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1 Old Testament Survey Ezra - Malachi Prepared And Presented By: Dean Morgan.

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1 1 Old Testament Survey Ezra - Malachi Prepared And Presented By: Dean Morgan

2 2 Ezra The Book Of The Returning Remnant

3 3 Ezra Theme: God used pagan kings and godly leaders to restore His people by reinstituting temple worship and reviving the law of Moses. Scope: Ezra contains a history of approximately 75 years. To Whom Written: to the returning remnant as a record of their identity.

4 4 Ezra Key Chapter: 6. Dedication of the Temple. Key Verse: 1:5 Key Word: Build. Key Phrase: The Word of the Lord: 1:1. Key Thought: Return from captivity and rebuild the Temple. Spiritual Thought: Repair God’s house.

5 5 Nehemiah The Book Of Consolidation And Conclusion

6 6 Nehemiah Nehemiah = “comforted of God.” Theme: God encircled His people with protection by the walls Nehemiah rebuilt and by the law Ezra reestablished. Scope: Nehemiah contains a history of from 12 – 15 years. When and Where Written: About 435 B.C., in Jerusalem.

7 7 Nehemiah Key Chapter: 1. Nehemiah’s prayer concerning Israel. Key Verses: 1:8, 9 Key Words: Prayer: 1:4 and Work: 6:3. Key Phrase: Arise and build: 2:20. Key Thought: Rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem.

8 8 Nehemiah: Spiritual Thoughts 1.Rebuild God’s city. 2.The people had a mind to work: 4:6.

9 9 Esther The Book Of Divine Providence

10 10 Esther “Esther” is probably derived from the Persian word stara, meaning star. Theme: God worked behind the scenes to save the Jews from destruction by exalting Esther as queen of Persia and turning the tables on their enemies (4:14; 9:1). Scope: A history of approximately 12 years. When and Where Written: About 450 B.C. in Susa (Shushan), Persia.

11 11 Esther Key Chapter: 6. Mordecai exalted. Key Verse: 4:14 Key Word: Deliverance. Key Phrase: “For such a time as this” 4:14.

12 12 Job The Book Of Suffering And Patience

13 13 Job Key Chapter: 38. Job’s consciousness of God. Key Verses: 33:10; 13:15 Key Word: Tried. Key Phrase: Blessed by the name of the Lord: 1:21. Key Thought: Testing – the death of self

14 14 Psalms The Book Of Devotion And Praise

15 15 Psalms The Hebrew word for Psalms means “praise” or “hymns.” It has been called the “heart of the Bible.” Luther called it “The Little Bible.” Jerome called it “The Bible within the Bible.” Psalm 119 is the longest chapter in the Bible. Psalm 117 is the shortest, and the middle chapter in the Bible. Psalm 118:8 is the middle verse in the Bible “It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man.” The word “Selah” occurs 71 times in the Psalms.

16 16 Psalms Key Chapter: 119. The Word of God. Key Verses: 29:2; 95:1. Key Phrase: Praise the Lord: 7:17 Key Thought: The life of God. Spiritual Thought: The saint on his knees: 34:6. The phrase “I cried” is found 18 times in the Psalms. In Job man is taught to know himself; in Psalms he is taught to know the Lord.

17 17 Psalms – Looking Unto God 5:3 a.If you want to be distressed, Look Within b.If you want to be defeated, Look Back c.If you want to be distracted, Look Around d.If you want to be dismayed, Look Ahead e.If you want to be disappointed, Look To Man f.If you want to be delivered, Look To Christ g.If you want to be delighted, Look Up

18 18 Proverbs Laws Of Heaven For Life Upon Earth

19 19 Proverbs The word “proverb” comes from a Hebrew word meaning “to rule or to govern.” May be called “Heaven’s rules for men on earth.” Key Chapter: 8. Value of wisdom. Key Verses: 4:23; 8:13a; 9:10a.

