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Islam. Who is Muhammad and what do he represent in Islam? Last and greatest of the prophets.

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1 Islam

2 Who is Muhammad and what do he represent in Islam? Last and greatest of the prophets

3 List the five pillars of Islam. Faith Prayer Alms Fasting Pilgrimage

4 Explain the Muslim class system. Muslims at birth Converts to Islam Protected religions (Christians and Jews) Slaves

5 What were the beliefs of the Sunni? Believe that Muslim rulers should follow the Sunna, or Muhammed’s example

6 What were the beliefs of the Shi’A? Believe that Muslim rulers should be descended from Muhammad

7 What is the House of Wisdom? Combination library, academy and translation center. Translated all types of documents from different countries.

8 Define calligraphy and how it was used in Muslim society. Art of beautiful handwriting Muslims believed that only Allah can create life so images of living beings were discouraged.

9 In what fields of learning did Muslims excel? Astronomy Medicine Mathematics

10 Why was astronomy so important to the Muslim way of life? To create a correct lunar calendar from Ramadan To determine which way as Mecca

11 How were people of different religions treated in the Muslim empire? Qur’an forbids forced conversion They were charged a tax each year in exchange for military exemption

12 Tang and Song China

13 Describe movable type. Each letter was carved into a wooden block. These blocks could be rearranged and reused multiple times.

14 List the inventions of the Tang and Song dynasties. Porcelain Mechanical clock Explosive Powder Paper Money Magnetic Compass Movable Type

15 How did the Tang Dynasty fall? High taxes Struggle to control empire Internal conflicts

16 Explain the purpose of the civil service examinations. To create intelligent and capable governing class.

17 Feudal Japan

18 How were the Japanese and Chinese cultures connected? Used Chinese system of gov’t, writing, art, cooking, gardening, hairstyling. Adapted Chinese ways to suit their own needs.

19 What religions was introduced in Japan? Buddhism

20 Describe feudalism in Japan. Rich landowners protected small landowners in exchange for land. Each lord surrounded himself with a a bodyguard of loyal warriors -- samurai

21 Define samurai and Bushido. Bodyguard of loyal warriors who protected rich landowners. Bushido is the demanding code of behavior that emphasized honor, bravery, and loyalty.

22 Describe the Japanese government. An emperor who reigned as a figurehead while another power ruled.

23 Feudalism in Europe

24 Describe feudalism in Europe. SOCIAL - based on rights and obligations. A wealthy landowner would protect and provide other services to peasants. Knights protected landowners.

25 List the invades that attacked Western Europe. Vikings Magyars Muslims

26 Define lord, fief, and vassal and explain how they are related. Lord = wealthy landowner Fief = loaned piece of land Vassal = person receiving the land Lord gave land (fief) to a vassal (peasant) in exchange for protection.

27 Describe the manor system. ECONOMIC arrangement Lord provided the serfs with housing, farmland, and protection. Serfs tends the lords’ land, animals, and home.

28 What is chivalry?Complex set of ideals that a knight must follow The ideal knight was loyal, brave, and courteous

29 What was the purpose of a guild? Organization of individuals in the same business or occupation working to improved economic and social conditions of its members. Set standards for quality of work Wages Working conditions

30 How did Europeans study ancient Greek work? Visiting Muslim libraries and translated Arabic documents into Latin.

31 What was the goal of the crusades? Economic, social, political, and religious goals. To recover Jerusalem and the Holy Land from the Muslims.

32 What were the effects of the crusades? Expanded trade Decreased the power of the pope Weakened feudal nobility Increased the power of kings Increase of religious interlace and prejudice for Muslims.

33 Who was responsible for the spread of the bubonic plague to Europe? Trade routes

34 Where were the effects of the bubonic plague? Disrupted medieval society

35 AWL vocabulary Consistent Benefit Financial Income Available Required Major Significant Elaborate Practical Cumbersome

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