosurgeon of the Year

17 Gerard Guiot: His Passions 400 major operations a year (1500 pit. adenomas) Coronary occlusion in mid 1970’s 1976 still did a little over 200 cases alone Retired Jan 1, 1987 Gardening, old farm village “Les Molieres” Biblical studies Music -Sacred music “is the most immaterial with which one can reach God” (Guiot)

18 Things to Remember Guiot, French Neurosurgeon (1912-1998) Linked to Harvey Cushing by Vincent and Dott Corneal Reflex Subtemporal approach Stereotactic functional techniques Localization and delineation of thalamic nuclei Trans-sphenoidal pituitary surgery Musician by inheritance, Catholic by conviction, and Neurosurgeon by passion

19 References Neurosurgeon of the Year. Gerard Guiot. Surg Neurol. 1979 Jan;11(1):1-2 pituitary_tumors.htm o_820g.JPG


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