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Datalink Systems Inc. Datalink Systems Inc. has been developing wireless IP packet data communications software since 1996. Our DataNET IP routing software.

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1 Datalink Systems Inc. Datalink Systems Inc. has been developing wireless IP packet data communications software since 1996. Our DataNET IP routing software is considered a leader in the field, and is in use by military and Government agencies around the world. The US Department of Justice uses five encrypted DataGates for protection and monitoring of field agents.

2 DataNET by Datalink Systems Inc. An Introduction In 1996 Datalink Systems Inc. management took a different approach to developing GPS based tracking software. Rather than designing a GPS tracking hardware device and then creating base office tracking software to work with the device, Datalink’s engineers were tasked with developing a back-end software system capable of working with a range of devices, including those developed by other companies. This allowed for multiple networks and a wide range of devices to be fully integrated into a common system. The DataNET suite is a complete end-to-end software solution designed to integrate with a range of third-party hardware products. It can be installed on any Windows Server or PC, allowing complete control of the software without the cost and loss of control associated with an external provider. DataGate is the packet data IP routing software that can be operated as a central server, catering to a number of unrelated customers located anywhere there is Internet access, or sold to larger corporations or government agencies who wish to have complete control within their own network. DataGate can also augment an existing system adding new networks and features. DataGate will connect to an existing server through TCP/IP connections or common SQL database.

3 DataNET Key Features Multiple terrestrial and satellite network interfaces Built-in web, email and SMS servers Mapping support including Google, Bing and OpenStreetMap Works with static and dynamic mobile addresses Can work as a private routing hub for maximum security Works as a public regional or national IP router Integrates with legacy systems and third-party programs Works with ODBC databases (SQL Server, MySQL, etc.)

4 DataGate network options DataGate acts as an I.P. router, processing and relaying data between multiple wireless networks and Internet connected DataHost or Webclient workstation software developed by Datalink or 3 rd. Party programs on local, regional or global basis. DataGate routes packet data over the following satellite and terrestrial networks; Iridium……Globalstar…...Skyterra…...Inmarsat SMS……GPRS……CDMA……Wi-Fi……UHF/VHF/800 Kenwood NEXEDGE & Fleetsync…Motorola Radio Note: DataGate is not a high-capacity IP router, but will handle moderate volumes of packet data (up to 30 packets per second).

5 DataHOST by Datalink Systems Inc. DataHost is an optional program that can be used by clients to connect to the DataGate server, providing extensive tracking and reports options. DataHost is fully integrated with the following mapping programs: Microsoft MapPoint, Google Maps, Google Earth, Bing and other mapping programs such as Streets-on-a-Disk and ESRI-GIS. DataHost can also provide KML and NMEA GPS outputs for marine chart- plotters and third-party development. Unlike the majority of ASP Web based AVL-GPS vehicle tracking services, where a third- party hosts the data, DataHost stores all historical data on the client’s computer, providing security and rapid access to historical reports. DataHost connects to DataGate over the Internet, Intranet or local LAN, using either a direct TCP/IP connection, or HTTP if required to pass over a Proxy server.

6 DataGate system diagram The above diagram outlines the various network routing and storage options

7 WebLink by Datalink Systems Inc. WebLink is an HTTP/HTTPS server built in to the DataGate server, allowing clients to connect to DataGate using any web browser. It is fully self-contained, and provides mapping, two-way control and messaging features. Although WebLink does not offer as many features as the DataHost software, it is ideally suited for clients who want to easily check the location of their vehicles or vessels from any computer connected to the internet.

8 Mobius Mobius, developed by Datalink Systems Inc. is a “windows” based software program for mobile laptops or ruggedized tablets. Mobius and DataNET can provide an "end to end" software solution over multiple networks. Mobius would be installed in a mobile Laptop or Tablet P.C. At the base end DataGATE routes data to DataHost workstations or 3rd. party programs. Mobius can also provide on screen mapping and navigation plus two-way text messaging. By adding a GPS receiver, the vehicle’s own position appears on the map as well as being transmitted to base DataHosts. As an example, A Mini-Laptop or tablet-PC can be connected to a Kenwood Mobile Radio (data port) to provide GPS tracking, mapping and two-way text messaging with a dispatch desk. Mobius is compatible with most wireless networks listed here. For dual network operation other modems can be attached via the serial COM ports to work over the following networks. IRIDIUM….. GSM-GPRS…..CDMA 1xRTT…NEXEDGE… VHF-UHF networks and WiFi.

9 Source programs RADIO SOURCE for VHF-UHF and WiFi networks. Also Fleetsync and NEXEDGE in transparent mode. Skyterra (Satellite service using MSAT-1) Satsource (for Inmarsat C and D+ ) KENWOOD SOURCE (NEXEDGE and FleetSync protocols) PlexGate (Direct link to Globalstar’s Simplex Gateway) Source programs are “add-on” software modules developed by Datalink which allows DataGate to connect to the various wireless network gateways.

