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“EurogemsLt” Association for Social Initiatives Svetlana Beniusiene Project coordinator.

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1 “EurogemsLt” Association for Social Initiatives Svetlana Beniusiene Project coordinator

2 " EurogemsLt" – Association for Social Initiatives is an association focused on the promotion of different activities in regional and national level targeting all age groups of people starting from 14 and older. The Association is a result of an active co-operation with partners in Italy and Lithuania. EurogemsLt belongs to the international chain of Eurogems organizations. "EurogemsLt" goal is to create positive public attitudes on social initiatives to promote humanity and social integration of people with disabilities, youth activities, active adults activities and provide spaces for communication and cooperation between different options and abilities having people. Founders of the association have more than 10 years of experience in the field of project management and social integration activities mostly via different national and international projects. "EurogemsLt" is a non-profit organization born in 2010. It is located in Vilnius, an a small suburb of the city with 30 thousand inhabitants. Since the foundation date in 2010 the organization initiated and implemented over 20 international projects involving young people from the area. The association works with youth exchanges within Youth in Action (now Erasmus+) program, Life Long Learning program projects and others.

3 EurogemsLt is an active body of the program “Youth in Action” and since 2010 implemented over 20 international projects in Lithuania and abroad. Over 50 participants took part in activities. EurogemsLt is a member of: International Eurogems network: http://www.eurogems.e u/le-nostre-sedi-allestero.html http://www.eurogems.e u/le-nostre-sedi-allestero.html Confederation for Children: http://www.nvovaikamskonfedera cija.lthttp://www.nvovaikamskonfedera IDA (International Development Alliance) narė: http://www.idanetwork.eu

4 International activities Implemented projects: "More Mobility More Ability“ Partnership building activity in Armenia, 2010 m. "Ability verso Disability“ youth exchange in Vilnius, May 2011. “Sculpture park incubator“ youth exchange in Taujenai, Lithuania, June 2012. "E-PASs" youth excahnge in Nemencine, Lithuania, September 2012. "Tradition P2P: From Past 2 Present" youth exchange in Cyprus, April 2012. Contact making seminar in Greece "Med Synergy“, January 2012. Partnership building activity “Volunteers for Environment” in Armenia, May 2012. "No Games, Just sports" youth exchange in Portugal, June 2012. “Hush Puppies” youth exchange in Vilnius, June 2013 And many other…


6 Local initiatives Annual environmental event “Mes DAROM!” (Let’s do it!) (environmental activity) Event at Nemenčinė children and youth social center (September 2012). Community events in Karoliniškės suburb Annual traditional events for members of the association (celebrations, parties, trips…)


8 Grundtvig Partnership project “Active Ageing”

9 Background of the project Karoliniskes suburb as an ageing community Lack of any activities for adults Low community spirit

10 Most popular activities after the survey: Gardening (many people have their summer houses); Reading (at home); Walking (just walking in the forest); Knitting and other crafts (at home alone); Chatting with neighbors.

11 Aim of the project is to encourage adults on local and international level to be more active and promote active participation of adults in non-formal education activities in order to stimulate their professional, social, personal and career development. Objectives of this partnership are: 1. Promote good practice sharing activities among adults of different countries and backgrounds; 2. Discover and promote different non-formal education opportunities and leisure time activities for adults to improve their social and personal abilities by organizing local and international seminars, conferences and fairs; 3. Collect information locally and internationally about the most popular and available activities for adults in the area, region (depending on every organization regional scope); 4. Analyze available leisure time activities that promote inclusion of people with disabilities and equal participation of both genders; 5. Analyze an impact that active involvement of adults in leisure time activities make on their active social participation (make an inquiry locally); 6. Create one "tool" to increase participation of adults accessible for all countries and groups; 7. Discuss the mutual cooperation tools between employers and future employees on personal and professional improvement in order to get a better job.

12 To reach those objectives we use these approaches: 1. Meetings (international mobilities of adults, local meetings with target groups); 2. Seminars (presenting available tools for non-formal education (programs, scholarships)); 3. Fair of leisure time activity and non-formal education organizations (locally); 4. Inquiry and reports (to discover the situation on the topic on the local level); 5. Good practice sharing (presentations of good practices on-line and on internet using web-pages of partners, descriptions of active tools in electronic version and printed); 6. Dissemination of project ideas and results (posters, leaflets); 7. International mobilities of adults (around 70 individual mobilities).

13 What we have done so far? Established a group of active people in the community (5 core persons); Made a research on situation and preferences for leisure time activities; Established 2 activities for people and promoted them, run these activities every week involving around 30 people.

14 1 Contacted local municipality Organized a meeting with active members of the community 2 Organized a survey Suggested 2 activities based of survey results Made a promotion of activities via leaflets, posters, local municipality and activity group 3 Run 2 activities every week: Nordic walking and Crafts Increase the number of involved people from 5 to 30



17 Thank you!

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