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Looking Beyond the Shipyard Economic Development Opportunities and Challenges in Southern Maine and the Seacoast of New Hampshire Charles Colgan University.

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1 Looking Beyond the Shipyard Economic Development Opportunities and Challenges in Southern Maine and the Seacoast of New Hampshire Charles Colgan University of Southern Maine Ross Gittell University of New Hampshire

2 Presentation Outline Framing Goals and Economic Situation The Leading Industries Vulnerabilities Looking Forward Collaboratively: Targeted Areas for Cooperation

3 Overview ”We” came together to save the shipyard PNS is an asset, time to look forward and continue to work together to shape the economic future of the region Geographic Triangle –Boston, Manchester, Portland… the seacoast area is at the center of the triangle.. This presents Opportunity It also includes significant Risks Development Triangle Tourism Center, Technology “Mini-Hub”, Suburb\Retirement Area Movement too much to any of these is not desired Balance among the three can be beneficial Goal: Balanced and Beneficial Development

4 What brings us here… Understanding our Situation and Goals Opportunities Strong economic foundation to work from a leading economic engine/region for 2 states and Northern New England Tensions Growth and sprawl Preserving natural resources and environment Maintaining the quality and character of our community


6 Three Economic Roles TourismSuburb/Retirement Technology

7 Opportunities defined by the two triangles 1. Geography York, Rockingham and Strafford lie at the junction of three expanding urban regions 2. Economic Specialization The region’s future will be defined by the balance between three different economic roles

8 The Shared Seacoast Economy General trends in the economy PNS economic role Employment, Income and Population Comparisons to US, and other counties in the region

9 Economic Role of the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard 8978 1602

10 Demographic and Economic Dynamics Similarities & Differences York and Rockingham, Strafford, Maine and NH, and US Highlighting In-migration (from other states) Declining young adult population “Aging” Baby Boomer Concentration Employment and Population Growth Housing Prices and Income

11 Demographic-Economic Dynamic: All 3 counties have in- migration higher than US average (32%). About 2/3rds of residents in Rockingham were born in another state, just under 50% in York and Stafford.

12 With in-migration …higher skilled and higher income population. Rockingham stands out. US averages define the coordinates.

13 High Concentration of baby boomers in NH and Maine and in Rockingham and York. Relatively low percent of under 18 population in Strafford and York and Maine.

14 Baby Boomers are aging, unlike 1990 the region (except for Strafford) no longer has higher percentage of 25-34 year olds than the US average.

15 Declining young adult (25 to 34 year old) entry level work cohort, 1990 to 2004. Compared to 1990 to 2004, US average of 7% decline in young adults Rockingham County declined 38% York, 23.% Strafford, 13% This is a New England concern… there are 4 states in the region (including NH and Maine) among the 5 states with the greatest percentage decline in young adult population…

16 Now Rockingham and York have high concentration of 45-64 year olds.. This was not true in 1990.

17 Older population concentration in Maine.. Above average percentages of 65+ and below average young cohort in York. Rockingham concentration of boomers. Strafford college aged concentration.

18 Income, Economy, Employment and Industry Focusing on the Industrial Base and Economic Future

19 Household Income Rockingham ranks highest in household income.similar to northeastern Mass.. Strafford and York have lower percentage of high income households.

20 Over last 2 decades Rockingham an employment growth center. York more of a population growth center…Strafford neither.

21 Housing prices in the area relative to 3-state region and compared to US average are not “out of line” with income..but affordability is issue for local workers

22 More recently York emerging as employment growth area and Strafford as a population growth center.

23 Rockingham has balance of leisure & hospitality and high tech employment. York has concentration in leisure and hospitality, not tech. Strafford does not have high concentration of either.

24 Rockingham high per capita income related to high technology concentration and high percent of population with college degree.. Neither York or Strafford above US average in high tech or income per capita.

25 Leading Industries Strafford, Rockingham and York

26 Commonalities among Top 25 Industries in Each County Leading industries defined as high specialization and high growth

27 Key Export Industries Unique to Each County

28 Vulnerabilities Demographics High costs.. Relative to growing areas in US (e.g., North Carolina, Georgia) Turning into a “Boston suburb” or retirement community Differences and frictions across the river

29 Opportunities Industries and industry issues to focus on Export Industries …essential for a strong economic future Manufacturing, small and medium-sized firms, niche supplier firms, and innovation & new product focus High Technology, computer component parts, software development, information and computer system design Tourism, leisure and hospitality and eating establishments Employment Services Services a broad range of industries Both high and low skilled and waged jobs Health Care as an Industry Significant employer Service industry …part of quality of life As export industry … selective areas of opportunity?

30 Opportunities (continued) Industries and industry issues to focus on Professional Services and Corporate Offices Engineering and architectural services Finance and Insurance Construction and real estate..have been strong but vulnerability Creative, culture, music … add to the quality of life and help attract skilled workers and entrepreneurs to the area

31 Development issues that need to be considered Demographics Paucity of younger skilled workers Aging population and workforce Migration … in and out-migration of domestic, foreign immigration Education and training for the “right” jobs and industries K-16+ quality and coordination in the region Need for science, engineering, IT and math focus Promoting Entrepreneurship and Innovation

32 Development issues that need to be considered Quality of Life as an economic development asset recreational amenities, health care system, low crime, historical resource, social capital, socio- economic diversity Infrastructure Housing… affordability, availability for workforce, diversity Transportation – regional multi-modal hub, local roads to relieve bottlenecks on bridges and elsewhere, public transport Energy..costs and alternative fuels/sources Water supply

33 Implementation issues.. Collaboration Acting on common interest Recognizing differences Reducing conflicts Working together on specific initiatives of mutual benefit Marketing/Branding of the Area Business recruitment and retention Tourism development

34 Beyond PNH Initiatives… some ideas Education & Training: Sharing & Adding Capacity/Resources Community college cooperative agreements and arrangements Math, Science & Technology Institute (center of excellence) for primary and secondary students Graduate Education tied to the regional economy – UNH-USM (in business, marine and atmospheric sciences, computer science and engineering programs)

35 Beyond PNH Initiatives… some ideas Transport nodes and roads Strafford-Rockingham-York “mini-128” loop Multi-Modal Hub/Center for commuting Local public transport network (for younger workers, low income and elderly and to reduce pollution) Train service to Boston and other locations Regular bus service to Manchester Airport Ferry Services, tourism and commuters

36 Beyond PNH Initiatives…some more ideas Housing.. Multi-unit and rental in larger cities and towns Conversion of seasonal housing to year- round Business Incubator For technology start-ups For entrepreneurial ventures For female and immigrant owned businesses

37 Community College Resources in the York/Rockingham Region Pease Campus of NHCTC Stratham Campus of NHCTCYork County Community College BiotechnologyAccounting Automotive TechnologyBusiness Administration Computer Aided DraftingEarly Childhood EducationComputer Aided Drafting and Design Computer TechnologyGeneral StudiesComputer Technology Information Systems TechnologyLiberal ArtsCulinary Arts ManagementDigital Media MarketingEarly Childhood Education NursingHotel/Restaurant Management Surgical TechnologyLiberal Studies Verterinary TechnologyPara Education Trade and Technical Occupations

38 Multi-unit housing opportunity

39 Three Economic Roles TourismSuburb/Retirement Technology

40 Where do we go from here ?? It is up to you!!

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