20 20 Proverbs Key Word: Wisdom, mentioned 104 times. See 1 Corinthians 2:13. Key Phrase: The fear of the Lord: 9:10. Key Thought: The School of God. Spiritual Thought: The saint on his feet.

21 21 Ecclesiastes Ancient Wisdom For Modern Man

22 22 Ecclesiastes Key Chapter: 12. A call to remember God. Key Verses: 1:2,3 Key Word: Vanity, found 37 times. Key Thought: The vanity of earthly life: 1 John 2:15-17. Spiritual Thought: Happiness and hopefulness are impossible apart from God.

23 23 Song Of Solomon The Book Of Heavenly Love

24 24 Song Of Solomon The full name of this book is “The Song of Songs, which is Solomon’s.” Contents 1.Allegorical view 2.Literal view 3.Dramatic view 4.Literary view

25 25 Song Of Solomon: Contents 5.Liturgical view 6.Didactic-moral view 7.Wedding Song view 8.Love Song view Writer: Solomon: 1:1. Key Chapter: 1 – Communion of bride and bridegroom.

26 26 Song Of Solomon Key Verse: 6:3 Key Word: Beloved Key Phrase: My beloved is mine, and I am his: 2:16. Key Thought: The fullness of Christ. Spiritual Thought: Love Him with all your heart.

27 27 The Prophetical Books

28 28

29 29 Prophetical Books Prophecy, simply defined, is speaking forth the revealed Word of God, whether the message pertains to the present or to the future.

30 30 Isaiah The Evangelical Prophet

31 31 Isaiah Isaiah means “the salvation of Jehovah”. Key Chapter: 53. The suffering Savior. Key Verse: 53:5 Key Word: Salvation, found 28 times. Key Phrase: The Holy One of Israel: 1:4. Key Thought: Consolation and salvation. Spiritual Thought: He (Messiah) is coming.

32 32 Jeremiah The Book Of Horror And Hope

33 33 Jeremiah Key Chapter: 2. Plea for Israel to return to God. Key Verse: 2:19 Key Words: 1. Backsliding, found 13 times. 2. Return, found 47 times. Key Phrase: Go and cry: 2:2 Key Thought: Denunciation and wickedness.

34 34 Lamentations The Book Of Tears

35 35 Lamentations Purpose: To teach us how to have fellowship with Him in His sufferings. Key Chapter: 3, Jeremiah sharing Israel’s affliction. Key Verse: 1:1 Key Word: Tears. Key Phrase: Mourning and lamentations: 2:5. Key Thought: Affliction, found 9 times.

36 36 Ezekiel The Book Of Glory Lost And Regained

37 37 Ezekiel Key Chapter: 37, The “Dry Bone” chapter. Key Verse: 1:1 Key Word: Vision. Key Thought: The glory of the Lord Spiritual Thought: I will restore the sanctuary. Names and Titles of God: Jehovah- shammah – Jehovah is there, ever present.

38 38 Daniel The Book Of Loyalty And Light

39 39 Daniel Daniel means “God is my judge.” He is the prophet of the “time of the Gentiles.” Daniel has been called the prophet of dreams. Key Chapter: 2, Nebuchadnezzar’s dream and its interpretation.

40 40 Daniel Key Verse: 2:44; 7:14 Key Word: Kingdom, found 57 times. Key Phrase: In the latter days: 2:28. Spiritual Thought: He will bring in the kingdom.

41 41 The Minor Prophets

42 42 Hosea The Backslider’s Book

43 43 Hosea Subject: The apostasy and restoration of Israel. Purpose: To teach us the unchangeableness of God’s counsels concerning Israel. Key Chapter: 3. God’s undying love. Key Verses: 13:9, 10.

44 44 Hosea Key Word: Return, found 15 times. Key Phrase: Latter days: 3:5 Key Thought: Backsliding Spiritual Thought: Return, O Israel.