10 Iridium/GPRS/NX compatible hardware Accelerometer chip measures “G” forces Engine computer interface Three external serial COM ports 8 I/O ports Internal Iridium modem (optional) Internal GPRS modem (optional) External Kenwood NEXEDGE option 12 channel GPS Delayed power off Sleep mode SCADA ready Emergency alert capability Dual network capability Wi-Fi port The Tracker i50b designed by Datalink is probably the most advanced mobile data terminal available. Garmin nuvi add-on provides for two-way text messaging and map routing.

11 SATMATE Iridium SBD-GPRS-Wi-Fi The SATMATE i30 is a next generation advanced tracking product, offering a completely integrated solution. With everything you need inside the box, just power it up and you are away! With in-built intelligence and multiple communications options (Iridium SBD, GPRS, WiFi), this product can seamlessly adapt to any application you put in front of it. The purpose and goal of the SATMATE product line is to provide an affordable all-in-one communication and tracking device, suitable for both land and marine markets. Truly the next generation in satellite systems, all SATMATE devices are ideally positioned to offer more features than your standard satellite product in the market. For more information visit

12 3 rd. Party hardware DataGate will integrate with a range of 3 rd. Party hardware. Datalink can also provide hardware design services for companies that wish to use our DataNET software but do not have “in house” design capabilities. This includes fixed location systems for SCADA/Telemetry applications and mobile type systems for GPS tracking, text messaging, sensor monitoring and file transfers. All compatible hardware is sourced directly from the manufacturer or distributor. Datalink does not normally resell hardware as this just adds an extra level with the related costs. Datalink will provide 3 rd party contact details when required.

13 GPRS Compatible Hardware Low cost “black box” GPS tracking. Featuring quad-band GSM/GPRS connectivity, the Enfora MT-Gu merges the power of the MT-G event tracking application in a compact unit intended for stand-alone operation with next generation (2.5G) wireless data and GPS location awareness. The MT-Gu supports three dedicated I/O, 3-wire serial interface, power and audio through a 12- pin Wago connector. GPS data is made available on-board the MT-Gu for transmission to a regional DataGate operations center. Page down to view other Hardware choices

14 iMDT-2000 messaging terminal The iMDT-2000 is a low cost yet very adaptable mobile terminal which can deliver two-way text messaging, GPS location reporting, and other additional services unique to each client. With a total of four serial COM ports the MDT can operate over multiple wireless networks including satellite. The iMDT-2000 will connect to the Tracker i50 for satellite and NEXEDGE operation. It is also available with internal GSM-GPRS modem. The iMDT-2000 will also connect to the Lone Worker safety system and other devices. (GPRS/NEXEDGE/Iridium/CDMA/D+)

15 GARMIN NUVI two-way messaging and routing In the transportation of freight, time is money! Drivers getting lost on route costs both time and fuel, and in today's economy the fleet manager must run an efficient operation. By selecting Datalink's DataNET "back end" software and a Garmin nuvi Fleet Management Terminal such as the 765, drivers will be able to take the shortest and quickest route to any address with turn by turn visual track and voice directions. The power of the DataNET software allows the dispatcher to select a destination point on a map and to transmit the location over a cellular or satellite link to the vehicle, where the Garmin unit will calculate the vehicle's current location and the best route to the destination point and display it for the driver to follow. DataNET will also allow two-way text messages to be exchanged between the dispatch desk and the driver. The driver can send a choice of "canned" messages. The GPS location of the vehicle is automatically sent to the dispatcher's computer mapping display, including current ETA. For more details click here: GarminGarmin Garmin nuvi units will work with Enfora and i50B Tracker units

16 Law Enforcement and Gov’ Agencies Our DataGate IP routing software is also available with encryption to the AES-256 standard which is used by the Military and other Government Agencies where the utmost security of transmission is required. The DataGate-256 has been in use by the U.S. Dept of Justice for over two years and is also in use by the U.K. Government. Compatible AES-256 hardware includes the Tracker i50-265 and optional accessories, Pinpoint-256 and Mobius software for portable Laptops and Tablet PCs. The Grace 500 is a compact two-way UHF device which links to a mating transceiver in the Tracker i50-256. Range can be up to two Km line of sight. The Tracker i50-256 offers extensive encrypted communications with multiple “add-on” devices. More information on the i50 series can be found elsewhere in this Power Point.

17 Lone Worker Safety The information is then relayed over satellite, cellular or mobile radio channels to the base monitoring software.If the worker collapses or is incapacitated the unit will automatically send an emergency alert to the base monitoring control. Workers can be up to 2 Km from their vehicle ( line of sight) and still be in communication with the base office or monitoring desk. Contact Datalink Systems Inc. for more information. The Grace T-Pass series of wireless safety monitoring devices provides two-way data communications between workers and their vehicles.

