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Helped by God’s Messenger Quiz Lesson 45 Quiz Lesson 45.

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1 Helped by God’s Messenger Quiz Lesson 45 Quiz Lesson 45

2 How does God protect his people from Satan’s deceptions? __ He gives them the Bible and helps them understand truth, so they will recognize any error. __ He keeps Satan from trying to deceive them.

3 What did Margaret and Katie Fox do? __ They said they had visions from God which they wrote out. __ They actually communicated with a dead man. __ They actually communicated with evil angels.

4 True or False? __ Trying to talk to dead people is okay because they can’t communicate. __ Talking with the dead is really talking with evil angels who pretend to be a dead person. __ God says that we should have nothing to do with spiritualism. It is very dangerous. __ It is okay to watch movies and read books that contain spiritualism.

5 Number the events in order (1-6) __ A church conference was held in Battle Creek. __ Because James White didn’t want to offend anyone, he did not publish Ellen White’s visions. __ Ellen White wrote out what she had seen in recent visions. __ Since the visions were basically ignored, God gave fewer visions. __ Eventually, these books grew into a 9-volume set, the Testimonies for the Church. __ James White began publishing the Advent Review and Sabbath Herald.

6 True or False? __ Ellen White’s writings are sometimes called the Spirit of Prophecy. __ One identifying mark of God’s remnant church is that they will have a prophet. __ In the 1880s, doctors told patients with lung trouble to smoke tobacco for medicine. __ God told Ellen White that tobacco was a deadly poison. __ Most of our illnesses come from our own wrong choices. __ It is okay to ignore messages God has sent through Ellen White.

7 The people at the meeting in Battle Creek believed that Ellen White’s visions... __ were inspire by God. __ were helpful. __ disagreed with the Bible. __ were truthful. __ were made up by Ellen White __ agreed with the Bible.

8 In what city did the following events take place? __ The 1856 conference to plan the work of the church, the center of Adventist publishing in the 1850s, and the place where people studied how to support the minsters of the Adventist church __ The home of Ellen White where M. L. Andreasen visited __ Ellen White’s vision about the knockings or rappings in New York

9 Match Revelation 12:17 Revelation 19:10 Revelation 12:17 The remnant obey God’s commandments and have the testimony of Jesus. Satan makes war against the remnant. The testimony of Jesus of the spirit of prophecy.

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