45 45 Joel The Book Of God’s Severity And Goodness

46 46 Joel Subject: Judgment of the day of the Lord with blessings that follow. Purpose: To teach us that judgment always precedes blessing. Key Chapter: 2 – The day of the Lord. Key Verses: 2:12-14, 32.

47 47 Joel Key Word: Repent. Key Phrase: The day of the Lord. Key Thought: Turn to Me: 2:12. Spiritual Thought: Sound the alarm.

48 48 Amos The Book Of The Plumb Line

49 49 Amos Amos = “Burdened”. He was known as the “farmer prophet”. Purpose: To teach us that the sins that separate us from God must be judged before fellowship can be restored (1 John 1:9). Key Chapter: 9, Israel’s dispersion and restoration. Key Verse: 7:8

50 50 Amos Key Word: Plumb line: 7:7, which is a symbol of judgment according to righteousness, to test the uprightness of God’s people. Key Phrases: 1.Can two walk together except they be agreed? 3:3. 2.For three transgressions…and for four: 1:3, 6, 9, 11, etc. This expression was used to show that their cup of iniquity was full and running over.

51 51 Amos Key Thought: Prepare to meet your God: 4:12 Spiritual Thought: Drop (use) the plumb line.

52 52 The Book Of Doom For Anti-Semitics

53 53 Obadiah Obadiah = “a servant”. Subject: God’s special care over the Jews, and the certainty of punishment of those who persecute them. Purpose: To assure us of final victory over our enemies in the heavenlies, and the eternal possession of our blessings in Christ.

54 54 Obadiah Key Verse: 1:15 Key Word: Retribution. Key Phrase: The house of Jacob shall possess their possessions. Key Thought: Edom’s punishment and Israel’s glory. Spiritual Thought: Possess your possessions.

55 55 Jonah The Book Of God’s Mercy

56 56

57 57 Jonah Subject: God’s dealing with a disobedient prophet and Nineveh’s repentance. Purpose: To reveal to us typically God’s dealing with His Son as a substitute for disobedient ones; and to teach us that God’s mercy and faithfulness are extended to each of His servants. Key Chapter: 2, the prayer of Jonah.

58 58 Jonah Key Verse: 3:2 Key Word: Preach. Key Phrase: Arise and go: 1:2. Key Thoughts: 1.Then Jonah prayed: 2:1 2.Salvation is of the Lord: 2:9 Spiritual Thought: “Woe is me if I do not preach the gospel!”

59 59 Micah The Book Of Doom And Glory

60 60 Micah Micah = “who is like Jehovah?” He is the “herald” prophet. He was also the prophet of “practical religion.” Subject: The declaration of Israel’s sin and God’s grace in sending the Savior and King. Purpose: To reveal to us God’s unfathomable love in seeking and saving us when we were dead in trespass and sins.

61 61 Micah Key Chapter: 7, Confession and Intercession. Key Verse: 1:2 Key Word: Hear Key Phrase: The Lord has a controversy with His people: 6:2. Key Thoughts: 1.The return of the remnant 2.The restoration of Israel 3.The reign of the Messiah

62 62 Micah Spiritual Thought: Look and Live. Seed Thought: The “Golden Rule” of the Old Testament: 6:8 a.Do justly b.Love mercy c.Walk humbly with your God

63 63 Nahum The Book Of Perversity And Penalty

64 64 Nahum Nahum = comfort or full of comfort. He is the “World’s” prophet. Subject: The revelation of the majesty of God, and the announcement of the sure and final judgment of bloody Nineveh. Purpose: To teach us that God is longsuffering and full of mercy but He is also just and must punish sin: 1:7, 8 with Galatians 6:7.

65 65 Nahum Key Chapter: 3 Key Verses: 1:2, 3, 7. Key Word: Jealous: 1:2 Key Phrase: An utter end: 1:8, 9. Key Thought: Judgment follows sin. Spiritual Thought: The severity of God.

