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Decidua, chorion, placenta, umbilical cord.

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1 Decidua, chorion, placenta, umbilical cord.
Doc. MUDr. Marie Jirkovská, CSc. Institute of Histology and Embryology

2 Decidua endometrium in pregnancy- decidua basalis - pars materna placentae
schema secretory phase decidual cells

3 Chorion Decidua basalis
B.M.Carlson: Human Embryology and Developmental Biology, 1999 Decidua basalis

4 Chorionic villi primary (P) secondary (S) tertiary (T)
syncytiotrophoblast cytotrophoblast S P capillary P Hofbauer‘s cells

5 Chorion S - syncytiotrophoblast, C - cytotrophoblast, M - mesenchyme, H - Hofbauer cells

6 Chorionic villi *proliferation and migration of cytotrophoblast, C – cytotrophoblast shell, V – chorionic villus, D - decidua V V * C C * D

7 Relationship of decidua and chorion

8 Human placenta at term maternal part (decidua basalis) cotyledons
Discoid (diameter 15 – 20 cm, thickness 2 – 3 cm) – according shape Hemochorial villous – according structure Placenta consists of: fetal part (villous chorion) and maternal part (decidua basalis) cotyledons

9 Human placenta at term – a scheme
Fetal part: chorionic plate and cotyledons consisting of one or more main stem villi and their branches. Maternal part: decidual plate is covered by syncytiotrophoblast, contains decidual cells and remnants of the cytotrophoblastic shell.

10 Placenta at low magnification

11 Stem and intermediate villi
Fibrinoid – eosinophilic mass on the surface of villi, decidua basalis and chorionic plate (material composed of fibrin from maternal blood and degenerated cells).

12 vasculosyncytial membrane
Placenta Terminal villi Placental septum vasculosyncytial membrane syncytiotrophoblast cytotrophoblast decidual cell capillary

13 3-D reconstruction of the villous capillary bed

14 Umbilical cord length cca 50 cm
A – a. umbilicalis, V – v. umbilicalis, E – ectoderm of the amnion, W – Wharton‘s jelly E W V A W V A E

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