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DADA in Germany (Hannover) Kurt Schwitters and the MERZ.

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1 DADA in Germany (Hannover) Kurt Schwitters and the MERZ

2 Kurt Schwitters Hannover 1887-1948 Kendal (England). Started to study “applied arts” in 1908. Then studied abstract art at the Royal Art academy of Dresden until 1914. Worked as a draughtsman until conscripted in 1917. Return to civil life and study sculpture in 1918. Discover the concept of “Merz” a word play – truncation – on Komerz. A technique of recuperation that involves throwaway pieces that are the remnant of industrial products: a collage of pieces of natural and colored wood, tram tickets, stamps and other “poor” materials, together with some pictorial additions. He also produced poetic texts made up of fragments of words and phrases taken from the most banal everyday language or counterpointed by elementary sounds. Travel to Berlin in 1918 to meet with Arp (abstract art) and meet with the Dada. History has it that he was rejected by them as too esthetical.

3 Publishes Anna Blum in Dec. 1919 and this brings him fame. 1920 His Merz are part of a vanguard exhibit arranged by Katherine Dreier at the Société Anonyme (the first incorporation of the MoMa) in New York. He starts to have public recitals for his literary works. 1922 Participates in the meeting DADA- Constructivist in Weimar. Forge long lasting links with constructivist para- Dada groups in Holland (Theovan Doesburg ) Russia (El Lissitsky ) and the Bauhaus movement in Weimar. 1923 Creates the magazine Merz 1924 Publishes Nasci with El Lissitsky. Creates the Merz Werbe advertising agency. 1925 Visit by Katherine Dreier. Interest in photography. Publishes the “Scherzo” of Ursonate.

4 «Huelsendadaism is oriented towards politics and against art and against culture. I am tolerant and allow every man his own view of the world, but I am compelled to state that such an outlook is alien to Merz. As a matter of principle, Merz aims only at art, because no man can serve two masters.»



7 Dada and Constructivists 1922




11 1927 Travels to Paris, starts work on the Cathedral of Erotic Misery. 1928 1928 Visits Italy and joins French group of abstract artists “Cercle et carré”. Meets with Duchamp and Dreier to prepare a MoMa exhibit in New York. Travel in the Mediterrannée and works until 1932 on diverse projects. 1932 Joins the French group “abstraction-création”. Return to Hannover to produce the first model of the “Cathedral” now renammed “Merzbau”. 1934 Moves to Norway 1936-1937 Schwitters exhibit at the MOMA. 1938 Art exhibit in London 1940 Escapes Nazi troops invading Norway. Arrives in England. Arrested. Interned in the Isle of Man. 1942 Liberated. Moves to Barnes. 1943 Allied bombing raids destroy the “Merzbau” in Hannover. 1944 Move to Ambleside in the Lake District. New Merzbau “Merzwall” 1946 Receives a grant from the MOMA to restore the Merzbau in Hannover. Very ill. 1947 Terminally ill he tries to finish the Merzbau III in England. 1948 Dies on January 8. His body is transferred to Hannover.


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