66 66 Habakkuk The Book Of The Mysteries Of Providence

67 67 Habakkuk Habakkuk = “embrace.” He was the “questioning” prophet. Subject: God’s holiness manifested through His judgments upon Judah by the hands of the Chaldeans. Purpose: To teach us that God is holy and must always act in righteousness to every man.

68 68 Habakkuk Key Chapter: 3, Habakkuk’s faith. Key Verse: 2:4 Key Word: Faith. Key Phrase: Why do you: 1:3. Key Thought: Prayer changes things. Or, better yet, Prayer changes people and people change things. Spiritual Thought: There’s light ahead: 3:4.

69 69 Zephaniah The Book Of Wonder And Wrath

70 70 Zephaniah Zephaniah = “hidden of Jehovah.” He was the “judgment” prophet, the prophet of “punishment and promise.” He was also the prophet of “Gentile conversion.” Subject: God’s great wrath upon the world, and upon Judah in particular, in the “day of the Lord,” and His great mercy in hiding the “remnant of Israel,” who will seek Him.

71 71 Zephaniah Purpose: To show us that our heavenly Father, who saved us from His wrath by placing it upon His Son, will keep us safe from wrath to come. Key Chapter: 3, God’s deliverance. Key Verse: 1:12 Key Word: Search. Key Phrase: The day of the Lord: 1:14.

72 72 Zephaniah Key Thought: The fire of jealousy: 1:18. Spiritual Thoughts: 1.Trust in the name of the Lord: 3:12 2.Sing as you go: 3:14

73 73 Haggai The Builder’s Book

74 74 Haggai Haggai means “my feast,” or “festival,” He was the “businessman” among the prophets. Subject: God’s message of encouragement to the weal remnant that they might build the Temple, the house of the Lord. Purpose: To encourage us in getting the gospel to the uttermost parts of the earth, and thus help build the spiritual Temple, the church of the living God.

75 75 Haggai Key Chapter: 2, Beholding and Behaving. Key Verse: 1:8 Key Word: Build. Key Phrase: Be strong and work: 2:4. Key Thought: Consider your ways: 1:7. Spiritual Thought: Put first things first.

76 76 Zechariah The Book Of The Future

77 77 Zechariah Zechariah = “one whom Jehovah remembers.” Purpose: To encourage our hearts by assuring us of His love and purpose for us in grace, reassuring us that the promises for His heavenly people are unchangeable and must be fulfilled. Subject: God’s unchangeable purpose in grace toward Jerusalem as His dwelling place in the midst of His people Israel.

78 78 Zechariah Key Chapter: 14, The visible return of Christ. Key Verse: 1:3 Key Word: Turn. Key Phrase: I am jealous: 1:14. Key Thought: God’s love and care for His people.

79 79 Zechariah: Spiritual Thoughts 1.The Lord shall yet comfort Zion: 1:17 2.Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit: 4:6 3.The eyes of the Lord run to and fro: 4:10 4.Holiness unto the Lord: 14:20

80 80 Malachi The Book Of Denunciation And Hope

81 81 Malachi Malachi = “Jehovah’s messenger.” He is sometimes called the “unknown prophet with an angel’s name.” Subject: God’s last message to Israel, revealing His love and holiness in judging their sins, and promises to the godly remnant of future blessings in the coming of Messiah. Purpose: To search and comfort our hearts with the blessed hope of Christ’s return.

82 82 Malachi Key Chapter: 4, The day of the Lord. Key Verse: 4:2 Key Word: Wherein. Key Phrase: Yet ye say: 2:17; 3:8. Key Thought: Will you rob God? Spiritual Thought: Lo! His messenger. Listen to him (Matthew 17:5).

83 83 Malachi: Tithing a.Tithing is an act of love. b.Tithing is God’s plan for financing His work. c.Tithing gives us a part in His program. d.Tithing deepens the spiritual life. e.Tithing unlocks heaven’s windows for all who will take God at His Word. f.Tithing brings real Christian happiness and blessing when we give God what rightfully belongs to Him. g.Tithing teaches us that real giving begins after we give out tithe.

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