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Participants Jamie Cook Hannah Parker Perth Modern School.

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1 Participants Jamie Cook Hannah Parker Perth Modern School

2 Aim To find the relationship between licensed alcohol retailers in a suburb to the amount of crashes in that suburb.

3 Why have we chose the problem We believe alcohol related incidents are a large problem in today’s society, so a map detailing information about the best and worst suburbs will help future planning and alcohol license distribution, and will allow the councils responsible for the suburbs a greater ability to plan the viable, healthy and safe future of their constituents.

4 How the task was approached We requested a map of all WA suburbs and a visual map interpretation of the crash data of each suburb. We then continued to discover the amount of relevant licensed premises per suburb and used all of the information to deduce our outcome.

5 Software used ArcMap ArcCatalog Google Microsoft Powerpoint Microsoft Word

6 Data Used The data we used: Suburbs of WA map Crash data of WA Licensed premises by suburb

7 Method After receiving the crash data and map of WA we proceeded to assemble in ArcMap in a manner that could be understood by outside users. We altered the map from a series of dots to a colour coded version for easier use. We then proceeded to find the suburbs from least crashes to most crashes, taking an example from each and discovered the licensed premises for them and produced an outcome.


9 Results We discovered that hypothesis was incorrect and that there was in fact no correlation between the amount of alcohol licensed premises and crashes per suburb.

10 Results (table) Perth (worst) Subiaco (worse middle) Cloverdale (middle) Peppermint Grove (better middle) Myara (best) 37 24 8 28 Suburb and ranking based on crashes no. of licensed places

11 Problems Faced Crash data and suburb map were at entirely different scales. Not receiving the required information. Difficulty in interpreting yellowpages information output.

12 What we achieved A semi accurate map that will allow slightly greater interpretation of crash data and alcohol related crashes. Unfortunately this cannot be used for any official purposes due to it’s inaccuracy and lack of information.

13 We would like to give a special thanks to: Mr Steve Lowry Mr Tom Gardner Mr Danny Grillo Ms Janine Belling

14 References Yellow Pages Google

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