18 SmartOne by Globalstar Quick installation using either industrial adhesives or screw mounts Total packaged solution requires no harnesses, no external power and no external antenna Change of location sensing sends alerts if asset moves outside of pre-determined range Messaging cost reduction mode: reduced satellite messaging if asset remains in same location Run time monitoring Hardware on/off feature allows the unit to initiate GPS re- centering functionality Accepts serial signals from device sensors Designed for the intelligent management of powered and non-powered fixed and movable assets, SmartOne is a practical solution for engine runtime reporting and major fault monitoring for portable construction equipment as well as tracking intermediate bulk containers, vehicles and boats. Works over Globalstar Simplex network

19 Axonn MMT multi-asset GPS tracking Mobile Asset Tracking! AXTracker MMT’s simplex operation replaces the need for costly, complicated and power-consuming two-way communications devices on those assets that only require one-way communication. The MMT’s low profile and stealth design allows it to be easily installed without the need for harnesses, external power or antennas. AXTracker MMT’s 2.4 GHz Radio capabilities allow your customers to extract form data and update firmware on the device or a group of devices using a wireless laptop or PDA handheld device. This technology also allows data to be transmitted to RF Gateways in the yard or at security checkpoints. Up to seven year battery life, based on report frequency. Works over Globalstar’s Simplex Satellite network.

20 PlexGate for Globalstar Simplex PlexGate is an “add-on” external program for DataGate. Globalstar allows remote Simplex devices to report to only one host address (IP+Port) and one “back-up” address. This can be a limiting factor from a Globalstar VAR’s marketing standpoint. Regional wireless data resellers who are not appointed Globalstar VARs should have the ability to sell Simplex products and supporting Software. PlexGate will allow the regional VAR to re-route Simplex data to a Reseller’s DataGate or a reseller’s corporate customer’s DataGate who wants complete control under their own I.T. department. PlexGate overcomes this marketing restriction by acting as an IP data switch, allowing multiple DataGates to receive data from simplex devices. As an example, an authorized Simplex VAR who may also be running a DataGate hub service could install a PlexGate switch in their server. This would allow specific Simplex devices to pass through the VAR’s server to other sub-dealers, Government Agencies or other “end users” who want to operate their own DataGate for security reasons.

21 Kenwood NexEdge and FleetSync DataNET uses the Kenwood NEXEDGE IP radios and Datalink's DataGate IP router to route two-way data packets between remote NEXEDGE radios and the base DataGate IP routing software. The DataNET software allows 3rd party devices to be connected to the data communication ports on the rear of the NEXEDGE radios.DataGate DataNET can operate in a basic mode simply processing GPS data from remote radios and two-way text messaging, or in advanced mode with a range of hardware connected to the radios. DataNET will also work with analog radios using Fleetsync. It is now possible to send email messages from any standard email client to remote Kenwood NEXEDGE radios via the Internet. DataGate processes the email and routes them over the NEXEDGE network.

22 MobiTrac for Blackberries Blackberry GPS lone-worker tracking with emergency button for company vehicles and employees Datalink's Blackberry GPS tracking software has been developed specifically for government, law enforcement agencies and corporations who wish to track and protect their field personnel. MobiTrac by Datalink is a software application that is installed in any 8000/9000 series Blackberry models. GPS location data processed by a DataGate from any network can be routed to a Blackberry map screen. Other GPS phones will be added in the future. Contact Datalink Systems Inc. for more information

23 GPSTrac for Blackberries Datalink's Blackberry GPS tracking software has been developed specifically for Government Agencies and Corporations who wish to track and protect their field personnel. GPSTrac by Datalink is a software application that is installed in most models of Blackberries which contains a GPS receiver GPSTrac KEY FEATURES GPS reporting on emergency button activation only ( privacy mode) GPS reporting based on time and emergency reporting. All location reports can be displayed on monitoring station map screens. All reports can be saved in a company's central database. Emergency alerts can be automatically emailed to monitoring computers. Emergency alerts can be emailed or sent SMS to supervisor's cell-phones. Contact Datalink Systems Inc. for more information

24 RFID and other custom developments Datalink’s engineering staff have over 12 years of experience in custom development of hardware and software data communications systems. We also provide engineering support to our network of resellers when required. Custom engineering subjects include; RFID - Tracking of personnel and assets. Passive and Active tags. SCADA – Remote monitoring and control of fixed assets such as pumps and storage tanks. Multiple Networks – Custom integration between different wireless networks. PDA/Smart Phones – Custom application developments to work with the i50 Contact Datalink Systems Inc. for more information.

25 More about Datalink Datalink Systems Inc., has been developing hardware and software for over 12 years. The company is small, however well respected for over twelve years within the wireless data communications market. It is an approved development partner with the following companies. Iridium Globalstar Mobile Satellite Ventures Inmarsat Kenwood USA (Mobile Radio) Kenwood Canada (Mobile Radio) Datalink specializes in custom developments for wireless IP niche markets.

26 In a nutshell If you have a need to transfer data from point “A” to point “B” over a wireless link talk to us.

27 Our software is available free for evaluation purposes. For a live demonstration and more information contact: Datalink Systems Inc. 1-760-309-2251 Email: REPRESENTED REGIONALLY BY: CONTACT INFORMATION

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