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Latin America and the Caribbean Partnership in Action ¡Missionworks! October 2010.

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1 Latin America and the Caribbean Partnership in Action ¡Missionworks! October 2010

2 The LAC Region 22 Countries Peru ArgentinaDominican RepublicJamaica BelizeEcuadorMexico BrazilEl SalvadorNicaragua ChileGuadeloupeParaguay ColombiaGuatemalaPeru Costa RicaHaitiPuerto Rico CubaHondurasUruguay Venezuela Guadeloupe

3 Partnership in action: 1.Some themes from LAC 2.What means accompaniment? 3.Updates on: Haiti, Chile

4 Some issues from LAC Three songs from Argentina, by Leon Gieco Rock Band “Mothers of love” – about the Plaza de Mayo mothers and grandmothers seach for their dissappeared children and grandchildren. “Fair treatment” – migration “In memoriam” – militarism, war, lack of justice, complicity

5 Mothers of love They are planting more life than the number of those who were killed. They are searching pictures from yesterday and today. They will keep going tomorrow with fire in their feet, burning out forgot, silence and impunity. Spacing faith…

6 “El mundo está amueblado con maderas del Brasil y hay grandes agujeros en la selva misionil. Europa no recuerda los barcos que mandó. Gente herida por la guerra esta tierra los salvó.” “The world has furnitures with wood that came from Brazil, and there are big holes in the forest from Misiones. Europe does not remember the ships that she sends with hurted people that this land saved.” Si me pedís que vuelva otra vez donde nací, yo pido que tu empresa se vaya de mi país. Y así será de igual a igual. If you ask me to return to my homeland, I would ask you that your business leave my country. In that way, it would be an equal treatment.

7 Todo está guardado en la memoria Everything is safe in the memory - 2,000 people would eat for a year with the money that is used in one military minute. -Chico Mendes, enviromentalist killed in Brasil -Death squad -The justice that look but do not see. -When the churches were silent.

8 A model of mission based on ‘acompañamiento’ 1. Acompañamiento – accompaniment Compartir - Partake the bread Mutual accompaniment 2. To share dreams, challenges, strengths and weakness.

9 Mutual accompaniment “If you have come here to help me then you are wasting your time, but if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine then let us work together.” –Lila Watson, Australian aboriginal activist

10 Haiti Map

11 The National Palace (Before January 12, 2010)

12 The National Palace (After January 12, 2010)

13 CONASPEH Center


15 CONASPEH The National Spiritual Council of Churches of Haiti Interdenominational Council of Churches 6,700 local congregations Founded in 1986 1.5 million members “Our vision is to eliminate the racial, state and religious exclusion of which member churches have been victims, and to promote religious, economic, social, moral and intellectual development in the country.”

16 CONASPEH Logo The symbol of CONASPEH, an inverted tree, represents the organization’s philosophy, its source and jurisdiction: the mandate comes from God and it is on earth that one is called to work and to help the poor to obtain the fruits of heaven.

17 House of Hope Ecumenical Committee for Peace and Justice (COPJ) House of Hope is a program that benefits children laboring as domestic servants, assists young moms, single girls, and a few elderly women who have been abandoned by providing them with a safe place where they can learn social skills such as conflict resolution and a professional trade.

18 House of Hope New Building

19 Local Church in Cite Soleil

20 Memorial Service for Earthquake Victims

21 CONASPEH Board of Directors with UCC/Disciples Delegation

22 The first building is under construction

23 Chile

24 Damaged House

25 First Objective: Blessing Cabins The Pentecostal Church is in the process of building emergency housing units for 200 families affected by the earthquake. 180 families are poor local families who are members of the church, and the other families are from the same community. Holistic Response from Pentecostal Church

26 Second Objective: Doors of Hope The Pentecostal Church also has been trainning leaders and pastors of the church in primary and secondary attention in trauma healing and strengthening resilience. Holistic Response from Pentecostal Church

27 Blessing Cabins

28 Cabin Construction

29 Cabin Dedication

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