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2 Who is Jewish? –This seems like a simple question but the answer often isn't so simple –Who wants to know? The Jewish community The Rabbis in the community

3 Where to look for the answer What the Bible says about who is Jewish – Covenants (Aramaic, Davidic, Mosaic) – The Patriarchs (Abraham, Isaac, Jacob – Leviticus (the law and the priesthood) What the Rabbis say about who is Jewish What the Jewish people say about who is Jewish

4 Jewish Culture Invades Our Culture









13 Where do the Jewish people live? Israel – 5,703,700* United States – 5,275,000 France – 483,500 Canada – 375,000 United Kingdom – 292,000 Russian Federation – 205,000 Argentina – 205,000 Germany – 119,000 Australia – 107,500 Brazil – 95,600 Ukraine – 71,500 South Africa – 70,800

14 Jewish Communities of the USA New York City Miami Philadelphia Boston Washington D.C. Hartford, CT Cleveland, OH Los Angeles Las Vegas Chicago

15 What Jewish People Look Like



18 “It’s funny, you don’t look Jewish”

19 You’re Jewish?

20 How to be Jewish Culturally Religiously Or “being Jewish” vs. following Judaism

21 Religious Jewish Expression Most Jews (in this country) live in various types of unbelief: – Secularism – New Ageism – Atheist – Agnostic – Jewish and (Buddhist, Hindu etc.)

22 Branches of Judaism – Orthodox – Conservative – Reform

23 Orthodox Judaism Practices relate back to the 2 nd through 5 th century Seeks to preserve traditional Judaism Torah Observant Represents 14% US Jewish Population

24 What the Orthodox Believe Torah is the truth Oral and written law are both divinely inspired God is spirit (in form) God is personal – Omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient, eternal and compassionate Do not believe in original sin, but personal sin can be absolved through prayer and practicing the Law

25 What the Orthodox Believe (cont.) Messiah is personal. He is like a superhuman with God like qualities but not God. Messiah will restore Israel and execute judgment. Believe in the resurrection of the dead. Righteous will live forever with God in the Garden of Eden and the unrighteous will suffer for their sins.

26 Conservative Judaism Emerged out of 19 th century Germany Middle ground to the extreme assimilationist movement of the Reform Jews Maintain the basic traditions while adapting to modern life Represents 40% of the US Jewish population

27 What Conservative Jews Believe The Bible is the word of God and man and is dynamically inspired Divine revelation is ongoing God is ineffable and impersonal God concept is flexible and less dogmatic

28 What Conservative Jews Believe (cont.) We can sin personally or morally but they do not believe in a “sin nature” Salvation can be achieved through maintain Jewish identity and doing good works Messiah is not personal but there is a messianic age No life after death

29 Reform Judaism Following the 18 th century after emancipation from the ghetto Modernization of Judaism in order to be more practical and avoid total assimilation into the daily life in Germany

30 What Reform Jews Believe Torah is a human document preserving the history, cultural, legends and hope of a people. Its value is in preserving moral and ethical insights. God is concept with a wide latitude for mystical interpretations “The truth is that we do not know the truth”

31 What Reform Jews Believe (cont.) There is no “original sin”. Sin is reinterpreted as the ills of society Salvation is attained through the betterment of self and the betterment of society There is no personal Messiah but a movement that are are already in towards a Utopian age No life after death. We live in in the memories of our loved ones

32 Affects of Modernism and Post Modernism on the Jews Diaspora Assimilation and Intermarriage Secularism and unbelief

33 What’s the Good News? Here are some key spiritual truths to hold onto – The gospel is a present priority (Romans 1:16) – Salvation is from the Jews and for the Jews (Jn 4:22, Rom. 10:4) and for everyone – At present we see a remnant chosen by grace(Rom 11:5) – All Israel shall be saved! (Zach 12:10, Rom.11:26, Isa. 59:20-21, 27:9)

34 Why Jews don’t believe: Part 1 Problems Facing Jewish Evangelism Today Replacement Theology Dual Covenant Theology General apathy towards evangelism Ignorance Fear Lack of opportunity

35 Why Jews don’t believe: Part 2 Jewish Reaction to Evangelism Fear of the loss of Jewish identity Self preservation Hostility Hardened hearts Spiritual blindness in part Jewish objections to the gospel

36 Top Three Jewish Objections to the Gospel 1.Unwritten social contract, “you can’t be both Jewish and believe in Jesus” a.Self preservation b.Need for Jewish identity c.“Us and Them” concept

37 Jewish Objections (cont.) 2.“We believe in one God not three!” a.Incorrect estimation of who the trinity is b.Support the oneness of Echad vs. the “threeness” of the trinity (Deut. 6:4)

38 Jewish Objections (Cont.) “I’m no sinner. Now Hitler, he was a sinner!” a.No belief in original sin b.Not a strong belief in personal sin c.Personal sin can be absolved by works and observance d.Unclear picture of judgment/afterlife

39 Reasons Jews Should Believe in Jesus

40 Jesus was Jewish (and he eats Kosher)

41 Jesus Fulfills the Law and the Prophets

42 Reconciled to God only through Jesus

43 Being Jewish and Believing in Jesus makes you a…

44 You could be Jewish without believing in Jesus. But who’d want to?

45 Want More? Online: Dial up: 415-864-2100 Visit our booth! – Internships – Summer outreach



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